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  1. Had a 3688 with the closed center pump that like to break the pump shaft. Happened 3 times as I recall once on square baler, silage blower and discbine. So it was nothing special about a 2+2 being prone to that. Had a love hate relationship with that tractor loved driving it but hated working on it.
  2. 826D inj. pump parts availability question.

    Deere used a roosa on their 329-359 engines.... and they were mounted on the left side. I have no knowledge of whether they can be made to work but just throwing the thought out there......
  3. 706D....310 or 282 engine?

    I have a 560 and a 706 both with the 282 and I think the 560 is better on fuel due to the fact that rated pto speed is 1800 on the 560 and 2200 on the 706. Did some round baling with the 706 and was kind of surprised at how much fuel it burned. If not doing pto work I think consumption may be similar.
  4. repowering a 3388 from a 715 combine.

    Why on earth would you want to do something like that? You would be creating an under powered gas hog with no value. Sell your gas engine to a tractor puller and buy one if yours can't be rebuilt
  5. 1066 died in the field

    Sounds like your pump siezed. Get out your wallet.
  6. "Farm Stock" pulling

    Lol farm stock Lol
  7. Best method to attach rear wheel weights

    I recommend threaded rod as well. One little twist is I put them on backwards to avoid having to deal with the square holes and nuts
  8. 756 Gas Died....

    Make sure the vent is open and clear in the gas cap. Simple test if it does it again is to loosen it and see if there's a vacuum there. If yes you found your problem
  9. Never even noticed...

    Its got 560 farmall side emblems on it
  10. 1086 PFC Hydraulic Remote Issue

    Before tearing anything apart try changing the tips on the hoses on the implement. The springs get weak in them
  11. 706 D Overhaul

    Complete oh kit can be had including gaskets can be had for around 1k. Then plan on another 1k or close to it to have the head reconditioned.
  12. 806 361 engine

    Those engines aren't for amateurs. There's a guy on yesterday's tractors IH board that seems to be a guru on these, he goes by tractor vet. He can be a bit cantankerous but very knowledgeable on 806s I just know that they have very tight tolerances that MUSTbe adrered to if you want it to stay together. No cutting corners on them
  13. 560 repower with D 310

    think 686 had the 312 not 310. We had a 656 hydro with 310 back in the day.
  14. question on the 282 706 diesel

    One big flaw that was never addressed: they only had 14 1/2" head bolts. No where near enough. That's what caused all of the warping and head gasket failure.