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  1. I worked at an International Paper sawmill/plywood mill for a year back about 15 years ago and ran a plywood press. They of course have tolerances since just like finished boards have a smaller finished dimension after planing the plywood there is a variance and also with the steam presses that bond the wood and cure the glue, if the heat is just a couple degrees off and stays just a few seconds too long there can be a large variance. I realize with high grade oak one would expect it to be exact but the usual allowed tolerance that I can remember for higher grade stuff was 1/32 which I believe is .03 and on run of the mill (no pun intended) B/C or C/D decking 1/16 was standard which I think is 06. I don/t know about the weather in your area but humidity will create alot of swelling or even thinning from low humidity from drying out since when the plywood is final measured at the mill it still hasn't finished drying out and has a high moisture content even after the wood veneers have went thru the dryers.
  2. Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who may be interested, I found a 710 toggle trip 5-16 bottom IH plow(appears complete) and an old 622 cotton picker for sale on GSA auctions. Wish I was smart enough to know how to paste the link. I think the plow is a little over 100$ now. Hope I don't mess someone up on here that may already be bidding on it but I haven't heard anyone mention the government surplus auction site before.
  3. Any news of the cause? I worked in a feed mill in Huron, SD back around 2006-2007, doing some equipment replacement and piping expansion. I was told in the contractor orientation to make sure of surroundings and my work space during hot work, ie. welding, grinding, cutting. If I remember correctly that with the sugar contents of the feed mixture, especially sweet feed additives (molasses) would give off an alcohol based gas somewhat like when making whiskey and that it was highly explosive along with the grain dust. I never forgot the awful smell of that place and in certain areas you could the sweet smell of the grains off gassing & fermenting that had been spilled & piled up around equipment for a while. I hope that after all this is over that the company will rebuild. From the news story I saw it sounded like it was that towns largest employer.
  4. I don't know much about your model tractor since I have an 86 series but if I remember correct from reading older post it sounds like your pump hasn't primed. There is a plug on the outside of pump that can be removed that will help it prime quick. Hopefully someone with experience with this problem will narrow it down for you.
  5. There is a fight now, in New Orleans. A fight for votes. I'm not gonna dump on liberal or conservative, it's all over the news. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. I'm my mind since for better or worse I am a son of Louisiana, this is a vote buying scheme. One just has to research the mayor, his family, his ex-senator sister and others. We would say Louisiana politics as usual, but sure to spread nationwide, eventually.
  6. I thought about Washington when the talk of removing Andrew Jackson being removed from the 20$ since he implemented legislation that led to the Cherokee being forced from the Carolinas in Trail of Tears. Washington was given a the name "Town Destroyer" by the Seneca in the 1750's and decimated the Indian tribes that sided with British during Revolution. A majority of historical figures would fall short in some way of today's "professed media and political standards". I think that judgment on all historical figures should be reserved until an understanding of the times and circumstance they lived in. Just as future generations will not understand the "goings on" of today. Even Abraham Lincoln gave some speeches in the 1850's in Illinois while running for office would shock some people because he made statements about slavery that stand in direct contrast to how his legacy is now presented in most books. I didn't mean to hijack thread when I mentioned the New Orleans monuments, but it's going on now and my son and I took our picture in front of one last year when we went down there and it was the first thing came to mind when I saw the picture Hydro70 posted. Hope it never happens to that obelisk and wish I would have known I could have went up it when I was up there. I spent a year working in a little town called Bedford, Kentucky across the river from Madison, Indiana building a power plant back in 08-09. That area of the country is about the only other place I'd be willing to live outside of where I do now.
  7. Relocating in pieces. The work is happening after midnight and the workers are wearing masks and protective gear. A few local schools and institutions showed interest until ultra-liberal groups and BLM threatened violent protest like has happened in California colleges lately.
  8. I've driven by that before, didn't know I could have went up it. Wonder when they will tear it down in the middle of the night like the 4 monuments in New Orleans to Jefferson Davis, General Beauregard, Gen Robert E. Lee, and the fourth commemorating the battle of Liberty Place. What a shame, all in an attempt to achieve a PC world.
  9. I hope someone here has some tips/advice or stories concerning using the 800 in milo, I am also going to plant milo in the future and I already have a JD 7100 plate planter that needs rebuilt and have thought it would be cheaper to buy a good 800/900 planter to use but I don't know how well an 800/900 would work with milo or of any changes or updates would need to be done to planter.
  10. Thanks for the answer, mine's a '76 so I'll check the valve in mine as well. The ticking in mine is slight and doesn't sound like a bearing but I'll check filters just to be safe. I seen this word intravance mentioned in older post also and you'll have to forgive my ignorance but what exactly is intravance?
  11. Do 1086's have that check valve? Or is that just on 66 series? I hear a slight tick from my tractor but it's hard for me to pinpoint since my hearing isn't the best. I've already adjusted my valves on engine because of ticking in the valve train and that went away. I have good oil pressure on start up and after its warm it runs 40-70 lbs (which I hope is a sign my crank and rod bearings are good). Didn't know if the ticking I have heard was normal engine noises, me just being paranoid or what it was.
  12. Don't know if this may help but I had a tractor of another color with a Koyker front end loader and it had 6 bolt hubs also. The tractor was only 70 hp so it didn't come with 8 bolt hubs. I never tore up the hubs or front end but I did have cracks form on the rim running thru and around the bolt holes. Was told the round bales I was moving for the horses was too much for them and that I needed to go to 8 bolt hubs and rims to hold the weight. I got rid of the horses instead and saved a ton of money on having to get hay and new hubs.
  13. I was wondering why 2 different was may have been used. Or if the one I had may have been off something else. Hopefully someone here knows which one is right or why 2 different ones were used.
  14. Thanks Lorenzo for the info. Any idea whether the all black face tachometer is correct for a '76 1086? Or is the one that is white at the bottom is the right one? When I Google for pictures of one all I get are ones with white background on bottom while the one that I took off is all black background, top and bottom.
  15. OK, Thanks. I'll look them up online. As far as the lens and parts, I was gonna take the lens, knob and trim ring off the new tachometer I had already bought. When I got the tractor it was in horrible shape. My Dad got it from someone who owed him money in attempt to recoup some of his money. After he looked it over it was more of a project than he was interested in so he gave it to me. After I noticed tach wouldn't work I just went ahead and ordered a new tach and cable and of course after it was all said and done it turned out to be the tach drive on injection pump was wallowed out so now I have extra parts. I did notice the original tachometer (or at least it was on tractor when I got it) has a black face and the replacement tachometer has a white face. My 1086 was made AUG 76, does anyone know which tach style is correct? Or how many mechanical tachometer styles or faces were used on the 86 series before they went digital?