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  1. Pulling ripper with 1086

    What are y'all using for proper shear bolts? Mine had grade 5 bolts in it when I bought it and I just left them in.
  2. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I pull a 5 with my 1086, usually remove 2 and go with 3 just to make it a little bit easier on tractor since I don't farm for a living. I do not have the wings on mine yet, just have the regular tips. I have a heavy white clay (called crawfish dirt in local slang) that was bottom plowed for 50 years, then laid fallow for last 30 years. Water would stand for weeks during winter until I ripped it. Plow pan is horrible on my place, but noticed a big difference after giving it one pass. After I get through making one pass on the whole place I'll get the winged tips and go at it perpendicular to the first pass. Don't know if it would work everywhere or for everyone's needs but it definitely helped the ground to absorb the water instead of running off or just pooling up in low spots.
  3. Nor I. Just answering a question
  4. 1086 open station

    Aha, thats what I remember, the picture argument. Wish I had the tractor that was in picture.
  5. In reference to 4th amendment you must be suspected of commiting a crime ( meaning cop must be able to name specific crime you committed). Otherwise cop will try to keep you talking in order for you to say something to give probable cause if nothing in eyesight . Thats the reason 5th amendment (right to remain silent) is so important. Like a cop who pulls you over and asks "Do you know why I pulled you over?" If you say "I was going a little too fast" or "I forgot to use my turn signal?" It will be used as an admission of guilt. When asked by officer "Where are you heading?" Is a ruse to get you to start talking. Your only obligated to show ID, registration and insurance. Never answer questions. It doesnt matter where you are going, what time of day it is or what color your underwear is. What you say can and WILL be used against you in a court of law. Exercise your rights. He may say why aren't you cooperating? What he means is "Why are you exercising your constitutional rights and not talking and answering my leading questions?" They are trained to issue tickets (revenue) and interrogation techniques to make their charges stick. That's it. That's why you have the right to request an attorney, even for a traffic stop. Always remain silent. Admission is a dead give away.
  6. New child

    Congratulations!!! The best part of your life has begun.
  7. Prayers for Las Vegas

    He may have gotten prescription in June but he started buying the bulk of his guns starting a year ago(so says news outlet). All of this is speculation but even if the prescription drugs had a role it will be drowned out by the "evil gun" crowd. I'm staunchly pro-gun, just ordered my 3rd bumpstock this morning and need a second gun safe, but do to the magnitude of this tragedy I believe it may tip the vote of some legislators who have been "on the fence" on tighter gun control. Won't stop it from happening again since there are more guns than people in the country, but it will give some people something to rally behind. Hate that it's already being politicized.
  8. 1086 open station

    I agree. For the amount of work that was done to the tractor I would think a person could put another cab on the tractor, assuming the original one was damaged.
  9. Prayers for Las Vegas

    Your right. I went back and looked at some more pictures and it was a bumpstock on two guns I saw laying on the floor
  10. Prayers for Las Vegas

    I was kinda thinking that when the firing rate changed during a burst but couldn't tell in the picture I saw.
  11. 1086 open station

    Isn't that the guy who came on here a long time ago pitching a fit about someone questioning the quality/truthfulness of equipment he was selling? I feel that price is testing "a sucker born every minute" theory also.
  12. Prayers for Las Vegas

    After seeing pictures of inside room seeing some guns having bipods I wonder if he was shooting two guns in a spray n pray. Also with the shape of the building and what appears him knocking out 2 windows on opposite of building to shoot from I wonder if it is possible to hear 2 different echos from the same shot. The Mandalay does have a unique design. & I did notice the .308 from the .223. You can hear the cyclic rate of the guns changing during a long burst which is odd. In a normal full auto gun that wouldn't happen. I wonder what the modification was.
  13. Chainbox challenge - tractor game

    That's pretty neat. Never heard of that before, but looks like a good way to give your left leg a workout.
  14. Prayers for Las Vegas

    The stocks I mentioned are legal because no modification to the firing mechanism usually meaning the trigger sear is being modified. You can get a similar effect as the stocks by just doing something as simple as tying rubber bands to a trigger pulling it forward so the trigger resets faster between shots.
  15. Prayers for Las Vegas

    yes it does unless a person has a class 3 ffl manufacturer license which isnt the easiest to get, which entails having a actual legitimate business with license at a different location than your home and if you choose to shutdown or close the business all class 3 weapons that weren't bought under a C&R title (curio & relics-antique machine guns) must be proven to be sold or destroyed with pictures and documentation. Makes it where a person can't get a license just to build a private arsenal then surrender the license and keep the guns. The gun laws are already pretty stiff, it's just you can't legislate crazy out of existence. For example, England has done away with guns and now they are getting hit with homemade bombs and vehicle attacks.