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  1. Tinnitus

    I've had it for years. Kind of a high pitch squeal and a whoosh combined together. Too much of that 70's classic rock up real loud is my guess. Didn't notice it until after 40 or so. seems to get worse as I get older. Yes, I hear it the most when it's quiet. Usually just try to ignore it but it does get annoying at times. They say it's not really an ear problem but a neurologic problem. That's why you can plug your ears and still hear it.
  2. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Thanks FarmallFan. I checked with 4 or 5 different places but not tractor house. Nice guy, reasonable price so it's on it's way. Art, I appreciate the offer, let's see if the right part shows up! I may still need your services. Thanks again everybody!
  3. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Thank you Matt and Tony. The problem is I don't have the tube now. Another gentlemen on the forum noticed that the hydraulics are not plumbed correctly to account for 2 hydraulic remotes and power steering. This is one of 3 parts I need to correct. The other two are a "ported cover" and a tee both of which I found. He identified the parts and part numbers. Is there a way to get the exact dimensions of the tube? And, if I could obtain the correct length, how do I technically describe the "ends" I need so the hydraulic shop would understand what to give me. Thank you! Paul
  4. Tractor Model Question

    Hi Mel. I'm no expert on tractors but grew up in an area where most every one had between 4 and 10 acres and a small tractor, most were red. We had a farmall cub. About a year ago I bought a 300 utility and am really happy with how it fits my needs. Live pto. power steering, torque amplifier and all the power I need to plow snow, cut grass, haul logs etc. I think it's a good looking tractor although I haven't had a chance to clean her up. Some parts have been a little hard to find. Good luck with your search!
  5. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Following up on some advice to make some alterations to my hydraulics. I've been able to source most of the parts I need but can't find this tube. Hoping someone on this site may have one for sale or no where I can find one. Thanks for the help! Paul
  6. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    Nice catch Ray. Thanks ! Learning alot and would have never caught that. I will be visiting my tractor in about 3 weeks and it will be the first thing I check as I prepare to make the other repairs discussed. Start with the easy fixes first! Paul Thanks again gordon 76. Don't know how you all manage to diagnose from pics. Do you have experience with this mode tractor if you don't mind me asking. Paul
  7. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    Thanks so much for the diagnosis. I am not sure how you gathered that information based on my pictures. The drawing is fine but my interpretation may be a little off. Is the new cover I need what you refer to as the "ported cover" in your drawing? You have 2 items listed as "ported cover" but I only need one correct? I assume I drain the system before I do this. Any other items I should be looking for? Is there any way to know if the pump is ok or do I learn that after making this correction? Mmi mentions bad orings and springs. Are they on the area marked "valve" in your drawing? Are there kits for that particular repair? Lastly, any suggestions on where's the best place to buy these parts including the fitings auger creek mentioned? All input very much appreciated!
  8. 300 u hydraulics post for real this time

