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  1. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    Best practice is to put a power valve in that stays closed at idle vacuum. To accomplish this you need to understand that the last two numbers in the power valve part number is the vacuum that it opens so in your example of 125-65 that power valve will open at 6.5 inches of vacuum. This would be a good one to start with. After you get it running and timing and idle set put a vacuum gauge on it. As long as it pulls over 6.5 on the gauge then that valve will stay closed until a load on the engine pulls the vacuum down and then it will open which is what you want. As far as putting a single stage in where a dual stage normally would go I think it's fine. If you could send me a photo of that dual stage valve and both sides of metering block it might jog my memory if there is anything else you need to do. To answer your question. No, dual stage power valves are not the norm on 2300 carbs.
  2. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    Only thing to watch for would be throttle plate diameter. most 2300's are either 350 or 500cfm but those IH part number carbs could be anything. Unless your throttle shaft is wore out I would just rebuild what you have. They are so simple there really isn't anything else that wears out except that shaft. IMHO.
  3. Welcome with those side lights by the fuel tank I'm pretty sure that should have clamshell fenders instead of flat tops but I could be wrong.
  4. IH 886 help needed

    You will need to put a gauge in the plug on lower right side of MCV valve and then put steering up against stop and check your pressure. Cant remember off hand what it's supposed to be 2,300 or something. I'm not close to my manual to look it up
  5. IH 886 help needed

    i believe you have 2 separate issues. You have low flow/pressure from MCV pump that is dropping pressure to T/A when you hit the steering stops. This could be as simple as a plugged hydraulic filter. 2nd issue is your low side T/A has problems as it should keep moving in low side even with no MCV flow.
  6. Correct battery cable gauge

    If you switched from two 6v in series and went with two 12v in parallel then you could drop down a size on cable since each cable only has to carry the amps of one battery. Assuming you took both positives to starter. And grounded both negatives. Im not arguing about bigger is better just adding my 2 cents
  7. Ih 4700 electrical help needed

    Glad it's working

    Get it before your too old to enjoy it. They are always going to be too expensive but you only live once. I've had mine for 38 years and never regretted a minute of it.
  9. Cool find

    Traded a 510 Massey that was a pretty good machine but it was amazing the capacity increase going to that axial flow in corn.
  10. Cool find

    Got this with a new 1460 combine. Still wear it once in a while. Ain't shiny new anymore like that vest tho.
  11. Ih 4700 electrical help needed

    Try checking your fuse box power while you are putting a load on the system (headlights on, starter engaged etc.) sometimes a bad connection in your battery cables or grounds can carry enough current to light a test light or meter but once you put good load on the system it can't handle the current and goes dead. If you still have good voltage at fuse box I would look for a main cab harness connection and start cleaning and looking for bad contact. Sorry I don't know there locations of those.
  12. 756 aftermarket cab

    Year a round QT1 on an 806 with factory flat top fenders
  13. Rear Axle Bearing Lubrication

    My '59 B120 4x4 has a goofy seal/bearing jam nut that rubs against the inside of the axle shaft flange to keep gear lube out of the bearings and the bearings are grease packed. Not sure if it's the same axle as yours or not
  14. Instrument Cluster Restoration

    That turned out real nice!
  15. New addition Farmall M

    We have a super M that we bought new and we switched to an 8 volt battery. It works good. Not as good as 12v but better than 6v. Uses all stock parts, just need to adjust regulator. Discharges a little at idle but has worked for 65 years. That being said 8v batteries are getting hard to find and ain't cheap. If it needs a battery now might be good time to go to 12v. If you want factory look get a 12v generator and regulator off 560 or 656 and your good or if factory look isn't an issue for you than go with alternator.