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  1. 1206 injection pump shaft and bearing

    I have one apart but I can't get pictures until next weekend. Not sure what one of those theee bolts could of hit? Was there a wear mark on back of cover plate? i do know that when it came from the factory with th RD pump that front cover plate was just a flat piece of steel. When they were converted to roosa master there was a different front plate that was cast and had a spring and button that pushed on the center of the shaft and kept it pushe toward rear of tractor. I can get s pic of that also.
  2. Slides from the side over this style zerk
  3. It is a grease gun for large zerks like on crawler rollers. I have one for my caterpillar with same hose fitting
  4. Looking for great grandfathers tractor.

    I'm no help but wish you luck in your search.
  5. 706 Brake Adjusters

    How bad did you mess your old ones up? as long as the threads are good just weld up the head and grind it to right shape and then dremel tool side to make the seratations for spring retainer to catch on. They don't need to be perfect but I would at least try to get them in there
  6. Stripped stud on Dayton wheel

    Helicoil the hub, new stud and you will be good as new.
  7. Magnum Cab Creaking noise

    So true after 4,000 hrs with straight pipes on 1568 with year a round cab and I can't hear a single thing in any of these new tractors. Not even sure they are running.
  8. 1964 1600

    Welcome aboard look forward to seeing your project
  9. Very sharp 1974 International 1468

    My experience with the 68's was a little different. I bought my 1568 on a farm sale in 1983 for 7,000. It only had 1,500 hours on it but nobody wanted it cuz of the reputation they already had. i put 4,000 hours on it pulling heavy tillage implements. replaced the T/A once and fixed a few leaks. Other than that it needed nothing and did everything I asked it to do. The three speed instead of four was a lot more limiting than the engine. in 2007 sold it for 11,000. Dollar for dollar was the best tractor I ever bought but only because I got it so cheap. no doubt a 1466 was a much better designed tractor but my 1568 did a huge amount of work for many years and all it cost me was fuel. I can't say that about any other thing I've ever bought!
  10. Old flat belt pulley identification

    Might have been in a box with something else they needed on a farm auction
  11. Old flat belt pulley identification

    My D2 cat has a belt pulley similar to that with keyed shaft. It goes on the 90° gearbox that bolts up to the PTO on the rear. Doubt yours is from a caterpillar but maybe some other tractors used a similar gearbox. I know my 806 parts book shows a 90° gearbox to run a belt pulley off the PTO but I can't remember what the pulley looked like.
  12. What is it...

    Fitting for water heater so it can have a down tube threaded into it? how much you asking for the Carmex?
  13. High voltmeter readings

    Connect a good volt meter right at the battery. If you have good batteries that are charged you should have around 12v with engine off and around 14-14.5 with it running. if it stays at 15 after it's ran a while your going to heat your batteries up and shorten their life.
  14. Loadstar 1600 Steering Wheel Pull

    If memory serves they are fine but most likely someone tried a course and messed them up for you. X2 on running a tap in there