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  1. Ran it about 30 min this morning after sitting for a few days, no noise for the first 15 min, then it returned.
  2. In my other thread "IH 444 Freshen Up", I mentioned I had a PTO noise and had a few opinions on what that was. Backstory, I have a noise coming from under the gear shift in the transmission thats like a continuous knocking. It sounds about the same speed at which my PTO turns, noise does not increase RPM with throttle. It stops when I press the clutch all the way to the floor to disengage the PTO. Seems worse when idling or half throttle, cant hear it much at full throttle but that's probably because the engine is loud. The noise seems worse after I engage and the disengage the PTO, and seems to go away the longer I run the tractor after having the PTO off. The PTO works fine, and disengages and engages with the lever, and the lever stays in the detent up front. PTO operates when something is attached just fine. Until yesterday. Yesterday the lever was sticking so I forced it forward out of gear with the clutch pedal to the floor, and the lever went past the detent and is now flopping around. I can still vaguely engage the PTO, but I dont know if something was attached if it would kick out of gear. The noise/knocking also seems to be worse now, cant hear it much at idle but mid rpm's its pretty loud. Diff pedal makes no difference. Fluid level is good, clean fluid, no metal shavings. The clutch works well, and seems to be in good adjustment from what I can tell (3/4" travel at the top until engagement). I've yet to pull the lever out of the access hole, or to look at the flywheel through the forward inspection port. What are my options for troubleshooting moving forward or some sort of a direction on how to take my search?
  3. Not yet, plan on ordering one from binder books tonight.
  4. Just went out and checked, the handle does not vibrate. The noise actually was reduced, but now not 100% gone today. It's almost like it's worst after you engage the pto, then the more times you push the pedal to the floor to stop the pto the better it gets. Maybe I need to readjust my pedal?
  5. My pto will engage and disengage with the lever, and the noise stops when I press be clutch fully. Wonder if my roll pin is bent or something and not allowing the pto to fully disengage.
  6. Yeah I checked that first thing, my lever sits in the little detent when I push it forward. Is there an adjustment to the lever?
  7. Bump back for some help.
  8. So I did the test, and the hitch went down with the isolator closed. In fact I was spreading fert yesterday with my spreader and tried to keep it up with the isolator valve and doing so would only cause the system to pressurize. How hard is that cylinder to rebuild? Also, my pto noise from the transmission area still exists, some days it does it some it won't. Any troubleshooting for this?
  9. I wanted to change the oil in my 444, now I'm worried I had the oil filter on upside down the whole time. Does it sit in the base like in the picture, or does it go the other way? The way it sits is how it is now, but it does not sit all the way down in the base. Which is it?
  10. Nice to see another CSF member on here!
  11. Great, good to know. Now is the problem of finding the 1 1/8" hose lol.
  12. The good ol 444 I've been working on. Saw the hydraulic fluid was a little low per the manual the other day (manual states fluid level should be at the bottom of the plug channel on the top of the housing). Lift and hydraulics worked fine. Added 1 gal Hy-Tran equivalent fluid yesterday, ran it for an hour or so, fed a round bale to the horses, had a mile trip up the road, all was fine. Go out today, find the lift and power steering not operational. I take the plug off the back to check the level, and fluid poured out. Not milky fluid, but not perfectly clean. Cranked the tractor back up, tried to operate the hydraulics and still nothing. Take out the suction and orifice filter and drain the rest of the fluid. I notice when I drain the fluid gold flakes coming out with it. Orifice filter is clean, but the suction filter was pretty cruddy. I feel up in the suction filter hole, and find a ton of gunk mixed with shavings. I'd say enough gunk and shavings in that cavity to cup in your hand. Cleaned the filters, and plan to fill back with oil tomorrow and try it. What bothers me is that the system worked fine the other day, but now I have shavings which makes me think the pump has gone. So what happened here? When I filled fluid back up to proper level did I stir up crud that was already there? Did the pump just all of a sudden degrade at my new fluid? Did the fluid pour out because the pump was pumping but had no fluid to return?
  13. Great, that makes sense. Thank you for the help. I'll try to get them to final torque and see what happens.
  14. Def not, its dry above the head. Tractor was rebuilt in the 80's, and the guy I bought it from when I asked him about the small amount of dirt and oil on the side of the engine said "its just always done that its an old tractor". When I cleaned it last week, I just noticed it actually dripping instead of disappearing in the old dirt and grime.