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  1. The 86 in dusty work clothes running a 7 ft chopper behind her.
  2. Photobucket.com wants me to pay now because I used them to store a copy of the pics.... some third party hosting nonsense.... I'll load them back on my hard drive at home and do away with photo garbage....
  3. I'm deating this very thing right now on an old bean picker drop the faded yellow work clothes and dress her up or let her stand in all her rode hard put away wet glory! As far as hot rod she's already been made pointless, had a huge upgrade in the engine oil pressure department, and been modified to do what we do dig bushes...
  4. Note the different sized buckets in the foreground.
  5. That's the diesel's off color sister, retired bean picker turned bush digger. Hydro 70 gas hi-clear.
  6. Ok tiller hanging on the back.
  7. Just thinking outside the box here but a thin pinstripe of red on the face of the rim might look awesome!
  8. And Tony, I'm so jealous of those beautiful quick hitches... god they look amazing!
  9. Is there such a thing as setting it up to run fat on fuel until it broken in this time around? I have never seen an lp setup first hand and have no idea what adjustments there are, but one would think like Doc said a little more opening on the fuel screw sure wouldn't hurt...
  10. Can't wait to see how this all turns out!
  11. That's the heiffer go round at Kreider's
  12. 10 foot drill for the beans behind a NH 8010 mudder
  13. Corn above and beans below