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  1. 3688 ?

    A 3688 is a 986 with 88 series sheet metal. Only differences are transmission brake, electronic ta and maybe a few other minor differences. will have most of the info you're looking for regarding HP.
  2. local 5488 What do you think? Is the price reasonable? The front tires look real close together but they can be set out easy enough right?
  3. 756 aftermarket cab

    The only cab I know of that would work with a picker is the ice cream box cab.
  4. local 5488

    Where is the sentry located?
  5. 756 aftermarket cab

    Year a round and Hiniker I believe.
  6. local 5488

    What would you guys value it at then?
  7. local 5488

    Personally I don't think the price is out of line, but I wanted a few opinions. It has decent rubber, a new cab interior, aa full rack of weights. Only downfall is no tilt steering and I really wanted 18.4 42 rears but these look to me like 20.8s, not a deal breaker tho. I will be only operator no hired help here.
  8. Elwood axle 06-56 series

    If it has hub caps it is a Coleman which didn't turn as sharp.
  9. Bad day for a white

    Charge your phone lol
  10. Kory Wagons

    What is a fair condition 200 bushel range kory gravity wagon worth? Asking for a friend.
  11. Kory Wagons

    I checked craigslist and most ask 1000-1500, I would probably guess value just depends on your area. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Kory Wagons

    I will add that this is in eastern Iowa.
  13. John Deere rowtrac

    You're taking it for more than it is. The lighter tractor could drag the heavier Deere like a rag doll regardless of the Deere's lower horsepower. If he could spin the tracks than the extra horsepower is worth nothing in a tug of war. And the weight balancing idea might be partly right but the lighter quad track wold also have tongue weight in a head to head competition. Set them up side by side with equal tongue weight in a field and the quad track will always win. Deere might have copied Steiger but they missed key points that make the quad track the pice of innovation that it is.You can take your false and negative comments to the YouTube comment section where you can argue with people behind a screen all day long instead of ignoring the obvious facts. I don't care how much land you farm nor do i care what size and brand of equipment you use, just don't come to a friendly public forum and bash people with inaccurate facts about why their machines are terrible and how your copycat brand is better. Rant over
  14. Best day to go

    When is the best day to go to Rantoul as I can only go for a day.
  15. IH Collection Sold And Prices From The Bash

    Wow those tractors brought Good money.
  16. Best day to go

    Thanks for the help. I know all about the show and have watched quite a few YouTube videos on it, just think it's time to go see it in person with the grandfather.
  17. Best day to go

    I have never gone but they do the same mix of field demonstrations every day right?
  18. Super C brought back from the dead

    PLEASE post some more restored 88 series tractors like you used to. I Loved those threads and am waiting for the next one.
  19. 15 million of them Wow!

    "You can have any color you wanted as long as it was black" LOL
  20. Brands

    My first tractor that I drove was a farmall 460, I started driving the small square baler when I was 7. It had to be on level ground though because I didn't hardly have enough lead to clutch in and hold the brakes at the same time, my #2 brand is a toss up between AC and Oliver/Cockshutt. I love and grew up on IHs though.
  21. Not as Red anymore

    Looks like a good find
  22. Minivan vs. Kinze planter

    Reall p*sses me off when I am on a two lane road and need to make a left turn and people can't hold in the urge to pass me. There are black marks on the road from a guy that went to pass while I was turning AND HAD MY TURN SiGNAL ON. And yet if a wreck occurred it somehow would have been my fault I'm sure.
  23. Lawn Tractor Brand Decision Time

    Country clipper if you have a nearby dealer. I still have my 2005 zero turn and I will still have it in the next 10 years. Well built and does a nice job if you are going the zero turn route. For larger lawns and lawns that have lots of turns I would never go back to a normal mower.
  24. 5088 clutch slipping

    Get the test harness off of there.
  25. Dealer custom paint schemes ?

    I personally think that paint scheme is awful but each to their own.