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  1. At least its still running and being used, even if its not in the way most would prefer.
  2. That looks about as handy as a pocket on a shirt.
  3. I failed to mention the battery was also new. 1050 CCA if I remember correctly. I'll double check with digital voltmeter.
  4. I sent it off to All State Ag
  5. I had replaced the alternator on my 1086 along with the front wiring harness and had my gauge cluster rebuilt as well when I was fixing up my 1086. When I had it all back together the voltmeter gauge reads 12 volts when I turn key on with tractor not running, but after I crank it up the voltmeter gauge shows 15 volts. I am wondering if this is or will be a problem or burn something up? I bought alternator from All State Ag and I've had good luck with parts from them in the past but I'm wondering if I have a problem somewhere because I haven't seen this before on any other car, tractor etc. I don't want to burn anything up but I'm lost at this point as to whether this is a problem, or what to do about it or I should do nothing at all. Hoping some of yall have seen this before and be able to tell me if I have a problem or not. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Bad thing is now I'm almost scared to use it for fear of scratching it up.
  7. Hey red tractor fever I know a guy here locally you may be able to help you. It was the guy I mentioned in previous post who has a small tractor salvage yard (200-300 tractors) close to me. He's a millwright by trade and started the IH salvage on the side til it grew larger than he intended I think. He doesn't actively manage it anymore but still sells a few parts when he's not gone working on turbines in power plants. He's a super good guy and very knowledgeable and has always been helpful to me and anyone else who stopped by. If you like PM me and I'll give you his number and info. Idk if he has any 826's out there but if there's any within 50 miles of here he'd be the one I'd ask.
  8. Thanks, the 318-282-xxxx is in my area. The 282 is a prefix for a town 25 miles from here. I asked because I thought you may have gotten ahold of a local guy who has an IH salvage yard and very knowledgeable about IH in general
  9. I have some newer Firestone Rice & Canes to put on it already. That's what seems to be popular around here. Thanks for your comment about paint. This was the first large painting project and it does have some flaws but I did better than I thought I would so I got lucky. The paint is plain CIH 2150. I used no hardener after I read on here about the respiratory risks from fumes but I wished now I had. I sprayed some industrial caustic on tractor and parts I got for the clean up paint prep and it did a great job stripping the grease/oil and dead &a dull paint. Then a wire wheeled most of tractor. Those Michelins you have look good! Are those radials? About how much do those cost new?
  10. Yea from factory, down here even tractors with a TAmhad the handles taken off. I have never seen an IH still have the TA handle around here.
  11. Decided on a whim to see if I can finally figure out picture posting, seems simple now, hope it goes through. This is mine, don't have any before pics and this was before I put on my new lights and finished straightening the ball of wires but it was a basket case when I got it. Took about everything off and apart that a person can except splitting it. Only had to reset valves. Luckily it was still in decent mechanical shape just horrible cosmetic shape and a lot of neglect. It's a 76 with a little over 4000 hours. Hope the pictures go through
  12. I guess what threw me off and maybe others is when you stated a turbo would add efficiency to a diesel but "NEVER" a gas engine. Like I said not trying to start an argument just stating a different belief and view point. I believe a gas with a turbo will burn less gas then one without, even at a full load condition so long as fuel/jetting is matched/tuned by proper boost (waste gate). The turbo can cause it to burn more fuel also since it has a more complete burn with more O2 being supplied without causing a rich situation. All comes down to what's wanted by design. Efficient running or mass horsepower. But either way a more complete burning of fuel will increase HP which translate to efficiency. As far as what Mudfly said about the Ecoboost I'll admit I was skeptical about that setup until my dad bought a new one. It put my new Z71 to shame unloaded and with a 28ft camper and while getting better gas mileage. both were 4 door 4x4. Ford got it right on that setup.
  13. Not to start an argument but I was under the impression that a properly sized and set up turbo system would save gas since there would have a more complete burn of fuel. Sure enough at a stock non-turbo carb setting would be lean after adding one but after carb was properly adjusted it would take less throttle since there would be a more complete combustion. Like I said I may be wrong but that was my previous understanding of a gas turbo situation. My brother had an early 2000's Oldsmobile 4 door ( big car can't remember model) it had a turbo and he got 32 mpg when we were carpooling 80 miles one way to a fab shop. Looked like a boat but it would run like a raped ape.
  14. That's kinda what I was thinking the orifice was needed for, my gauge already has an orifice in the threaded end. I didn't know if it would be a redundant feature to have two orifices. Thanks for everyone's help. Now I know exactly what I need or I can use, I just have to figure what fittings are closest to home.
  15. What would dropping more than 40 lbs be a sign of?