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  1. Yep, I see it now
  2. If you look close, the driver is sitting on the front tractor
  3. Well I think we all know who to ask. And don't do to much with the test harness if you intend on not grenading the transmission.
  4. K thanks, machinery looks like it has sat unused for quite a few years.
  5. Can somebody link it please?
  6. Just make sure she never sees road salt and she will run for another 40+ years
  7. So THIS is why we haven't seen many tractors posted by you lately LOL. Great job you can truly make anything better than new again
  8. Why are the colters always removed on these plows? Do the colters make a plow pull easier or do they help the trash flip better? My knowledge is very limited about plows.
  9. Why are the hi clear tractors always in such poor shape? Did the need for them just go away and they were then just parked in the weeds?
  10. Nobody said it was original, look above the pic and it says that he made it
  11. Country clippers are tough, low maintnance and are very reliable. You will get way more done with zero turn than a normal mower.
  12. Rocks Ragweed Waterhemp LOL
  13. I wanna say the paint is original but with over 1000 hours It would at least have some paint worn off of the drawbar wouldn't it? The tires look original too.
  14. What exactly is slipping the pto?
  15. The power steering has its own pump and reservoir like dumb farmer said. If there is a screen it should be in with the hyd filter. We had the Same problem on our 460 and the screen was completely clogged. Cleaned it with gasoline and it was like new.