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  1. 826 power steering

    first lift your front end up again and grease your spindles then check tire pressure you want 35 psi min. , if still not right you might check out thrust bearings. you said you replaced all the hydraulic components, did you install a gauge to check pressure? steve
  2. Hydro70 I remembaer Ron Aeschliman the last time I ran into him was at sauder village campground at archbold oh, might have been 10 or 15 years ago. I think he died a year or two later , anyone thinking about building a sentry system. there is a good explanation of how it works in my IH service school training manual from winter 1982 , there is about 4 pages , we put a few ag parts test harness in while I was at dealership, those transmissions all failed, so don't use that for a pattern, good luck steve
  3. "RD" pump vs Roosa Master in 806

    35 to 40 years ago at dealership on the dyno I could always get more power from a rd pump about 105 HP , good pump but no tolerance for water. Steve
  4. Three Pt hitch not lifting (1566)

    the easy thing to check first is the unloading valve , raise your position control lever , then put a aux valve on demand , if the hitch raises the problem is at the unloading valve , if its not that flow rate a aux valve next, steve
  5. More early '06 questions

    That seat was about money, most tractors came with suspension, but you could order one without, 53 years ago it may have saved $25 bucks to go without suspension :-) Steve
  6. More early '06 questions

    I used to work on a 706 gas when I was at the dealership, it was s.n. 1234 , it had a thin steel reverse idler cover , at a tractor show in ohio i looked at s.n. 501 & 502 , same cover, i don't think they used those very long
  7. 1206 noise in high range

    See what is in the filter to start with. Steve
  8. 2+2 Questions

    6788 tractors are not all the same, when i worked at the dealership we sold a 6788 that had the same drive train as a 3788, about 8 or 10 years ago i replaced a clutch in another 6788 in my shop at home for another farmer, this tractor came from out of our area, after looking it over i see the rear end housings are like a 1586 with only 3 1/2 in axles, i looked in the parts book and couldn't find any breakdown of what i had, the tractor appeared to be original and not messed with, has anyone ever seen one like this, this guy is still farming and he lives about 10 miles from me
  9. Question About '56 / '66 Series Shift Lever Covers

    That part will soon be available from RTP , my son brought the prototype out yesterday and installed it on on one of my 1066 , it is very close to the original compared to the one case sells, the numbers are spaced right. Steve
  10. 1466 trbo

    If the impeller touches the housing around it, it's too loose. Steve
  11. 856 clutch job

    We had a older farmer trade in 2 666 gas tractors on 2 3088 ordered with cabs, not sure if there was price advantage over 3288. Steve
  12. Newly purchased 986

    I can remember the rear tail lights on the top of the fender was an option, but I can't remember what else was included Steve
  13. Newly purchased 986

    Dad bought the 1086 new in the summer of 78 and it was the first 86 series we got in with burgundy seat, wide steps, elec. Diff lock, data center, red tail lights, it's in my shop now. Steve
  14. 1086 hydraulics

    Splines on hollow shaft that fits into presure plate are wore out , sounds much worse than the parts look. Steve
  15. 1086 hydraulics

    If the PTO stopped working also, you need a clutch and PTO GEAR. Steve