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  1. Red n Green

    I like my red ones but I got a good deal on this 3020.Always wanted a 20 seies.Am I banned from RP now?lol Paul
  2. Red n Green

    It's a late 1966 3020 diesel with a 46A loader ,tractor has 5700 hours.Bought it from a friends estate sale.Also has front hydraulic couplers for a cultivator. Paul
  3. Red n Green

    Loader actually works well.Depends on how loader is plumbed into the hydraulic system.With clutch fully depressed or not loader is fast and responsive. Paul
  4. 666 basic questions

    I like mine,triple six with canopy and 686 with the loader. Paul
  5. Turn signals on fender tractors

    Factory Lucas turn signal on a 686.Sorry about picture kinda dark in the shed.
  6. 86 series tai light covers

    Any body know where I can get lens covers for the tail lights that are mounted in rear fenders. Thank's Paul
  7. 86 series tai light covers

    Yes bulbs pull out from back.Looking for original lens covers that go over bulb and looks like lens covers were either glued on or they snap on to existing part of tail light housing.They are round.Thank's Paul
  8. 86 series tai light covers

    For 86 series tractor.Thank's
  9. ether button mistaken for starter

    X2,sounds like an electrical problem.
  10. Bought a 886

    Just bought this tractor has 58xx hours runs good shifts good. Has near new rear rubber.Traded a 656 and some cash for it.Also have a triple six and a 686.Second picture is the triple six don't have a picture of 686. Paul
  11. Bought a 886

    A better picture...
  12. IH 886 with German diesel

    Subject probably rehashed a million times.Looking at a 886 with the 358 German diesel how do they compare to theD360?Thank's for any opinion's or comment's.Paul
  13. IH 886 with German diesel

    Bought the 886 I was looking at.So far pretty sweet running machine.Had to fix a few minor things.Ballast resistor for alternator was toast and repaired non working gauges.Next on the list is the four way flashers/turn signals then check clutch adjustment.And remove ugly toolbox from top of fender. Paul
  14. 2017 haying pictures

    Thought I would post a few pictures from my corner of the world. Paul
  15. 656 hydralics

    Have you checked filter and bypass.Also oil level.If that checks out there is a suction tube/cavity between pump and filter sealed with o-ring.Over filling reservoir usually fixes that problem.
  16. Bought a 886

    You know your tractors,it is a late 1981 model.
  17. Questions about a IH 886

    Looking at a IH 886.Late 1981 model with 4 post rops.Has 58xx hours on it.Starts easy and runs good.Having never owned a large frame IH tractor I have a couple questions. 1.Were any improvements made to the later 358 German diesels to improve starting and or performance? 2.Tractor leaking oil from the larger of the two plates bolted to bottom of what looks like the T/A housing (has a gasket between bottom plate and housing).Assuming either bolts loose or gasket is failing.I'm thinking that housing should hold oil?Or is there a seal inside of there somewhere that could be leaking?Thank' s Paul
  18. Questions about a IH 886

    Thank's for info everyone.In my original post I mentioned an oil leak coming from a plate bolted to bottom of t/a housing.Would it be just the plate leaking or is there something inside there that could cause it to leak.Thank's Paul
  19. Hay grapple

    Hi, I have a IH 686 with a 2250 mount-o-matic loader.Two questions,can the mount-o-matic loader handle a 10 bale grapple and what's the best way to add a third function to this tractor.Has factory dual remotes now that run the loader.Thank's for any insight or comments. Paul
  20. Looking at a 986 to possibly buy.I have no experience with this model.Largest tractor I have is a 686.I know about the obvious differences between the large frame tractors and the smaller ones I have.986 has New clutch and hydraulic pump and rebuilt scv's.Just wondering anything in particular to look for?Going run a 10 to 12 foot discbine with it.Thank'sPaul
  21. What do you wish you hadn't sold.......

    Shoulda kept my hot rod 1934 Plymouth five window coupe.Also had a 1967 Nova 2 door post. Paul
  22. Horsepower of D312

    I have 686 and a 666 both with the D312.The factory rates them at around 65 hp.Was wondering if anyone ever dyno'd a stock engine to see what they actually put out.Thank's Paul
  23. Horsepower of D312

    Thank's George 2.
  24. Over 7 thousand pounds of front weights.

    Man that is beautiful.Just wondering...did you go through the drivetrain as well. Paul