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  1. Congratulations! Great looking trailer!
  2. That makes complete sense. Hadn't dawned on me this might be the case; even traced all wires off the switch in highlighter I'll check it out; thank you!
  3. I'm currently either fighting an electrical issue, or poor quality switches with my 1486. The first image (sketch) is looking at the end of the plug. If I jump across the connector to pin label 1, headlights and dash lights come on. Ok, good. I can jump and make nearly everything work except the interior dome light (pin number 5) and the flashers because the harness was cut earlier in its life. So I ordered a new switch from All States Ag Parts... plugged it in... nothing. Tested the switch out of the tractor by connecting power from a battery and test light to each terminal... only got power out of #2 (flashers). Believed bad switch and got it replaced. Plugged new one in; same story. However, it was in the headlight position. I can get more lights to shine using the old, original switch than with these new ones. Even tried connecting power feed to pin 2 just in case I was wrong on which pin was the feed. Didn't matter. Is there something I'm missing here? I've gone through the wiring schematics and can only think that if the harness pins got switched around in the connector, but if my sketch looks right to those with more knowledge than myself; I'll chalk this headache up to poor quality switches. If the switches are indeed the culprit, where are yall ordering switches from? I appreciate any help!
  4. Agreed. That poor 86 got just a little crispy.
  5. I have no idea; always confused me too.
  6. Ran a 10' Bush Hog for my previous employer... hated it. Streaked horribly and didn't give me a good cut quality even with new blades. Tried cutting at different times of the day and it made very little difference. Batwings are your best bet regardless of make. City of College Station uses commercial Deere batwings and gets lawnmower quality cuts out of them... impressive to say the least.
  7. Love my tandem dual Load Max
  8. Not that I'm aware of. Tried finding the internals for the tach drive on my 1486 at the tail end of last year with no luck; bought a new assembly from Messicks.
  9. First time I've heard of doing this, but that's a great idea! Gotta remember this for future use Thanks everyone for the confirmation!
  10. Can anyone confirm the diameter and thread pitch for the bolts in the cast grille shell on the 86 series tractors? 5/8"-11 seems right, but I'd like to make darn sure before I go buy a tap to clean the threads out.
  11. I'm jealous of your V ripper... Been trying to find one down here, but they've pretty much been phased out
  12. PM Injpumped, he can get you exactly what you need
  13. Definitely falls under hack job category imo. But, if anyone wants to watch it happen ...
  14. Wow! I'm definitely jealous... I'd be thrilled just to see it up close!
  15. Anyone keeping a list of the 1486? or 86s in general?