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  1. This is like de-facing money! Simply wrong!
  2. I am working on a personal IH restoration project (for myself) looking for a NOS IH OEM Radio made for the 86 Series Cab Tractors or the 1440, 1460, and 1480 Axial Flow Combines. I am primarily looking for a AM-FM 8-Track or a AM-FM Cassette from this time line. I know trying to find one that is (NOS) new old stock can be an overwhelming feat. I do know some do exist out there on the IH Collector Market as some have expressed seeing them out in the past at shows/flea markets during his/her travels and on some market place websites from time to time, so I am hoping someone out there may have one they are looking to sell or part with or could lead me to one in my search? I have come across a list of IH Part Numbers used for these radios in my search, but not sure what they particular relate to radio model wise except for a couple that I believe I have correctly identified below: 111640C1 - AM Model 111641C1 - AM-FM Model 111642C1 111643C1 111645C1 111647C1 - AM-FM 8-Track Would anyone have the answers to the others listed or know of any part numbers/models that I may of missed that was offered back during the years of 86 Series Cab Tractors and the IH 1440, 1460, and 1480 Axial Flow Combines? I know there are aftermarket radios out there in the market for replacing the OEM radio, but that defeats the project I have currently at hand as this is a true IH Restoration Project. If anyone can help me out, I would gratefully appreciate it. Feel free to comment to my post, or to contact me personally you may contact me at Thanks, Luke