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  1. That's the heiffer go round at Kreider's
  2. 10 foot drill for the beans behind a NH 8010 mudder
  3. Corn above and beans below
  4. I'm so jealous of you guys and big tractors... I've got 2 places on our nursery that the center pivot irrigation doesn't reach so my dad let's me plant corn or soybeans for the deer there. If the area totals an acre I'm lucky. We put about 8 rows of corn in and covered the rest in beans maybe 2 weeks ago. I knew it was way late but much to my surprise they all sprouted up about 4 days later...
  5. I'm not sure if it helps what you're discussing here robots vs people but since all the "medium to small" dairies have long since passed here in south jersey, we have all marveled at a guy up in lancaster (amish country) PA that went automated with a round turnstyle that the cows walk in one end and wlk out the other side I think 30 mins later milked and fed. Try looking up the name Krieder and see if they show the milking barn.
  6. The last few yrs I stopped driving truck full time and came back home to family farm. The sinuses got worse, I've tried Claratin and zyrtec both work ok but I forget to use them daily. The rinse (nett pot) or squeeze bottle works when all backed up. I've got a few locals that tell me a spoon full of local honey a day will cure it, I just haven't tried yet. The Claratin tabs that dissolve on your tounge seem to work the fastest for me so far.
  7. Good news yall, the 3 point works great [ after ya figure out where the handles need to be set] pto works good too. We have an old miller 2 row rotatiller we have used a few times behind this tractor to clean up weedy blocks of bushes. My dad still is impressed with how the tractor can sit for a week and come back to the implement still in the air. Even our newer 8010 blue tractor won't stay up like this thing.
  8. We have a hc hydro 70. Drop housings on the outer rears.
  9. Yes it digs with various sized buckets we hang on the end of the pipe coming off that big arm.
  10. Steps and grab handle.
  11. Added the digger boom.