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  1. Mulboard plow vs. chisel plow

    Update: I was able to borrow a 6-18" moldboard plow with an on-land hitch from a friend of mine. All he asks is that I replace 2 cover boards that it was previously missing and put a coat of plow paint on it after I get done using it, pretty good deal. I got started on the drier parts of the filed this past weekend and the plow was working great, burying everything. More rain in the forecast so I'll have to wait to get into the lower ground, tried Sunday night and buried the 2+2 to just above the drawbar. Luckily my neighbor was able to bring his 315 Magnum over and pull me out with ease.
  2. Farm acerage survey

    Has anyone actually surveyed your farm, marked your corners and drawn you a map? GPS is perfectly fine to do an accurate survey with as long as checks are made. County GIS maps are not always accurate in showing where your boundaries are or how much land you own. I have been working for a surveyor for 11 years and we run into this sort of thing all of the time. A fence might have been built incorrectly years ago, land could have been swapped between neighbors and never recorded ect. Good luck!
  3. I want one of these!

    I have seen guys use a power broom skid loader attachment as well. Easier on your back and does a good job too.
  4. Do I have to leave the forum?

    Very nice looking 45! Reminds me of the one dad sold about 10 years ago except his was a narrow front. Still miss that tractor.
  5. New CaseIH 300

    I think they look better than the last Magnums
  6. Mulboard plow vs. chisel plow

    Thank you guys. I will keep you posted on what I do.
  7. Mulboard plow vs. chisel plow

    We have a 4 bottom mulboard plow that's in good shape. Would love a 6-7 bottom with on-land hitch to pull with the 3588.
  8. Mulboard plow vs. chisel plow

    I've got the neighbors farm rented this year, decent low ground that's pretty flat. The only problem I have is that they let it lay fallow last year. From the road it looked like just bigger weeds like ragweed, velvet leaf and burdock. I walked through the field the other day and noticed a lot of grass had grown too. Now it's just a thick mat of dead grass and weeds. I'm worried about the chisel plow getting plugged up and not breaking it up enough. Would a mulboard plow do better since it would flip it over all the way? Erosion is not a big concern in this field. We've tried no-till on our farm next to this one before and weren't happy with the results. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. Feeling Blue

    Sorry to hear.
  10. Farm economy in your area?

    CRP stands for conservative reserve program I believe. Some guys do it around here, pretty much leave the land idle for 10 years and collect a government payment for it. Supposed to cut erosion and over production as far as I know. Someone might know more.
  11. Grinding feed

    We still grind 2 batches of ear corn here every week for the beef cows, Saturday morning ritual. Started with a Gehl 65 mixer mill we bought from Grandpa for $200 years ago. We always laugh because when we had to replace the big main drive belt on it it cost $245, more then the whole unit! Then dad got a Farmhand mixer with a sheller on it so we could make chicken feed too (once a month or so). Handy to have 2 mills tho, can fill them both up with cow feed and it will last all week during the winter. When I had my 1206 we would grind with that, but now we use Dad's D17 and Oliver Super 88 or the Ford 7700. Grinding feed is a job that will never be done!
  12. 3588

    I absolutely love my 3588! Goes through anything, plenty of power and easy on fuel. Treat it like a front wheel assist tractor and not a 4wd and it will last a long time.
  13. Nice 1468 at action

    Wow, hopefully they keep going up. I don't know if I could part with my 35 though.