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  1. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    DWV, that'd deffinately on the radar to check out. How similar were ur symptoms? Did you get any scaring on the bore?
  2. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Hey guys so I was able to tow the tractor home and have been starting to tear into it it little by little. I got the pan off and the suspected cylinders rod bearing pulled. It didn't look bad. It did have some copper starting to come through on the top side that received the force of a firing cylinder. A couple very small marks from minor contamination but nothing that stuck out. Ran my finger nail on the crank and it was smooth just very fine even machining marks. All the rods were tight side to side and minimal play forwards to back but all even. The crank endplay was roughly close to 10 thousands, it specs max 8 I believe so probably a little wore but nothing crazy. I ran even piston to the top and checked out the sleeves all visually looked pretty good. Nothing that caught my finger nail. I'm going to do a compression test on the gas side and see if the trouble cylinder reveals anything different. After that I'm guessing a fuel knock? I would think a broken ring would have starting scoring the sleeve by now but not sure. Maybe a collapsed piston skirt?
  3. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    I finaly had some more time to try and diagnose the problem. I got the valve cover off and was ready to watch/listen to the valves while idling but the carb was not cooperating, and due to rain on the way I put the cover back on and then cleaned up the carb and got it running, but of course didn't have time to pull the cover off again. All the pushrods did turn without binding and no obvious issues up there although I'll run the valve lash yet again. The interesting thing I found was the noise seems like it's coming from inline with the pushrod galley going down and also possibly coming through the valve cover. Also you can only really hear it on the side of the engine the pushrods are on, when you walk to the other side it sounds like it's purrring away! I'm wondering if the piston noise is resonating up into the valve cover pushrod area or if that's my actual issue. I also held my hand over the intake and didn't feel and blow back through the intake so don't think that it's a bad valve issue. Regardless I will probably pull the pan soon just to rule out a bearing issue below and ill post back.
  4. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Yes deffinately wondering about wrist pin/bushing, hadnt thought of cracked piston, but I've never experienced that. It's most clear when you Rev it up and then dump the throttle to idle and on the way down it's pretty clear, whether it be from less other engine noise or maybe it is actually louder. Which isn't that generally indicative of a wrist pin issue? I'm guessing whatever is wrong is probably due to the injection leak I believe I'm having from the pump, and have had for who knows how long. rjpoint I know you said you haven't solved it yet but did you ever have a chance to give cleaning the pump a try? If so how bad was it to do on the tractor? My machine is about 16 miles from my home (on a gravel pad at least) but not easily moved so whatever I have to do I'll probably have to do there. Thanks for the continued help from you guys!
  5. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    One more thing I thought of. A while back remeber seeing a post of a 450D that had missing and knocking. Part his diagnosis when checking injectors was the engine would die. This is a similar symptom to mine. If I crack the bleed line or injector tube very much it will kill the motor within a minute or so. His problem was thought to be injection pump. However his odd knock would come and go. I'll try to find and post the link. Thanks for the help I'm getting, very much appreciated!
  6. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    I did do the screwdriver test, I couldnt hear much in the oil pan or towards bottom of the engine. It seems to be pinpointed in about a 1.5 " tall area from where the head meets the block and down. I haven't tried the exhuast or intake manifold yet, I had plans to do more diagnosing this evening starting with checking the valves again but I had hay to pickup and then of course since I have just bailed, it was pouring rain. I also thought of a valve spring being bad but I would think it would be just as loud on the gas side as the diesel. Instead it quiets down quite a bit on gas.
  7. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Yes this little bugger is deffinately being difficult. There is blow by coming out the breather not puffing but steady, although it has been like this for quite some time, and I have blamed it on old rings. I did pull the filter housing drain plug right after running it. nothing that jumped out at me. Maybe a little spec or two of something, but I would figure it would be pretty obvious? Would a scored cylinder or broken ring cause that noise?
  8. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    So i did some more looking tonight, after using it about 4 hours for raking hay, I again pinpointed the noise to #3 and it seems to be towards the top of the cylinder almost where it meets the head. Nothing heard in the pan. I tried the suggestion of pulling the injector line off and watching for blow back. I didn't get any on the gas or diesel cycle. I havent swapped injectors yet, ran short on time. It seems to significantly reduce while on the gas cycle. Oil pressure has stayed good. Would it be possible for simply worn rod or main bearings that have not slipped to create this knock or tapping? Like I mentioned earlier i always thought rod bearings were heard lower. It's best heard when reved up and then the throttle is killed to idle, and when the engine coasts down to an idle. Not sure if it's necessarily louder then maybe just less other engine noise then. Thanks again!
  9. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Thanks all for the responses! Yes I do know not to actually use yourself for a test, but for lack of better ideas at the moment that was an example. Something I forgot to mention was I added some diesel injector cleaner after it started this issue and about 5 min after running it I had several seconds of a sever ping/ knock but it went away before I could turn around and shut it down and went back to the same tapping it was doing before. Im really hoping an injector vs something major. I thought of maybe a bent pushrod, wrist pin, or bad or sticky valve also. I would assume a rod bearing would be a lower end noise and the machiene wouldnt last this long running as well as showing some kind of oil pressure issues. Would a leaking injector still cause the taping noise when running on the gas side or should it shut of when switched over to gas? Thanks again!
  10. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    That's a really good thought. I know it sounds simple, but the more I think about it how exactly do you check the line for compression, put a finger over it or just crack the line and look for air bubbles coming out? Or Is it pretty obvious? Thanks!
  11. Hey all looking for some suggestions on engine noise. My 450D is making a tapping noise some where near the top of the cylinder on #3. It's not teribly loud, in fact almost un noticable at a low idle but as soon as you idle up you can hear it and it stays about the same from there all the way to WOT, just obviously increasing with speed. It doesn't get run very hard, just sickle bar and a hay rake. I also had what I think was a short spell of injector sticking on that cylinder that seemed to have cleared up with some fuel treatment. It does it on gas and diesel side. I tried cracking that injector and it seems to quiet down, but it runs pretty rough on 3 cyl, so it's hard to tell. I havent pulled plug wire while running on gas side yet, just thought of that. You can't hardly hear it from the injection pump side, but when you go to the other side with what I believe is the lifter covers, you can hear it on that side. I did valve lash over the winter and rechecked several times before I put it together. It has had it for probably the last 10 to 15 hours run time at least, sometimes it seems to fade away but it could be being covered by other noise. I figure if it's a rod bearing it would be knocking pretty good and would be lower. Good oil pressure and its not over heating, just an annoying and worry full tapping, clacking, ticking ish noise. This is the primary hay tractor so I have still been using it just keeping low rpm and close eye on it. It does seem to run rough on gas side unless some choke is given which is new, but I figured that was due to some old gas and seafoam I put in to clean the carb(after the tick developed). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  12. Farmall 806D draft control leak

