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  1. Step 1 would be change hydraulic filter. See how bad that is. The brakes will work even without tractor running just not as good. Oil goes from MCV pump to steering than brakes than T/A than trans lube. Does the oil light by fuel gauge work? If so does it go out when engine is running and light up when you push in the clutch?
  2. My 656 has 12v generator and external regulator all original
  3. We had an evolution mag drill at a steel company I worked for. Never gave us any trouble. Not sure of the model. Piece of advice. If your drilling up high or anyplace we're dropping it would hurt it be sure and tie it off with some rope. I seen a bridge crew drop theirs in a river when it tripped a breaker and lost power. Two guys watching it fall. Made a good expensive splash
  4. Hopefully his experience with tanks are from video games and not real life.
  5. My 806 had a relief valve that worked but it couldn't raise heavy implements so I pulled it out and it was only 1,600 lb valve so I put a 2,400 lb one out of a 1066 in and it works good now.
  6. Well your IH pickup will be a one of a kind at any show, can't say that about any ford or chevy! So I think you made the right choice IMHO. Nice little flatbed too! You must really like the smell of burnt propane 😀 Just kidding. Time and Money ... never enough of either unfortunately.
  7. Either resize them smaller or you can exit out of forum and come back and it will let you do another. Its a pain. I usually just make them small file size
  8. Back than you couldn't be pharaoh if you drove a JD.
  9. 806

    Go to tractorhouse and compare it to ones that are for sale. Will give you a ballpark idea on prices leaking at throttle shaft is pretty common when shaft gets play in it. I think the rebuilt pump was about $1,500 but they might be able to fix yours cheaper if it's just leaking.
  10. Glad it helped look forward to the pics
  11. 806

    There was a factory kit to put roosa master on there. Kit is no longer available new. Junk yards can probably get you the stuff you need. Hardest part is finding the roosa adapter so that you can use your existing timing gear otherwise you will need to remover front cover and switch gears I just switched mine back to RD so it's all fresh in my mind if I can help let me know i have a contact for rebuilt RD pumps if you want to keep it original
  12. I'm not real familiar with that system but I know on other hydraulic systems with a check valve you need good pressure to lower as well as raise. Since you mentioned that you need to rev engine to raise things maybe you don't have enough pressure to work that check valve. Did you try reving it up to lower? also try reversing hoses and see if it goes down but not up. These are general things to try. Others here know these exact systems better than me
  13. http://fehrcab.com/search.asp?make=IH&model=1466 here is where he got his stuff. he said it was good quality. I haven't seen it yet but he would have told me if it was junk. good luck!
  14. He musta thought it was the 806 they used to build the pyramids