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  1. Actually, I sorta did that today, new guy. Went with a friend to pick up a two bottom three-point plow he'd bought for his ford loader tractor, since his "big" Case 811B went down, and ended up scoring an 8 ft 3 point Oliver(?) disk for $200. It's a lighter disk, but it's been stored inside, kept greased, and looks to be well-maintained in general. Has a few chipped blades, but they're mostly pretty good. I bet I could sell it for $400, if I were so inclined. I'll probably try to keep it for now, though. thanks, everyone. I've got some more thinking to do, I'm sure.
  2. I have a decision to make.. i'm currently in the process of selling some of my rifles. Ones I don't need, or bought and have "outgrown", more or less. For example, I have both an M1A, and an FAL. Both are .308, semi auto rifles, with 20 round magazines. I don't need them both, and it would free up some cash to sell one. My decision is, what to do with the cash when I get it. I should have $1000 - $1600 when I'm done, (though, if someone offers me $1500 for my M1A, I'd sell that and keep the FAL, then I'd have roughly $2500.) I've earmarked it to go towards my eventual goal of being a hobby farmer, but I have a couple different options.. Option A: I put it into the combine and the BN. Pros: it would mean there's not another project sitting around, waiting. And it would allow me to make some bigger purchases (tires, etc). Although, neither of them absolutely NEED tires right now, so that makes it kind-of moot. Cons: It would speed things up slightly, but I honestly like the pace I'm working at/acquiring parts at. I'm always busy, always have something to do, and I don't nessecarilly have the time to make the most of getting things quicker. If I took that $1000 (we'll say the low end, for simplicities sake) and dumped it into both of those projects this weekend, by the time I was able to physically complete the work with the parts I got, I could have paid for it with my weekly parts budget. option B: (this is honestly the one I like the most, but I want more opinions.) I know where there is a (supposedly) running/driving/decent cosmetic shape Farmall 340 for $1000. The man's father has Parkinson's, and he's trying to sell his dad's tractor to get some extra cash. I'd honestly give him $1250 instead of the $1000 he's asking for, and tell him the extra was repayment for the times he was more than fair to me. For the record, I've bought several things from this man, and if it has a problem and he knows about it, he'll tell you. If he doesn't know about it and you mention it after you've bought it, he'll help you track down parts and give you advice on how to fix it. One of the most honest men I've ever known. Pros: It's a 45-50~ish horse tractor, according to tractordata, with hydraulics, a 2 point, and (IIRC) a Torque Amplifier. (none of which my 20~ish horsepower BN has,) it helps out an honest man I know and have done buissiness with, and it keeps someone from dickering him down to $750, which I know he might take. Cons: he doesn't know much about the internal state of the tractor, so I know there could be some potential gremlins, plus, it's another project to sit and wait it's turn to get a tune-up/fix any issues that make themselves apparent. option C: say screw it, stuff it in a coffee can and forget about it for now, pull it out at the end of summer when we have our city-wide garage sales, and go buy duplicates of hand tools I don't need, or a few small, random pull-type implements.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss.. I find my words failing me, now, but just know I'll keep you in my prayers.
  4. It's still something I'd like to try! I'd probably suck at racing cars, but stock tractors, yeah, I think I could do that!
  5. Sounds like fun! Huh.. drag racing tractors.. have you birthed a new Motorsport?
  6. So, today I went and took a little road trip down to a fellow forum member's place to pick up some combine parts.. Pat is a really great guy, and even though we didn't talk all that much, (I kinda felt like there were other things he wanted/had to do..), he restored my faith in humanity some. So thanks again, man! I just hope you're as happy as I am, and the next time you're up in my neck of the woods, let me know, I'd love to buy you a drink, or a cup of coffee.
  7. Yep, family gets helped out and I never expect payment. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I don't, and I don't care either way. If she really wants to look at it as payment on the loans, tell her it's done in lieu of interest. If that's not good enough, then.. oh well. At least you don't have to pay interest to a bank.
  8. I bought a snap-on lithium ion 18 volt when I was in college for half-price through the tools for school program (or whatever it was called, I don't recall the exact name). Ended up selling it for more than I paid for it, then felt lost without it for about a year and a half, and just a few months ago picked up a Milwaukee FUEL 18 volt.. I love this thing more than my old snap-on!
  9. Kinda makes me wonder about the people I heard about that were supposedly planting a few weeks ago..
  10. We have an old paddle style butter churn.. big glass jar with what almost looks like an old, hand-crank drill on top of it. I need to get it out and use it again..
  11. The plant manager where I work is an old farm kid at heart, and he got really excited when he heard I was fixing up an old Deere combine.. he told me that, back in the day, his dad had an old Deere swather with a gas engine, and it always ran hot. Apparently, his dad bought a factory heater, but installed it behind the cab so it didn't actually heat the cab, and all he had to do to keep it cool, even on the hottest days, is run the heater cranked up. Apparently, all it needed was that itty-bitty extra cooling area.
  12. I really debated whether or not I should update this, or just let it go.. I do hate to be the kind of person who starts a project, posts about it, and then drops the post, never to mention it again. (Speaking of which, I'm still working on the BN that I'm restoring on my grandfather's memory, I'm just at a spot where I need some technical/machining help from my uncle and other grandfather, and they've been busier than I've ever seen them for the past few months, so they haven't had time to help.) update 1: I freely admit, I am slowly beginning to love eBay more and more. Yeah, the part was expensive, and it does have a small ding of it's own, but.. I'll probably never see another one NOS ever again. So, I found one of a few major things that are banged to ****.. (the others being the steps that go to the engine-deck, the end of the unload auger (missing the nice spout), and the ends of the cutterbar. (Those aren't bent bad, I could probably bend them back with a torch and a little know-how.. I'm just unsure if I want to try.) update 2: I bought an electronic ignition kit and a high-performance coil, since I intend to just do it once and do it right. I also plan to rewire the entire combine now, and get any electrical issues taken care of before they appear.. update 3: just when I'm gearing up to get serious about working on the combine, it snows as gets cold.. dangit.
  13. When I was a kid, we were so poor all we could afford to eat were pancakes, and the pancakes were so thin, they only had one side. Of course, that was nothing compared to the chicken farmer just up the road.. He was so poor, his toilet paper was only half-ply! I remember one time, in an effort to save more money, he began mixing his chicken feed in a 50/50 ratio with sawdust.. It didn't really work out too well for him, though. Half his chickens laid eggs with splinters, the other half laid eggs with knotholes!
  14. Hooray! Be safe!!