    Glad I posted. Sounds like it is alot more than the pump. So I'm going to have to consult my manuals to really understand the terminology. A few questions for all of you kind enough to respond. 1.What (where) is the valve that I will need to rebuild? 2. The tractor had had an IH loader when I bought it. Is that a problem or the fact that it was plumbed wrong. (See picture) 3. Is the power steering considered an "extra" or aftermarket part. I understand they are not strong but I believed it was standard equipment. Or is the power steering plumbed wrong. 4. How do I go about replacing the loader spool valve and correcting "missing number 18 supply line and missing 21 plug" shown above. 5. Where should I start and of course what do I need to buy? Thanks for the help. Not easy being 50+ rookie! Paul
  9. Here is the complete post I tried to send previously. Sorry for the multiple posts. If you read my previous posts i bought my 300 utility tractor about 6 months ago. Basically runs good. With mediocre mechanical skills and the help of this group (And, yes, Wrenching with Rachel) I've completed several maintenance items including new brakes, temp guage, some electrical. I live about 6 hours from my tractor so I only get to work on it for a limited time. My biggest outstanding issue is hydraulics that work sporadically. I was away between July 4 and labor day and had a tractor mechanic look her over. Sometimes front hydraulics works but back back doesn't and vice versa. Sometimes hyd work hot and not cold and vice versa. Sometimes i move the levers and absolutely nothing happens. Power steering had been fairly consistent. His diagnosis was that I need a new hydraulic pump. He did not use a flow meter. Over labor day I decided to cut grass (60 inch mower) and the rear hydraulics decided to cooperate. I set the initial height and readjusted from time to time. After about an hour I noticed a puddle under my right foot. Hopped off to inspect and noticed the hydraulic lines and levers were very, very hot. I've read hot is ok but these were too hot to hold for more then a second or two. I also noticed fluid seemed to be coming from the upper of the two fittings below the right side of the seat coming from the reservoir. See pics. My question is, is it possible that my problems are not the pump? I've read that the filter or stuck valves our clogs in the lines could be the problem. Is it possible to have air in the lines? I plan to remove the reservoir cover under the seat in the next few weeks and try and clean the filter. Fluid level has been full and is not cloudy even when hot. What else can I do? I'm very happy to dig in and work on it myself but at what point do I need to get an experienced mechanic involved so I don't make matters worse. I include pics of the of the: 1. Fittings under the seat attached to reservoir 2.The fluid puddle on the foot rest 3. The pathway of the hydraulic lines beginning from the reservoir then through the engine to the left front. Note, I removed my front snowplow and tied the hydraulic arms upright. Thanks as always for all thoughts! I'm sure replies will generate more questions.
  10. 300 ut hydraulics

    If you happen to have read my previous posts i bought my 300 utility tractor about 6 months ago. Basically runs good and with less then superior mechanical skills and the help of this group (And, yes, Wrenching with Rachel) I have completed several maintenance items including pto adjustment, new brakes, temp guage, some electrical. I live about 6 hours from my tractor so I only get to work on it for a limited time. My biggest outstanding issue is hydraulics. While I was away between July 4 and labor day, I did have a tractor mechanic look her over primarily because the hydraulics were working sporadically at best. His diagnosis was that I need a new hydraulic pump. symptoms t
  11. Two quick questions

    Thanks auger creek. I'm not much of a mechanic (and zero welding) but with the help of this group I'm making my way thorough severalrepair items. Someone should tell you that when you buy one of these old tractors that welding ability is a necessity!!! I'll have to do a little homework to see if it's less expensive and makes more sense to replace or pay to have it welded. Thanks Paul
  12. Two quick questions

    As always, very helpful advice. Much appreciated. Paul
  13. Two quick questions

    Continuing the labor day week dash to get some tractor work done while convincing my wife my sole purpose for this vacation wasnt to work on the tractor. Brakes done but need adjusting. I will have to figure that out. Trouble starting when hot all gone with new plugs and wires. Finally got the panels of and discovered a few issues with my exhaust. See pics below. Can/ should this be welded? Also installed new temp guage. Old one didnt work and I could see why. Worrying was shot. Installed new one and was pretty uneventful except it just stays buried on cold. (Mowed for about half an hour. ) is there something here I'm missing? As always, all thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Paul
  14. Working through some of the items on the tractor got the first set of brakes installed and other than a wrestling match or two with various bolts all went well. Now doing the right side and had a bit of struggle removing the innermost disc. Unlike the left side, the right side inner plate (sorry, don't know correct terminology)was not smooth and shiny but rusty and pitted. Not horrible but fairly rough. I've got to get this back together quick, I've only got a couple more days of vacation. Pics are after a light wire brushing to remove the loose corrosion. Actuator is a little stiff but seems ok otherwise. Thanks for the advice! Paul
  15. Hydraulic fluid question

    Took the advice. Thanks now on to my next post for a brake issue.