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  1. who all grinds feed still?

    I think mines a135 gehl run it with a 666 ih it's all it wants. Feed 100 calves and 60 - 80 feeder lambs . I've posted pictures before but I'll get new ones.
  2. 1440 Bean head

    20 ft on a 1620 and a 1440 1020 head and a 820 head
  3. 5240 vs Mx 110 vs 2096

    Have a 2096 and 1896 there fine. Big cab the power shift is good for loader work. Heavy front axle on the 2wd and the mfwd one has handled thousands of round bales two at a time. We did split one for power shift work me and dad did it with semi basic tools and a IT book. Must ofdone it good 1500 hours later still fine.
  4. Chopping pics

    The 5488 with the merger or flipper is sweet we don't have them here so I don't know what to call it. Here we would use a wheel rake. Different areas are interesting to me.
  5. 2 generations of combines

    1440 in front 1620 in back the 1440 has more capacity in every way but the 1620 cab is much improved
  6. Mowing

    More pictures hydraulic drive mower with ih heads no shafts or u joints
  7. Mowing

    Cut 40 acres grass today 560 lp on front rowse mower in back
  8. Satan's Tractor....the 666

    Mowed 45 acres of alfalfa with mine yesterday. Rowse hydraulic mower knocked it down in about 5 hours.
  9. Grinding feed

    666 with a 2250 loader and gehl mixer
  10. IH 66 Series Black Stripe Ignorance

    Dumb question but was there a black stripe 666 or any small frame for that matter 544 etc.
  11. Round baler preferences

    I have to admit we run case tractors and the balers are the only green on our farm but our all green neighbors run new holland or vermeer so go figure
  12. Round baler preferences

    I know you put the deere baler last but my experience is we started with a 535 worked real good only problem was hyd twine thought the 566 with electric twine would be a pain my goodness it dont miss a bale hardly this is with 1000 bales a year on each baler. last year got a 567 with net cant believe how much faster that is all we do is put in more rolls of wrap and we brought it with about 20k bales on it