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  1. Forum rules

    Amish special!
  2. I feel lazy at times

    Got the same problem, seems like there is less time than ever. Fortunately my boss has been very understanding. As long as I give him some sort of heads up, he lets me take off to get planting, harvesting, or whatever is going at the time. Although, that didn't pan out tonite. Would have liked to be off at four, didn't get home till eight. So lazy nite works for me!
  3. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    The sealed silo is a Cropstore. Sorry for the mistake.
  4. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Running around 11%-12%. Yielding in the mid 50's, which is pleasantly surprising. Got neighbors that were saying they're around the mid 40's. Also got beans that were replanted that still at 15%, will need to wait a few days for them.
  5. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    You can see, I have robbed pipe of the blue for the other two!
  6. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    The sealed silo is a harvestor. Almost all of them around here are no longer used or were converted to a regular top unload. Too many problems with the bottom unloader. Our has not been used for ten years (unloader was bad an the track was shot). Not sure what brand the staves are anymore, but they are common around here. Guess the salesmen never made to your area!
  7. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    Finished filling the shorter silo tonite. While I was up there topping it off, thought I would count the silos I could see from that side. Counted 25, that does not include the two In the lower left hand corner of this pic. Now on the other side, I know I should be able to count at least that many. By the way, 90% of them are still in use.
  8. 7288 smokestack

    Yes, double walled. Otherwise they tarnish to quick. I will see what I can do for some video, it might be awhile yet.
  9. Nice low houred CIH MX270

    Is this for sale? PM me details if so. Could possibly be interested.
  10. 7288 smokestack

    New Weston, just up the road from Eldora Speedway
  11. 7288 smokestack

    Before, and finally after. Took a while, but got my new stack!
  12. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    We use a 16x70 stave silo for corn silage, we filled the day after Labor Day. We also use a 20x60 stave silo for high moisture ear corn, we are going to start to fill tomorrow. Being just me and dad, these work great for us. Downside is dad can't climb any more(not that I expect him to) and I ain't getting any younger! Thought about switching to bags, but everywhere I see them, there is a pile of plastic, or ruts knee deep when it gets wet out. I don't run enough cattle each year to justify putting down a proper pad for bags, as long as the silos hold together, they will work fine for me.
  13. What is a FARMER?

    Very true
  14. Red 4WD Tractors, Book

    Mine showed up two days ago. Haven't had a chance to open the box and take a look yet!