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  1. Got a parts counter guy at CIH that's been there since mid 70's when it was IH You can tell him "I need a relief valve for my 1066" he will say "oh that's a 176477R91" or whatever and walk back to shelf and get it. He will be missed when he decides to retire
  2. All of iron worker wrenches used in steel erection are marked with size of bolt not the actual size of wrench opening. Structural bolts have thicker nuts than normal ase bolts. A wrench marked 3/4 actually measures around 1-1/4
  3. I would pull the relief valve out and look at it. Might be something obviously wrong with it. Super easy to do. You can also pull the 6 bolt cover plate above your PTO and look in there while someone else works the levers. The relief valve just dumps its oil in the upper right area and it's pretty easy to tell if the relief is dumping pressure.
  4. The remotes are on different pump then steering/TA. The relief is screwed into the right side of seat support casting. Probably has a low pressure relief from factory. I put one from 1066 in my 806 2,400 lb I think. Everything works way better.
  5. Get the park kit from CIH dealer
  6. Huge project but it turned out super nice!
  7. I tried turning auto correct off but then every word was gibberish instead of just a few
  8. Deal
  9. I'm in Colorado. Is that close?
  10. Ya don't force it. Try rotating the shift shaft until it clears obstructions. It will come easy once it is in the right position.
  11. Leave that snap ring on. It holds some of the reverse linkage together. Have you been able to get the cover up a little? Sometimes you have to move it side to side once it's up an inch to get it to clear things. Also helps to put something under the park brake pivot to hold the shaft up.
  12. I've never had one of these apart so forgive me if this is a dumb question but it looks like the bolt would go in from the right side and thread into the casting on the left of your picture.
  13. If you buy that aftermarket dual valve and just use hoses to hook it to you current remote that would give you two remotes that hopefully wouldn't bleed down. Would be a bunch of hoses to get it mounted somewhere handy.
  14. I listed a pickup on Craigslist once. My ad said 1951 chevy. Guy called and came and looked at it and then said he didn't want it "because it was too old". I said "it's only 1/2 an hour older than when you read my ad you dumb a$$".
  15. Well with the big holes your rear tires are in it seems like you could just rotate the engine by hand to get any pressure off the gears even if you clutch is not releasing. It seems to me you have 2 separate problems. Clutch not releasing and shift rails not pulling it out of neutral. pete has you lined out on the clutch issue i think you need to take shift tower off again and see what's causing it not to come out of reverse.