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  1. 560 vs 656

    I agree with the housing sizes smaller than 560 and closer (same) to 460. Power wise closer to 560. I could go ether way. I have a 666 and its at least 2x of dad's 560 real 3pt better steering, seat, hydraulics, PTO, brakes and better to climb up on. I konw a 560 and 656 have same motor cant comment cause i have a 312 in mine. In short get a 656
  2. Swapping an 8.3 Litre to replace a 504 case?

    Yep local case man said the friction faces last its the spring hub that wears. Have a 18 and 2096 with 5.9 Cummins much larger frame rails than 1370. Think 1370 rails are mostly for the steering cylinders. I would take a 504 over a 5.9. But a 8.3 would be better.
  3. 1586 from back in time.

    My father in law still uses a hesston to put up corn stalks. He's got 600 head of cows must work for him.
  4. Your IH dealer......what else did they sell?

    Before me but I know Olsen's in Huron sold farmhand loaders plus every thing else they made and rowse hay equipment. Probably about 20 other short lines too.
  5. ground/chopped hay in feed

    Why not bunks and feed them with buckets? They get tame and you can look at them every day. Probably different in your location
  6. 2594 front axle pivot

    Must be different than a 1370 or 2096 they both came out the front. 2096 was mfd got a shaft for salvage yard for a 2wd new bushings were spendy. 1370 had local machine shop make new bushings and shaft.
  7. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    The oil pan on 1206 is cool.
  8. homemade power steering for an H??

    I saw one similar to Matt's deal it was a power steering box outta 70s Chev pickup pump too. They put the steering column on it too. Real hack job. Had pictures but that was couple phones ago. Ugly as could be they claimed it worked.
  9. winter time

  10. winter time

    Here's my 666 wrapped up for winter. Tarp over the hood and feed sack in the grill. Tank heater works and about 50 percent #1 in it. Has to run every day know for feeding. Putting in fence in this picture.
  11. bolts vs studs

    Honda must have updated my old ATC 250r had studs had to helicoil some to keep head gaskets in it
  12. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    But it was a new deal and best thing ever with the 9600 9400 9500 ( sarcasm) those were very good combines.
  13. who all grinds feed still?

    I said I would get pictures here they are gehl 135 think guy I bought it from said 1978 model
  14. who all grinds feed still?

    I think mines a135 gehl run it with a 666 ih it's all it wants. Feed 100 calves and 60 - 80 feeder lambs . I've posted pictures before but I'll get new ones.
  15. 1440 Bean head

    20 ft on a 1620 and a 1440 1020 head and a 820 head