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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Dang ,,,,, now I am gona have nightmares Mike PS this is a awesome thread Gary.
  2. Killing mold

    Wen we did restaurant repair work water at 285 degrees and 3000 PSI did the trick for mold on hard surfaces Mike
  3. "Junk crush"

    its called ''buy one and get the rest free'' great find on the ridged dies Mike
  4. Insurance companies are ridiculous

    our current house has/had 90# over 6'' cedar siding. old ins. underwriter. demanded the 90# removed,the new co. asked why did you take the 90# off gets better,, the current angent flipped out over the properity we are purchasing , said it cant be covered. another agent and same underwriter said no problem. Mike also wood heat ,,, no problem
  5. What is a FARMER?

    guilty as charged Mike

    Ya that would get the granola riders upset,,, lets do it Mike

    We didn't see the Friday crossing but got to see the Saturday afternoon tractor parade. Wife is All geeked up and wants to do it next year we just happened on to it on a trip to pick up a equipment trailer north of Grandrapids its our normal overnight spot and was lucky to get a room saturday night so if any body is interested for 2018 Mike
  8. Pellet stove is done ,,,,pellet boiler next to be maintained 3.5 tons of pellets left over from last year. Mike
  9. U4 Power Unit

    I would use one of the power units to run my Hobart Bros. welder head [300 amp DC] the 16 hp vanguard does ok with 3/32 rod ,,struggles with 1/8'' Mike
  10. Thank you every one for responding with your process of planting. The current cover will have to be terminated [or scalped to ground level] so the new seed can compete. as for equipment it will have to be purchased and modified to fit the need. The closest source of farm equipment/parts is TSC,every thing ealse is 2-3 hrs away heading south [also there's craigs list] hopefully the bank will get it in gear on the forclousure before the snow starts flying [10% color change,,fall is here] so planting will be in the spring and ground prep till snow is too deep. Mike
  11. I researched the processes for seeding and wanted to throw this topic out to the members for wise councel. The goal's are Pasture,Forage and Cover Crop. The acreage has not been tilled in 5+ years and courently has has pasture cover. Thank you Mike.
  12. Our future "leaders"????????????

    Its a nice way of saying '' Chimping out'', for visual reference watch an old tarzan movie were cheata starts getting upset. Mike
  13. Harvestore Silos

    As a kid I remember a few classmates died in thoes from lack of O2. Mike
  14. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Ayup and She does not wear ''spandex'' like some other person did . brings class back in to the White House. Mike
  15. Fred B----hurricane Harvey

    Acording to Drudge report its now a Cat 4 prayers sent. Mike