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  1. ih 460 fast hitch adaptors

    This site was recommended to me; they might have what you need.
  2. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Update: (sorry for the delay), New plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. On the plus side, I don't have the issue in fifth gear with it taking forever to take off/get up to speed/throttle up/however you want to say it. On the negative side, still have a slight miss. Next plan is to borrow a timing light and double check that the timing is actually correct. tractor has some leaks; bad one out of the rear end somewhere, I think diff cover maybe? Haven't had time to clean it up and verify, but I don't see anything actually busted, like I saw on someone'a old archived thread here on the forum. Minorly leaky engine oil pan (already have a gasket to fix it), and *maybe* one or two others.. I'll probably just buckle down and do the T/A sooner than I'd planned, and fix the leak then, I'll also check my engine bearing tolerances while I've got the oil pan off.. among other things.
  3. 706 loader attachment, making cheap look better.

    The Shadow knows.. idk how I didn't see this before, but from what I've read/seen, it looks great!
  4. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! I realized I hadn't uploaded any pictures, and, well.. I'd better rectify that situation, yes?
  5. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Well, my dislike of champion plugs is more a personal preference than anything. They work great in my single cylinder Kohlers (so I guess I shouldn't say I despise them) I'm just partial to a few other brands (NGK has seemed to work well, in my old truck) yeesh! Sorry to hear about your autolite story! Glad it didn't do any damage!
  6. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    It had autolites in it when I bought it, but who knows how old they were. Didn't look "bad", just well used and possibly worn out. The plugs I put in it yesterday just out of curiosity were 4 new champion plugs (cross referenced to be sure) that have been hanging out in a cupboard here on the farm for who knows how long, but they won't be staying. I've got autolites coming in the mail, should be here tomorrow. I despise champions, but can't bring myself to throw away the "extras" we have, either. as for the oil pressure, haven't hooked up a mechanical test gauge to it yet, but yeah, it seems ok.
  7. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    I agree! Thanks for the advice! I bought a tune-up kit from Steiner for now, but after I make sure it fixes the miss, I'll probably upgrade to electronic ignition and keep the points/etc., as an emergency backup.
  8. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Thanks! I'm beginning to suspect it's a 6v - ground. Generatir is a black tag Delco-Remy, (numbers on tag are 1102667 9K31), I know the black tag *usually* denotes a 6V.. The + of the coil goes to the distributor, and the distributor (whose tag must be facing the block, or missing,) has the numbers 353898R1 stamped into the bottom of the body. I did the usual "across the battery" test.. with the tractor off, it registered something like 12.2 volts.. tractor running, there wasn't really a change. Maybe a small fluctuation, but I figured it was me being wobbly with the leads. Edit: I forgot to mention, the centers and rims did come off an H; the tires (and possibly a rim) that were on it when he bought it were shot, and he put these on since he had them, and new tires in the factory size were/are expensive.
  9. A new toy for the Mrs

    WOW! I've just got a cheap kayak from Dunham's.. that thing is beautiful!!!
  10. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Well.. another simple question.. I've got a nice snap-on multimeter, where would be the best place/procedure to check and see how many volts the generator is putting out, so I know if it's a 6 or a 12? Serial number is (iirc) 52xx or 58xx, so according to something mentioned here yesterday, it should be a 12, but I want to be sure before I shell out some cash on new cap/rotor/coil/etc. i know I've checked it in the past on other tractors, I just don't remember how, and I don't want to short something out/fry something. Though, it ran yesterday and today just fine on a 12v battery, I figured I would have cooked the coil by now if it was a 6. edit: that is, of course, assuming it's a functional generator.. but I imagine it would have run out of juice by now if it weren't.
  11. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Just tried it.. no change! With any luck, it's just a plug or wire somewhere.
  12. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Thanks guys. I'll try to look into that today. I've got a little work cut out for me, but I don't forsee anything major- except for that T/A, that is.
  13. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    I'll give that a try when I go over to bring it the rest of the way home this morning, thanks!
  14. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Thanks! Though I edited the issue out of this video, here's some of the footage I shot on the drive home last night. Bonus points: it has front wheel weights!
  15. Couple of random Farmall 340 questions.

    Tekonsha, Mi. It's not a huge need, and I've got some things that need attention, first, but.. I'll still be keeping my eyes open for things! I imagine it just needs tune-up, but one of the things I noticed is, it really doesn't like taking off in road gear. Even at WOT I have to reeeeally feather the clutch- a lot more than I should -and it still nearly dies, then it chugs for a bit until it finally gets some momentum, and the engine RPM finally picks up and the tractor finally gets going again. It also doesn't like hills in road gear; they pull the engine RPM down pretty easy; a lot easier than it should.. I took a video of the whole ride home, so I have it captured on video pretty well. I'll post a video up of the issue once I get it edited. I did notice the T/A doesn't seem to work/engage; could that be a part of the above issue?