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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Every One

    Mutch to be thankfull for. Good harvest,Health ,Family/Friends Mike
  2. Yeah, complaining again.

    One of thoes ''car rotisery's'' might be helpfull leave the windows down and clean the car at the same time Mike
  3. failed oil filter ?

    As far as the fella goes cant say yes or no [dont know the man]. Wix filters are great,,my guess is it wasn't on tight or the old seal stuck to the block. Now as for NAPA ,,Ill never set foot in their parts store again. Hung me out to dry on a defective part that took out the engine on a road trip.[broken cam gear] Fought with them for a year over the issue and came up empty handed. Mike
  4. A bit of rain here.

    We are getting the wet snow, 30'' so far this season and it not even thanksgiving http://www.pasty.com/snow/ might be setting some new records Mike
  5. Ya ''Buddy'' is our rescue dog from the ann arbor area. have had him for about 10 years and now resides in his lazy boy we figure he was beaten and dumped around saline by hunters [he is a German Short Hair] first and last time out he worked a perfict cloverleaf pattern in the field and was having a great time running the bird went up, one shot fired and it was over for Buddy. scaired and shaking he came back to me and would not hunt any more no madder how hard we tried. so hes a house dog Mike
  6. Deer season opens today...

    the cover looks alot like the farm we hunted in sandusky Mi.years ago enjoy the day and be safe Mike
  7. Tillage radish pictures

    this is one of the projects planned for the farm,,its been in pasture for many years and the soil is compacted the question is apply by broadcast or drill in directly. broadcast would be easyer due to the shap of the fields Mike I dont mean to hijack the thread
  8. What to do with old tires ???

    chip man ,,we are in the Keweenaw of Michigan ,not much modern stuff available [recycle yards ect.] one thought is to cut one side wall off and build back stops filled with dirt for the rifle range [alwayse wanted one] can do 400 yards along the edge of the farm off the side deck of the house also base layer for the drive lane. Mike
  9. Our new farmstead comes with a life time supply of used tires. was quoted $ 4.00 a tire to get rid of them any legal thoughts will be helpfull. [ya no fires ] I do need to build a drive lane. Mike
  10. Retirement

    Agreed. we just bought our retirement home/farm and this will be it [30 acres] Mike
  11. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    +6 degrees at 0300 this am, sunny and 20 degrees now ended up with about 14'' of snow out of the last blast. glad we got all the equipment moved down to the new farm on wednesday before the snow started. Mike
  12. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Ya the big lake can be glass smothe one day and mean /ugly the next setting here think about the Fitzgerald and the weather that day compaired to today clear and sunny. Mike
  13. Time change

    The extra hour of sleep was nice. Instead of getting my wife up for work at 0230 it was 0330 Mike

    276'' last season 15'' for Keweenaw county so far this year good day to sort chickens,,18 new hens and 24 broliers for the freezer getting fattend up. Mike

    Ya it started up here in the Keweenaw too Oct 26 ,,8'' and 2'' last night on the high ground Mike