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  1. Agreed. That poor 86 got just a little crispy.
  2. I have no idea; always confused me too.
  3. Ran a 10' Bush Hog for my previous employer... hated it. Streaked horribly and didn't give me a good cut quality even with new blades. Tried cutting at different times of the day and it made very little difference. Batwings are your best bet regardless of make. City of College Station uses commercial Deere batwings and gets lawnmower quality cuts out of them... impressive to say the least.
  4. Love my tandem dual Load Max
  5. Not that I'm aware of. Tried finding the internals for the tach drive on my 1486 at the tail end of last year with no luck; bought a new assembly from Messicks.
  6. First time I've heard of doing this, but that's a great idea! Gotta remember this for future use Thanks everyone for the confirmation!
  7. Can anyone confirm the diameter and thread pitch for the bolts in the cast grille shell on the 86 series tractors? 5/8"-11 seems right, but I'd like to make darn sure before I go buy a tap to clean the threads out.
  8. I'm jealous of your V ripper... Been trying to find one down here, but they've pretty much been phased out
  9. PM Injpumped, he can get you exactly what you need
  10. Definitely falls under hack job category imo. But, if anyone wants to watch it happen ...
  11. Wow! I'm definitely jealous... I'd be thrilled just to see it up close!
  12. Anyone keeping a list of the 1486? or 86s in general?
  13. I've run a JD 567 with a 986; works very well in average crop. When windrows become balled up form rake or wind, it can be slightly more difficult moving back and forth to pick it up without clogging the baler. Prior to the neighbor getting a Kubota M105X, the 986 had been the workhorse and baling tractor as long as I had been around (20+ years). In general, I prefer to use the 986. Hydraulic shuttle is nice on the 105, but overall electronics on the tractor can be a hassle; when the tractor works, it works well. When it's grumpy, you'll know it. Custom baling is definitely not a get-rich-quick operation, but if you can turn a small profit while paying for equipment maintenance, then all the work you do for yourself is at nearly 0 cost with the exception of your time. As mentioned earlier, be selective with who you do work for; they need to pay their bill and have decent fields that won't destroy your equipment.
  14. Perfect! Thanks for taking a look; that was exactly the information I needed!
  15. All States shows 2 sleeves: and Seems that the only difference could be material (machined steel vs casting maybe)? The first link indicates for both aspirated and non-aspirated, which leads me to believe there's no dimensional differences. Darn sleeve completely slipped my mind when I ordered the turbo from you. lol