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  1. 450 Diesel project

    that is really neat! Thanks for sharing!
  2. My first IH! 560D

    Another project I worked on during a rainy day. Pretty easy. It looks pretty good and you cant see the little spots from 3 feet away. Best looking part of the tractor except the seat. Well, and the driver
  3. My first IH! 560D

    I agree. Im afraid it may be a bit before she gets new clothes since Im changing the entire set up. Few more pics. My nephew will drive it around in 1st. He started on my redbelly… LOVES this tractor. Plus it keeps him out of video games and makes him want to go to pulls and shows with me. And a pic of me pulling at the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston. Which was fun. I about had a full pull, and would have, had I not fell into a hole a Super 99 dug out in the previous class.
  4. My first IH! 560D

    So, its been awhile since I have posted. Thought I would take a few minutes and do a "year in review" with the new-to-me 560. I picked her up last New Years (really, New Years) in Iowa. Got her home to NC after quite the road trip. She fired right up after sitting for several years and I got right into the mechanicals. Currently, with the help of the fine folks in this thread, she runs really well. I did some plowing to make sure the clutch and everything was ok, at the suggestion of my pulling buddy. I did some horse trading and pulled the trigger on a nice, like new , F250 with the V10 and a DEAL on a nice 20' gooseneck which I have been refurbishing all summer with new deck, wheels and tires and lights. I was borrowing a truck and trailer to be able to go to pulls, which sucked. My pal was great, but his truck was being used for farm work when I had somewhere I wanted to go pull. Im able to do my own thing now. I pulled a lot this season to learn the basics. of how to weigh, when to weigh, hooking up the sled, etc. I did all this with no intention of winning anything, but just to learn the craft, so to speak. I learned that my brand spanking new tires are not the best to pull, especially on the hard, red clay here in the south. I learned that I have a lot of power I cant get to the ground. I learned I have one of the top five ugliest tractors at my local pull. So the plan from here after pulling this summer is this: I am selling the brand spanking new tires. ugh. I was trying to find some 16.9's, but I have a free set of 18.4s that are old and hard and worn well. I watched a 560 diesel pull at one of the local pulls from VA. He pulled through the 8-9,000 classes and was wearing it out. So I may start pulling heavier classes. (currently pulling 6200,6700,7200) I only have 1300 lbs of weight right now. I am thinking of finding 1K of the rear wheel weights and use the suitcase weights I currently have for moving weight around. (maybe put fluid in the rear tires? ) I also picked up some 15" Kubota wheels and some smaller tires for the front wheels. Going from a 6.00 x 16 tire/wheel to a 4.00X15 tire/wheel combo. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous like a Farmall dragster. But that should get the front end down. Ive got a lot of stuff to do before spring. And I want to paint her. That would give me 15 hp at least. What do yall think?
  5. My first IH! 560D

    So, I went to my first "serious" pull where it "counted" a week or so ago. I pulled against several different tractors, and placed last, of course. Again, I'm trying to learn sort of what I expected. Anyhow. I tried pulling in two separate gears, 1st and 2nd. Seemed like second got me a little farther... I was running 7 lbs of air in both my rears. Relatively damp Carolina red clay track. I pulled against a JD in several of the classes. He has been pulling for a long time, some antique tractor pulling club stickers on his tractor and super nice looking. To step back a little bit: We put the new tires on my tractor, Firestone SATII in 15.9 X 38's. The older ones were about dry rotted off of it. they were also 15.9. So, I didn't power out, but just began spinning out around 150-160 feet. The JD would haul it on down to 170-175 ish. He was running an 18" tire on his rear. I wonder if that would be my issue. I still had plenty of power. Just no traction. Only put one weight on the front (100 lbs) and the rest hanging on the rear until some of the 7K classes then as much as 300 on the front. Front end never came off the ground. I ran in the 6300, 6700 7300 and 7700 classes. All in all, I had a good time. it was a lot of fun. Really exciting to hook to that sled for the first time "for real" instead of being in the stands and just watching.
  6. Generator question 560D

    It was the only thing we had changed. Hindsight... That was a no brainer .... In the middle of the cussing and jumping off.... You don't think clearly.
  7. Generator question 560D

    OK, sorry, my bad….they are in Parallel. I got mixed up, they were correctly wired, I just got my terminology backward. It is fixed. My work schedule on the ambulance has ben nuts, I have ZERO free time anymore. So, Apparently my buddy wired it just like the wiring came off the old one. He didn't read and trace the wiring with the new install... Had I known that, its what I would have done to begin with. The VR that I bought new, was different than the posts on the older one that was on the tractor. So, his quote was "I wired it JUST like it was taken off, I swear". Yes, you did…but… lol. I took it pulling yesterday. It spins great, fires right up (as it should with that much battery) It isn't draining the battery, and it would spin right up every time I went to start it. Its a great big sigh of relief. I cant tell you which wires he had mixed up, but it works fine now. I "re- polarized" it and it doesnt get a bit hot. Now I just have to get my traction issue figured out. I don't think the genny had anything to do with that I appreciate all of you chiming in. And all of you guys through the thread were spot on. Thats why I love this forum.
  8. Generator question 560D

