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  1. I recommend threaded rod as well. One little twist is I put them on backwards to avoid having to deal with the square holes and nuts
  2. Make sure the vent is open and clear in the gas cap. Simple test if it does it again is to loosen it and see if there's a vacuum there. If yes you found your problem
  3. Its got 560 farmall side emblems on it
  4. Before tearing anything apart try changing the tips on the hoses on the implement. The springs get weak in them
  5. Complete oh kit can be had including gaskets can be had for around 1k. Then plan on another 1k or close to it to have the head reconditioned.
  6. Those engines aren't for amateurs. There's a guy on yesterday's tractors IH board that seems to be a guru on these, he goes by tractor vet. He can be a bit cantankerous but very knowledgeable on 806s I just know that they have very tight tolerances that MUSTbe adrered to if you want it to stay together. No cutting corners on them
  7. think 686 had the 312 not 310. We had a 656 hydro with 310 back in the day.
  8. One big flaw that was never addressed: they only had 14 1/2" head bolts. No where near enough. That's what caused all of the warping and head gasket failure.
  9. I've been told the 706 heads have bigger valves. Ink pumps are different from 560. Think the injection pumps are still readily serviced.
  10. The roll pins and linkage can be accessed by simply removing a tin beneath the front of the seat. I would start there excessive play in a lever is a sure sign of roll pin working out. Only lasting cure is to drill it out and use a larger pin. You can put a wire through the old one to keep it in place as a easy temporary fix though.
  11. I've had the roll pins in the linkage on the front of the hydraulic valve get loose and fall halfway out causing it to act that way.....
  12. How cold is it?? Sounds like you have ice forming in the bottom of your rear end. Oil milky? Not advisable to force it to move. I once saw an m that wouldn't move when cold and guy was determined. Long story short he finally gets it to move but the bottom of the rear end and all gear oil was soon on the ground. Get that tractor inside and put a salamander heater on it for awhile. Drain oil and replace filter
  13. Oring between pump and frame could be blown
  14. I have a setup off a 358 came from a burnt 1420 combine