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    I don't think the electric pumps runs if the truck engine is running.

    I think that's right. When I worked on school buses we had that same system if memory serves. If you push brake pedal hard with engine off that pump kicks on and gives you power brakes.
  3. 806 Shifting

    That turned out awesome!
  4. 706 problem

    Start with new filter. Both pumps draw oil from same filter. If it's cold and filters dirty the main pump will pull oil and starve the MCV pump causing your symptoms.
  5. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    Find a 1066 or 1466 in good condition and you can't go wrong. IMHO.
  6. Injectors 806

    CIH dealer can get coolant hoses and filters. Not sure who to recommend about fixing gauge cluster. I just bought a new one. I usually put power service adative in my fuel. Helps lube pump and keeps it from gelling in winter.
  7. IH 1466, 826, 756

    If he had an inline baler that skid plate keeps hay from hanging up on the front of the drawbar
  8. Injectors 806

    If it just burning a little white at idle but running smooth I wouldn't pull the injectors. Put it to work and burn old tank of fuel through it and fill with new fuel then see how it's burning after it's warmed up good. I am assuming it's a roosa master pump. Pretty easy to check timing on them. Let me know if you need the procedure.
  9. farmall axle planter sprocket

    Not sure they have a size to fit your axle
  10. farmall axle planter sprocket

  11. farmall axle planter sprocket

  12. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    I'm not familiar with your exact setup but I've worked on crane hydraulics for many years. If you have a valve that dumps your pressure when not energized and blocks the dump when you push the joystick button you should go to that valve and do some investigating. I'm assuming the pump is run off a PTO and not off an electric motor you can put an ohm meter across the coil terminals and check it. You can usually pull the coil off and remove the spool from valve block. Then put the coil back on and with engine off / key on you should be able to hit the trigger and see the valve clicking back and forth. It might need cleaned
  13. farmall axle planter sprocket

    In the good old days we raised suger beets and had a beet topper that was belly mounted on our 656 hydro and used a gear off each axle to run it. Was a standard 60 chain. You had to take the chains off for fast road speeds as it had no way to disengage the drive. You could pretty easily fab up whatever gear setup you need. They make tapered hubs that would clamp tight on your axle and mount any kind of gear you want but wouldn't be split so if you need it on inside of wheel you would have to pull your wheel off to install.
  14. Model 203 Year-A-Round Tractor cab

    The QT-1 is not the same from 06/56 and 66 series. The front window on the 66 series has a notch built into it for the taller center hoods on the 66's. The one you need for the 806 has a front window that's strait across the bottom.
  15. 806 Shifting

    Sweet. Nothing like new IH red to put a smile on your face.