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  1. Thank you Dennis One thing I didn't do was check the flatness of the seal retainer that may be what got me I will be sure to do that this time Also I heard when oiling the felt do not oil the ends of the Felts oil the center and the middle but do not oil the ends where they compress any thoughts on that? I installed the felts dry with a large socket to help roll and press them in they fit really snug. I did not trim any off the ends and then oiled the snot out of them with 30 weight oil Once I split the tractor I will be sure to take pictures so we can all see what the problem really was Anyone have splitting stands they would be willing to let me borrow? I would be more than happy to meet in the middle or work something out.I live close to Harrisburg PA. I usually do this job with a floor jack, jack stands and a 2 ton cherry picker but I think splitting stands would really be nice
  2. So I drained the oil and removed the oil pain. The two plugs that are supposed to be in the mounting plate are both there. One one the carb side of the engine is original felt and not leaking. The one on the mag side is a new rubber plug and this is the side with the leak. Gasket looks ok. Guess im splitting it again. Any other ideas. Thanks all.
  3. http:// Hello all I just finished up a total rebuild on my farmall M. It does have a 450 motor in it. I fired it up and everything went well but it started pouring oil out the space between the oil pan and engine adapter plate Im thinking rear main seal what else coul it be? I did have the 3 bolt cover plate on but then the oil just runs out the hole in the center of the belly. If you look closely you can see the stream of oil running down off the tractor if you follow that stream straight up you see the plate with 4 bolts in it the bolt all the way on the far left is where the oil is pouring out from I know the rear main seal mounting assembly is up in there that's why I'm thinking it's leaking from there. I put the Felts in the holder dry and then soak them in oil I also put a good coating of assembly Lube on that part of the crankshaft before assembly even if I didn't install them correctly I can't imagine they would allow a pencil-sized stream of oil to flow through any help is greatly appreciated