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  1. Can you post a pic? I can't get anything from the link for some reason
  2. M would be my vote. There will be M's running forever as long as gas is still available. I also have an 806 and love it but it's a more complicated tractor by design.
  3. You will need to fab a filler piece to go above the hood. The 66 cabs are notched into the windshield to accommodate the taller center hoods. The mounts I believe should all work fine.
  4. Sounds good nice to see it moving
  5. 56's inside shed. 66's outside. Thats how you know what's your favorite.
  6. If you take it off than it's just another things in the shop that's always in the way. I know this cuz I took mine off and have moved it a million times over the years. I'm going to put it back on just to get it out of the way.
  7. I think it looks more comfortable than any seat IH ever made.
  8. That really looks cool with the cultivator on there.
  9. We did what your trying to do. We ended up putting tees in the hydraulic hoses and running a bypass hose and adjustable valve between the two hoses. What this did was we were able to bypass most of the pressure and only build enough psi to run the pump at desired speed. It kept the hydraulic oil much cooler and you didn't have the tractor hydraulic system running at such high pressure all day.
  10. WWI German mine layer?
  11. Nice rig. Can almost taste the sweet corn already. 🌽🌽🌽
  12. Also be sure the 3 bushings that ride on the cam and detent are not missing. Easy to drop one of them while pulling range cover.
  13. Ya it's super easy. I ended up replacing reverse fork, shaft and key. Also installled rebuilt range cover from hi capacity and both shafts in that cover Mine wouldn't go into reverse, now it shifts like new
  14. I just can't picture where there is a bolt like that. Hasn't been that long since I did my 806 but my memory isn't very good anymore. If you have the side cover off be sure and check play at reverse fork/shaft connection. Mine had lots of play on that keyway. Easy to remove while covers are off.
  15. maybe a previous owner dropped one in there and couldn't get it fished out and just used new one? only one woodruff key in cover shaft and one on reverse shift fork if memory is working.