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    Horses, Cattle, IHC Crawlers. Helped with quite a bit of restoration projects over the years. Everything from steam engines to antique farm machinery. Helped my Dad who was the enthusiast. Got to be a decent painter. Still working full time plus at a real job. May have to quit in order to get some time to play.

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  1. IHC Crawlers at auction

    Hi All, just wanted to tell everyone about the auction here in Alberta with a TD 14 with a Smith Dozer, Running, but tough to start, one of the earliest I have seen, also a T9 with Dozer, and a T6 with Dozer. To check it out, go to Alan Olson Auctions, look for Robert Walmer Estate Sale. Also a IHC 650, 600, WD9, W9, and Super W6. Also couple 15-30, WK40, all of which are in need of restoration. Many cars and trucks dating from the 30's. I will be attending to kick some tires. Sale is Saturday, Aug 5. The TD15 151 project is complete, and it turned out well. 2 years and considerable $ later, she is almost like new. I will try for pictures soon, need help to post them.
  2. Paint change

    I am told 1960 was the first year Federal Yellow was implemented as an option. We are close to finishing a TD 15, 151 series tractor. While sandblasting, the dozer had been painted Red first, then yellow, but the tractor was Yellow from the factory.
  3. Decelerator linkage TD 151

    Thank you Chumduffy, after seeing your picture, I went down to the parts tractor, rummaged around in the loader bucket and came up with the whole meal deal! after seeing it, all those rods and springs ment something. Had it the whole time, and didn't know it. Rather embarrassing, but I will get over that. I hope maybe I can return the favour someday.
  4. Ashland 80D Scraper

    Hi, I too am from central Alberta, and have been looking for a scraper to pull behind a TD 151, cable controls. This has been going on now for best part of 2 years, and I have never came across an Ashland to date. I have picked up a Garwood 511, which looks like in the 10 yard range. Information is a bit sketchy on Garwood, as they have been gone for a long time. It looks like it is a little too big for the tractor, but may have to do. We are about 2 months away from having the TD15 done and out of the shop, then the scraper goes in. I would like to know what color the Garwood was coming out of the factory. They had deals with Allis Chalmers, and later Euclid, and I was told they sold through IHC for a brief period, but that is word of mouth. I will do some digging on your Ashland.
  5. That would be absolutely awesome sir! Any help is greatly appreciated. I am also needing any info on the P25 cable control unit. I have no idea about adjustments to make it work correctly. I can figure it out trial and error, but that can be slow and touchy. I tried ordering a manual out of a place in New York, but they got my money, and I never got the manual. Looking forward to seeing the pictures, and thank you again.

  6. I am rebuilding a TD 151 from the ground up. It has every option available except a decelerator. My parts book mentions it, but no pictures or parts list. I sure could use some help trying to get a plan of what to build that would be as close to factory as I can get. I hate to have something that is not correct. The OCD may be kicking in. The machine is 1960,or 61, serial 1515333. Factory turbo charger that is listed as an "altitude compensator", has a Cable Control Unit,P25, Hydraulic Dozer, 22' pads, heavy 1/4 inch thick hoods. Been building on it a year now, finally going together. Likely another couple months to get close to start up.
  7. This is the first forum I have ever joined, so I am having to feel my way around. Trying to understand it all a bit better. This site is held in very high regard, and I am excited to be able to participate.

     My Dad, who is 89, and I are restoring a TD 151. Project has been going on for just over a year now, but we are going back together. Not every bolt was out of the tractor, but it was tore down enough to do steering clutches, final drives, master clutch, brakes, all controls, hard nose, hoses, injection pump, carb, Turbo Charger, rails, pads, rollers, idlers, sprockets and of course every pin, fitting and pivot. It came out of Billings Montana as a scraper puller, equipped with a cable control unit, and later bush converted to hydraulics. We have made the hydraulics factory, with a dozer and Canopy. It is a beauty, sat for 35 years beside a building with no clutch, so it didn't get completly wore out or beat up. The engine runs like a watch, and the transmission was excellent. We have worked with Browns International in Armstrong BC for almost everything we have needed. Dad has done 90 percent of the work, and the restoration of the crawler has been the reason to get up and go in the mornings. The goal is to be ready for the Road Builders Reunion being held in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in July at Reynolds Museum. Dad plans on moving some dirt there.