    Im pretty sure the voltage regulator is wired correctly now. So that hopefully is ok. Now, I didnt re-polarize the VR after I rewired it. THAT might be an issue. The batteries are definitely wired in series. It was hard to turn over before, now it spins well. That was the reason for the second battery. I also really appreciate your input. Ill check all of that stuff over the next few nights. I wonder if not repolarizing that VR would cause it to heat up when its turned off.
  9. Generator question 560D

    So I have been hunting a gremlin in my electrical system for a bit, and I needed to ask you guys some questions. Im not an electrician, and don't even own/know how to run a voltmeter. I can defibrillate the crap out of you though. What I was finding was this: 1) Batteries draining quickly, and 2) generator get extremely hot while running. Like, I cant hold my hand on it. Took the generator to the local shop, said the "fields were reversed" and they fixed it. Today, after I let the tractor idle for a few mionutes and then shut it off, the generator got hot again, and you can barely hold your hand on it. SO, my batteries are draining quickly. Like I have a short. I have two 12V 800 CCA batteries in it, brand new. The voltage regulator mount was broken, and I replaced the voltage regulator. My buddy wired it, and wired the "batt" to the "F" on the generator mistakenly. I just found that, and figured it out. (just fixed that today). Ampmeter seems to be working. idle, goes close to "0" , rev engine, it moves toward "c". So, apparently its charging ok. This hot genny thing I dont understand. I have been taking the hot wire off the solinoid to cut power and save batteries and not catch the genny on fire.
  10. My first IH! 560D

    So, I was at that tune-n-pull a few weeks ago and a guy offered me a deal on a pulling hitch. I picked it up today and installed it. Im pleased. You can see my initial hitch, and then what I installed today.
  11. My first IH! 560D

    I ended up putting two batteries in it and she is turning over much easier. I also had to get the generator worked on. The shop stated they "fixed the fields" in it. $57.00. I sort of understand it, but not totally….nor why that would cause a draw. Not that I doubt the shop, I just am not much of an electrician. It kept draining the battery and wouldn't charge, so I hope that fixed both problems. We shall see. Next pull is May 6th. I hope to have my new hitch finished next week and ready for the weekend after next. Fingers crossed.
  12. My first IH! 560D

    OK boys. Broke my tractor pulling cherry today. After Action Report: Literally put the new tires on the tractor at 5:30 PM last night. Went with the 15.9 SAT II. Wish I would have went to the 16.9, but there was $1K difference. Couldn't justify it right now. This was a local "tune and pull". So the rules were not strict, anything went as long as it was safe. Now, I wasn't really "ready". I don't have my pulling hitch yet, no wheelie bars, no rear weight rack…. Just really wanted to see how it would do hooked to a sled. As you can see on the video, we had to get imaginative hanging weight on the tractor. Chains holding the rear weights on….looked really ghetto, but it got me in a few classes. I pulled the 6200 stock, 6700 stock, and 5700 stock. The tractor weighed in at 5760 with me on the tractor. Never pulled before. so 1st gear, the guys had 26 lbs of air in tires first pass. You can imagine how that went. My buddies that were watching said, lets check air. MY gauge was broken. Theres wasn't. So down to 8 lbs Pulled a little better. Hanging weight was a pain, but we got it figured out. So, I ended up getting average 170-180 ft. most pulls. I need to get traction to the ground, but given I have a crappy hitch, no real weight racks, I have some room to improve. All in all, I was pleased with my tractor, I didn't run out of power, and didn't break anything. I added a few links to some of the vids of a few of the pulls. Feel free to be critical, but realize Ive never pulled before. I had a blast, and it was a lot of fun, despite the sunburn. second pull once tires aired down 6700 class My buddy pulled the 5700 class at the end of the day with it. He is an old tractor puller and 100 lbs smaller. He was like "f" the horn and hammer down since it didn't count.
  13. My first IH! 560D

    Yeah. That was an eBay score. $39.00 with $20.00 shipping. Yes please. wasn't perfect, but as you know, much better than the other. That seat wasn't such a good deal. As you also well know.
  14. My first IH! 560D

    Christmas in March! Man, that seat was pricey, but it sure does make it ride 200% better than that old POS they had bolted on it. Currently have 600 lbs of the IH branded weights, and 500 lbs of the older IH weights with the curve on the bottom. So the "new to me" front rack is installed and gotta get the tractor to the welding shop to fab up my rear hitch/weight bracket. I need some of you IH tractor suppliers to move down south, geez…whats with all of ya'll in Ohio and Indiana. You can even say "ya'll" down here. :O) Ordering the 15.5 X38's SATII for it Monday. There is $1000.00 difference between the 15.5 and the 16.9. Holy crap. Yeah, the 15.5s wiil have to do.
  15. My first IH! 560D

    Pssht. They wont fit on my cast rims or Id ordered them.