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  1. Wow those tractors brought Good money.
  2. Thanks for the help. I know all about the show and have watched quite a few YouTube videos on it, just think it's time to go see it in person with the grandfather.
  3. I have never gone but they do the same mix of field demonstrations every day right?
  4. When is the best day to go to Rantoul as I can only go for a day.
  5. PLEASE post some more restored 88 series tractors like you used to. I Loved those threads and am waiting for the next one.
  6. "You can have any color you wanted as long as it was black" LOL
  7. My first tractor that I drove was a farmall 460, I started driving the small square baler when I was 7. It had to be on level ground though because I didn't hardly have enough lead to clutch in and hold the brakes at the same time, my #2 brand is a toss up between AC and Oliver/Cockshutt. I love and grew up on IHs though.
  8. Looks like a good find
  9. Reall p*sses me off when I am on a two lane road and need to make a left turn and people can't hold in the urge to pass me. There are black marks on the road from a guy that went to pass while I was turning AND HAD MY TURN SiGNAL ON. And yet if a wreck occurred it somehow would have been my fault I'm sure.
  10. Country clipper if you have a nearby dealer. I still have my 2005 zero turn and I will still have it in the next 10 years. Well built and does a nice job if you are going the zero turn route. For larger lawns and lawns that have lots of turns I would never go back to a normal mower.
  11. Get the test harness off of there.
  12. I personally think that paint scheme is awful but each to their own.
  13. I'm with you there. I would only want big rubber on a wheatland that needs big rubber to complete the look.
  14. Too bad it's painted wrong. Maybe it's a rare edition with a white panel and a non rainbow tach. Lol
  15. HTA

    I guess the mystery lives on about the real deal tractors And whether or not they were destroyed. And they will definitely have to drop a zero and then some to get somebody to take it home. If only some H sheet metal could make grandfather's 300 worth $140,000 Lol.