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  1. Reall p*sses me off when I am on a two lane road and need to make a left turn and people can't hold in the urge to pass me. There are black marks on the road from a guy that went to pass while I was turning AND HAD MY TURN SiGNAL ON. And yet if a wreck occurred it somehow would have been my fault I'm sure.
  2. Country clipper if you have a nearby dealer. I still have my 2005 zero turn and I will still have it in the next 10 years. Well built and does a nice job if you are going the zero turn route. For larger lawns and lawns that have lots of turns I would never go back to a normal mower.
  3. Get the test harness off of there.
  4. I personally think that paint scheme is awful but each to their own.
  5. I'm with you there. I would only want big rubber on a wheatland that needs big rubber to complete the look.
  6. Too bad it's painted wrong. Maybe it's a rare edition with a white panel and a non rainbow tach. Lol
  7. HTA

    I guess the mystery lives on about the real deal tractors And whether or not they were destroyed. And they will definitely have to drop a zero and then some to get somebody to take it home. If only some H sheet metal could make grandfather's 300 worth $140,000 Lol.
  8. HTA

    I honestly didn't have much faith in it being legit but I have heard of experimental HTA's that never made it to the production line. But I believe that there is One HTA out there isn't there? Or is that bogus?
  9. HTA

    I guess it isn't worth 140,000 then
  10. HTA

    Was browsing TractorHouse and found a HTA listed completely restored. Is it legit? And if so how many were made? I'd like some input and I kind of think the price is blown out of the water. It won't be going into my shed but maybe the right person will go for it. Or not.
  11. There is one thing I learned about reman motors. They are JUNK.
  12. Yep, I see it now
  13. If you look close, the driver is sitting on the front tractor
  14. Well I think we all know who to ask. And don't do to much with the test harness if you intend on not grenading the transmission.
  15. K thanks, machinery looks like it has sat unused for quite a few years.