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  1. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Like listening to all these stories,drove and drug my fare share of tractors ,farm equ. and junk home.But the longest, most grueling,slow, hateful never ending trips home were having to drive the old slow M home for lunch because my older brother didn't want to. Hills and 4th gear,boy it took forever.
  2. iH pickup/truck cabs

    So basically I can hunt for a cab from 63 to 68 from a 1/2 ton to 1 ton. When I find one just go look at it and see if the cab matches mine. It will really help in my search to have all these years to pick from,it will really increase my odds of finding something.Thanks again for your help.
  3. iH pickup/truck cabs

    Thank you Dennis
  4. iH pickup/truck cabs

    One quick question for those that know more then me.I have a IH '68 3/4 ton 4wd pick up I am restoring.The cab is shot,my question is that i am looking for a replacement cab to put on it.I was thinking to help my chances of finding a complete,usable cab, I might be able to include in my search IH 1 ton dually trucks.Do they have the same cab?.Would the frame size match mine?Is the style 1968 cabs particular to '68? Would multiple years fit and be the same? I had a 72 1210 and it was completely different ,box style. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. T/As' and Red Paint

    Well I see your from Nebraska,never been out west but have seen on TV and pictures of big flat and rolling fields that stretch to the horizon.I can see how a ta out there would not be big issue to have.You just put it in gear and go.I live in the east,with small fields ,flat,rolling or steep . Hills and hollows never straight,,woven around hedgerows,woods and mountainsides.The Ta is a must for efficient farming and getting the most out of your tractor and time spent in the seat.I would not even buy a 66 series and up if the ta was taken out.Pulling through tough spots when plowing,you can run a higher gear,get to a hill or tight spot ,pull ta back and keep rolling.If you get to a rocky ledge and want to slow down so you don't tear something up ,just pull back on ta,when your past just push it ahead and your back up to speed.You come to a headland pull back ,slow down, turn, and then go again.When your baling hay,chopping or other PTO work it is there to make your job easier.I really feel the ta is what set IH apart and way ahead of JD ,along with a foot clutch and 4 cylinders. I just think from being raised on a m and a mta,the ta was a huge difference in the two. You could really see it way back then. i guess I just got spoiled.
  6. Well first off they are great tractors.I had one as my first tractor and performed far past my expectations for one before i ever owned one. The throttle problem you have i never experienced in mine. If the linkage moves as it should externally then it it has to be inside of pump. You can check this by disconnection of the linkage at the pump and move it by hand.It seems to me though it be hard to start if it was not right..I know those tractors have a COLD start position on the injector pump.That is why when you move your lever to set it to stop,run ,or start there are markings on it for each setting.If people don't use that setting correctly they are hard to start. Many of those tractors became depended on ether because people did not have the position set right.If that cable is not right it would not idle back down.If you check outside of pump and all is correct,then it has to be inside.The metering valve could be just hung up from dirt or lack of lubricant or something came apart..Check those things. The brakes are a different story ,they could just need bled,but they are wet brakes,they are inside of the axle housings and when they go bad ,they come apart and dump fiber inside of the rear end.You have to pull axles housings to fix them.Not hard to do but easier by far if you know what your doing. Mine had a loader on it too,added it after years of having it.I never really thought much of it with the loader on,just was to small ,had too much wait upfront .I liked it much better with out the loader. Hope this helps,dollar value is what you want to spend,what they are worth in your area.$4000 for a decent one be about right. But they are far cheaper and easier to fix then a new computer controlled one.
  7. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    I haven't been in years like 35 or so. I am from PA,as a kid it was a highlight to go to, a great adventure. In the 70's I remember seeing a big IH 4wd there. I also remember seeing the famous 1066 on display there,the 5 millionth tractor.I was to young to realize it was a piece of history. I guess no one knew what was in store for IH.
  8. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    Yes I remember making lard,we do it in kitchen,uncle's and cousins,the smell of that cooking fat got to me after awhile,tried the cracklings just not my thing.but lard is the best thing for pie crusts.also healthier then corn oil .(Don't shoot me corn growers)
  9. IH 15 series

    i am wondering if anyone knows why IH chose to put only a three speed transmission in the 15 series instead of a 4 speed like the rest of larger IH tractors.Was it just a bad engineering decision or a sales decision. Was it necessary in the design of that model to only have a 3 speed.I know they are a lot less desirable to run and their resale value is less .I just was curious if some one had a answer.
  10. IH 15 series

    i am wondering if anyone knows why IH chose to put only a three speed transmission in the 15 series instead of a 4 speed like the rest of larger IH tractors.Was it just a bad engineering decision or a sales decision. Was it necessary in the design of that model to only have a 3 speed.I know they are a lot less desirable to run and their resale value is less .I just was curious if some one had a answer.
  11. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Wow,didn't know that about massey,I knew they were the largest in the world but never knew they had financial issues. Seems to me if IH was alive today and same thing happened infusion of cash might have been easier to raise in today's global market.I am wondering if it was more of a panic move then really thought through. That strike really put a hurting on them plus a weak farm economy maybe they just said this is the only way out.
  12. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    I agree with hillman. If you think about it ,what did Case bring into the merger than is note worthy other than money? The Magnums were basically IH design ,their precursor was the 5488.The Combines were IH,corn planters,grain drills,moldboard plows.discs.,Hay equ. was added in there merger with Hesston producing them .Is there anything else other then the skidloaders, backhoes,industrial equ.that still remains? That shows you what the quality was that Case had BEFORE IH came into the picture. IH saved Case's pride,Tenaco saved IH
  13. No fuel to injectors

    I don't know what kind of pump you have.Its been years since I worked on one,I had a 574 years ago and it was my only tractor on my dairy farm when I started,it was as great tractor. But there should be a cap of some sort on top or side of pump.It should have like cap screws in it or small bolts to hold it fast. There would be some sort of seal around it too so don't mess it up.I am no means a injection pump mechanic ,I take mine to a shop to have them serviced or rebuilt. I had problems once with gum or rather lack of lubrication in a pump and took the cap or cover off of the pump ,poured lubricant all over the mechanism inside the cap(the linkage or part of the value on this pump looked like a real fine watch chain and a flapper sort of).The valve was hung up so it did fix the problem,you can tell rite away to if it was the problem very apparent . This advice to do this was given to me by a injection pump mechanic who knows what he was talking about after i explained my problems to him.So i am just passing this on ,maybe it will help you. I don't know if this will help you it may and may not.Maybe someone else can give you detailed information on how to fix it.
  14. No fuel to injectors

    metering valve in fuel pump hung up maybe , do you use lubricant in fuel? It does not take much of either ,gum, dirt or just not enough lubricant to hang up valve ,if it is stuck in closed position you will never get it started
  15. Had one on a 503 combine just like that