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  1. It's a t9 91 Drott with the the 350 motor, it's the later motor, I'm not sure what your saying there, is there anywhere that wrecks these machines and motors in us? I'm in Australia
  2. Need parts 1,2,3,4,5, help anyone
  3. OK thanks I'll have a look mine, is just blank on the can no gears, I don't want to pull my motor down, I can get the oil pipe mainly after the sleeve that slides into the block
  4. Hi everyone I'm chasing engine oil pump parts for TD 91 b350 engine, the parts photo I need number 1,2,3,4,5 , any help would be appreciated as I'm in Australia and having trouble sourcing what I need
  5. Hi George what do you mean by the sticky at the top of the forum? Where do I look to search for parts?
  6. Thanks is there any where in USA where I can source the parts I need as I'm in Australia
  7. OK no worry's thanks for all your help
  8. OK cheers my dipstick bit different but is all good, just got to find parts now, would you ever sell the bits I neef off that motor if I can't find parts in Australia??
  9. Just need to find parts now
  10. Thanks heaps this solves it ,just need to
  11. OK thanks heaps I'll have a look
  12. Also how does it atach up into the block that tube? As the hole is bigger then that tube
  13. That's abig help thankyou,wat is that other straight pipe is that just a dipstick tube??
  14. Yes I have no oil pressure cos all the oil is dumping out where the oil transfer pipe goes, Im obviously missing parts, am I sposed to have that small high pressure line that goes to the galleries plus the bigger transfer line?
  15. I haven't moved any bolts so there is basically 2 oil pumps in motor?