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  1. Two quick questions

    Thanks auger creek. I'm not much of a mechanic (and zero welding) but with the help of this group I'm making my way thorough severalrepair items. Someone should tell you that when you buy one of these old tractors that welding ability is a necessity!!! I'll have to do a little homework to see if it's less expensive and makes more sense to replace or pay to have it welded. Thanks Paul
  2. Two quick questions

    As always, very helpful advice. Much appreciated. Paul
  3. Two quick questions

    Continuing the labor day week dash to get some tractor work done while convincing my wife my sole purpose for this vacation wasnt to work on the tractor. Brakes done but need adjusting. I will have to figure that out. Trouble starting when hot all gone with new plugs and wires. Finally got the panels of and discovered a few issues with my exhaust. See pics below. Can/ should this be welded? Also installed new temp guage. Old one didnt work and I could see why. Worrying was shot. Installed new one and was pretty uneventful except it just stays buried on cold. (Mowed for about half an hour. ) is there something here I'm missing? As always, all thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Paul
  4. Working through some of the items on the tractor got the first set of brakes installed and other than a wrestling match or two with various bolts all went well. Now doing the right side and had a bit of struggle removing the innermost disc. Unlike the left side, the right side inner plate (sorry, don't know correct terminology)was not smooth and shiny but rusty and pitted. Not horrible but fairly rough. I've got to get this back together quick, I've only got a couple more days of vacation. Pics are after a light wire brushing to remove the loose corrosion. Actuator is a little stiff but seems ok otherwise. Thanks for the advice! Paul
  5. Hydraulic fluid question

    Took the advice. Thanks now on to my next post for a brake issue.
  6. Hydraulic fluid question

    After the feedback and reading some old threads it looks like I will be making the trip back to tractor supply. Seems like the moisture control is the biggest hytran differentiator. I guess I will be taking the 2 gallons of 20 weight non detergent oil I bought at the same time, back with me as well???? Or is that stuff ok? Thanks!
  7. Hydraulic fluid question

    After a 6 hour drive, finally made it up to northern ny where my tractor lives. Hoping to knock out several maintenance items including new breaks, electrical tuneup and temp gauge. Only tractor place in reasonable driving distance is Tractor Supply. I would have preferred hytran but this is what they have. See pics. The container says older tractor, International Hytran. Any experience or thoughts on this stuff? Thanks for the feedback! Paul
  8. leaking tach cable

    Maybe it's a 300 utility thing! Got mine about 6 months ago. Pretty solid tractor but has various slow leaks. Fortunately not enough to make it to the floor. Paul
  9. What is this in my gas tank????

    Without taking it apart I examined the canister that filter "floats" around inside the tank and can't see where this part would attach. It appears that the fuel line goes on one side of the filter a the
  10. What is this in my gas tank????

    I found this rolling around in the gas tank of my 2 cycle weed wacker. My neighbor gave it to me because it wouldn't start. I spent a few minutes draining the fuel, air cleaner etc. It will run for a few seconds when I give it a shot of ether. Otherwise nothing. In case it's not visible, it is a hollow plastic type material. Does anyone know what this part is? Thanks for your help!
  11. Shopping Around for Medical Procedures

    Depending on where you live you might try an ambulatory surgery center versus the hospital. Many of them specialize in colonoscopy and they are much more convenient. They may even be less expensive.
  12. Shopping Around for Medical Procedures

    I work in the healthcare textile industry so I visit many endoscopy facilities. They tell me that in Europe they don't put you completely under anesthesia in order to keep costs down Anesthesia is expensive and may be optional if you ask. Not the most pleasant thought but a thought none the less. Good luck!
  13. Elvis 40th

    Elvis was slightly before my time but was certainly a legendary entertainer. Nice tractor too!!
  14. Purchasing brake and tune up parts

    Messicks or Devon's. ok sounds good. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Purchasing brake and tune up parts

    I'm heading up north in a few weeks and plan to work on my 300 utility. I hope to replace my brake discs. and an electronic tune-up (plugs, wires) to hopefully correct the fact that my tractor won't start when hot. What's the best place to purchase what I need. Unfortunately my time is limited so I am looking for a good combination of quality parts and customer service. Thanks for your help and any suggestions!