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  1. I was a Case IH dealer for 2 years. The U series aren't bad, but aren't the quality that Kubota or even Kioti has. Transmission issues and just general quality problems.
  2. I finally picked up a tractor, a 1989 Case IH 385. We have a Dunham Lehr loader on the farm that will for the frame of the tractor, but we've long lost the bolts for attaching the frame. Does anyone have any idea what size and thread type these bolts are that thread into the holes on the frame? Also I'm planning to hook the lines into the remotes while using the loader, is this acceptable on this tractor? I remember on our 784 we had a different setup.
  3. 1982 584 with 6100hrs. Newly rebuilt head and new head gasket. New radiator, muffler, seat, brakes, re-man injection pump. Drove it, runs pretty well and drives well. Has the shifter and range lever exposed and not shrouded like on our 784. Also has the pull to stop lever in the dash, not the stop-start-run lever under the steering wheel. Needs paint, headlight housing, and a front tire it looks like. This is the one in my earlier thread that has the electric fuel pump for some reason. Best thing we can guess and from my research is it was either installed to help during fuel filter changes, or previous owner put it in trying to fix a fuel problem that was later fixed by doing the re-man injection pump. Thoughts? Is the fuel pump thing enough to walk away from, or does this look solid? They are asking $5500, I'd like to be at $5200. I've already got a Dunham Lehr 22 Loader that fits this tractor.
  4. IH 584, previous owner has done some rigging to the fuel system. For some reason, didnt install the manual fuel pump back and rigged up an electric pump in line. Also, removed the factory fuel start/stop lever under the steering wheel, and has it now where you just turn the key and go, and pull a knob to stop. I can find the manual fuel pump, so that shouldnt be hard to get back to factory condition. What I cant find is the original fuel stop/start lever. I've looked on CNH parts, and they have the diagram, but the parts are NLA. Am I stuck with just salvage yard stuff?
  5. So how does condensation play into the blowby and/or slobbering issue. I was told that the absence of oil dripping from the vent tube means that the white smoke was condensation and not blow by, and after running it it should clear up.
  6. Looked at a little 484 today, 2000-3000hrs. Had very little oil leaking out of the vent tube, but what looked like a ton of white smoke out of that, as well as out of the oil fill tube. Only black smoke out of exhaust. The sales rep said something about these German diesels "slobber" and it just needs to be run hard to clear up. Where I come from white smoke out of engine is blow by, and I though he was the one blowing smoke. After researching, it seems like slobbering is an issue and a "thing". So what's really the difference in the two conditions?
  7. Well, I decided to pass on the tractor. It started easily (cold start), seemed to shift well (although the range shifter was a little sloppy), brakes worked on one side, and hitch/remotes worked. Couple things bothered me, there was a ton of "botched" things on the tractor. Tool box was welded shut, battery door was just a piece of sheet metal, battery shutoff installed and he said the alternator quit on him last year. By far the biggest thing was it never quit smoking. It smoked on start like our other 574 did, but it never cleared up. I ran it for a good 15 min, still smoke. Smoke had a blue tint to it, and he admitted it used a very small amount of oil. It smoked idling, it smoked when revved, it smoked wide open. After seeing the smoke, I decided to pass. Air fiter was a little dirty, but not enough to make it smoke that bad.
  8. Yep, just talked about it at lunch. Told him I was trying to decide between a 240 Massey or this 574, and he gave me a "duh" look. Only major thing I see other than ugly and the drawbar missing is the side panels under the dashboard are missing.
  9. Yep I'll be here. My uncle is in the club, he has a 574 Tobacco Special.
  10. Looking at this IH 574 diesel row crop. He said it has new clutch and all fluids, and all operates as it should save for some gauges. Looks rough, but I can fix that if the machine is solid. I've gotten him down to $4000. He said others were interested at $4500 but nobody ever showed up. Don't know if that means it's just that rough or if anybody actually didn't show up. Thoughts?
  11. Ran it about 30 min this morning after sitting for a few days, no noise for the first 15 min, then it returned.
  12. In my other thread "IH 444 Freshen Up", I mentioned I had a PTO noise and had a few opinions on what that was. Backstory, I have a noise coming from under the gear shift in the transmission thats like a continuous knocking. It sounds about the same speed at which my PTO turns, noise does not increase RPM with throttle. It stops when I press the clutch all the way to the floor to disengage the PTO. Seems worse when idling or half throttle, cant hear it much at full throttle but that's probably because the engine is loud. The noise seems worse after I engage and the disengage the PTO, and seems to go away the longer I run the tractor after having the PTO off. The PTO works fine, and disengages and engages with the lever, and the lever stays in the detent up front. PTO operates when something is attached just fine. Until yesterday. Yesterday the lever was sticking so I forced it forward out of gear with the clutch pedal to the floor, and the lever went past the detent and is now flopping around. I can still vaguely engage the PTO, but I dont know if something was attached if it would kick out of gear. The noise/knocking also seems to be worse now, cant hear it much at idle but mid rpm's its pretty loud. Diff pedal makes no difference. Fluid level is good, clean fluid, no metal shavings. The clutch works well, and seems to be in good adjustment from what I can tell (3/4" travel at the top until engagement). I've yet to pull the lever out of the access hole, or to look at the flywheel through the forward inspection port. What are my options for troubleshooting moving forward or some sort of a direction on how to take my search?
  13. Not yet, plan on ordering one from binder books tonight.