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  1. Anybody looking for a 'hobby' farm????

    Didn't Machinery Pete do an episode of a big auction there here in the last year or two? Seemed like there was a bunch of 18 wheelers and older Steigers being sold. Idk, just seemed familiar.
  2. Deer strike back

    Would you not be able to shoot them? Even though it may be out of season since it is crop damage? Heard some states have laws thst would allow you to kill nuisance animals in cases of livelihood , unless it was a protected animal. Kinda like being able to kill wolves and coyotes that are killing calves.
  3. Ripper tips

    I'm only about 10 miles from the Mississippi so there is alot of clay around especially in higher spots and the low laying land has black gumbo soil. I just was curious if the winged tips were the best for clay or if there was some other choice that would work better in clay. And yes, ripping every so often is common here. My land was farmed til late 80s and it has been fallow since then and during the winter there are some spots that water will stand for quite a while
  4. Ripper tips

    Sorry but can admin delete all but one of my post. I don't know what I did wrong there, sorry.
  5. Ripper tips

    I'm needing new tips/points on my ripper. It's a 5 shank of unknown origin but I have a heavy white clay (called crawfish dirt down here) with a hard plow pan about 8-14 inches down. Wondering people's opinion on best ripper points or tips, I was gonna get the winged tips but I don't know if they are the best for my situation or if there is better. Looking for experienced input, hopefully. Thanks in advance. Jonathan
  6. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    I had my Class A's for about 10 years ( wished I hadn't let them expire) and I'm sure there are folks on here that are much better versed in DOT inspections and regulations, but when I got mine in '01 part of the pre-trip inspection, which was over 100 points, was something as minor or trivial as the door weatherstripping. My instructor, a cattle hauler with 40+ yrs experience said that something that small could result in a ticket. Idk, but I'm sure there was enough infractions there to result massive fines. I like his motivation, took some cajones to pull that. Don't think I would have gotten behind the wheel on that one but some definite ingenuity.
  7. Power shifting

    I too bad NOT more info on it ob my generation. Excellent job
  8. I'm just gonna take a wild guess here that maybe it's not just the fact of dismantling or "knocking in the head" 2 tractors but it's the reason as well and the reason is to create something that never existed, lie and say it did, all to commit fraud in an attempt to willingly and knowingly deceive someone out of a large sum of money. Idk can't speak for him but maybe he would look at it more favorably if it was to restore one or keep one running rather than "Hey, I'm a crooked tractor jockey, the kind that give the honest ones a bad name, and I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to take the money out of your pocket so I can put it in mine" mentality. But if it's alright with you I think I just may build those other 8 of the fabled "nein". Sounds like good retirement money.
  9. Your probably right but greed sometimes make people do stupid things. Wouldn't be surprised if someone has let them know about this thread like when Brunsvold got on here espousing his honesty and integrity after being called out for some of his business practices that has since caught up with him. Still might do it though, you know what they say about idle hands.
  10. I was actually thinking about working the angle of "I just happened to have one in the shed that granddad used and I had no idea how valuable it was and nearly hauled it off for scrap . I was wondering if they could tell me a little about it since it was worth so much money. Just see how I far I can lead a mule without a rope.
  11. Lol. They must be GREAT. I'm tempted to send them an e-mail tomorrow and say I also have 1 of those 9 also and would be willing to part with it for the deal of a lifetime of 70,000$. Which is a steal since they could still double their money. Just curious if I would even get a reply.
  12. Home made muffler eliminator

    That is exactly the type of formulas and making templates it has in it. Unless a person has been a pipefitter/fabricator one would be amazed how much geometry and trigonometry goes into to it. I guess to put it simply there is nothing a person could do in fabricating pipe that isn't covered in that book. There's also a lot of other useful information in it.
  13. My specific issue isn't that two tractors were frankensteined together or whether it was just parts or if they put a jet engine on back. For me it's just strickly the blatant lie for profit about the model that was never made and it being one of nine..... wait a minute, maybe these guys did make 8 more and it is 1 of 9. Hey that's over a million bucks for 15000$ worth of tractors. Gives me a new business idea, maybe I can call them up and sell them sold gold painted... um, er, I mean gold bars. Sounds like a plan.
  14. The wasting off 2 good tractors is their business, intentionally defauding someone isn't. It it is someone's business to call them out. Not many people are so well versed in IH tractor production models to know it's a fraud. Unless that is you'd be okay with buying a tractor with 3500 hours and someone else knows that it is actually 8000 hrs and they just changed the hourmeter/tach out with another tractor they owned but you weren't told about. After all it's their tractors and they can swap parts and intentionally misrepresent the tractor for financial gain, Right? It's fraud reguardless how they achieved it. It would be different if they were just showing the tractor but lying about it to turn a huge profit would be illegal as rolling back an hourmeter/odometer. Or swapping a VIN on a camaro to turn a 6 cylinder to a SS/RS model for more money at the sale. It's despicable and illegal.