    Thanks for the response, what is it that is attached to the pto unit that I remove the whole unit for? Is it possible to pull the top link plate of and access the draft control link through there? Thanks again!
  13. Hey guys sprung a leak on my 806 where the 3 point arm attaches to the rear housing. Im fairly certain it would be the draft control bar leaking and have a couple questions before i tear into it. It's leaking on the left side as you sit on the tractor, fairly good drip every 2 to 3 seconds, noticed it after I've been using it with a small Cat I ditcher and a 5 row creaser in relatively soft disced and planed soil. I have heard of the torsion bar in there breaking, is this fairly obvious to detect or do you need to remove the whole unit to identify? It appears you can repair the left side o ring without complete removal, is it worth doing both or just fix one side as it leaks, am I going to ruin the new left side seal if I have to do the right side in 6 months? Also, do you need to replace the bushing in there or are you pretty safe re using the old ones? How hard is the pto unit removal if I do decide to do both? Thanks for the help as always, Sean
  14. 806 Diesel

    Thanks guys for all the responses!!! Is there any trouble putting in a new set of bearings without having anything ground down, keeping in mind it just a feel good until I can have gone through much more thorough?
  15. 806 Diesel

    Hello all, still pretty new to the forums but I'm looking for some insight on a 806. Last fall i picked up an earlier model 806 diesel, ill get the serial number since i know some of you are keeping track, that had been sitting beside the neighbors barn for 5 to 7 years not being used. Not sure on the history before, but for the last 15 years or so it saw primarily haying use, not much hard labor. I paid 3k for it, a disk, and some various other implements. A few questions for you all... #1 Prolly the easiest, it has a small headgasket seep on the back passenger side, seeps worse when cold, when warm it tends to almost if not completely dry up. Should I pull off the head to do a gasket or should I first try just backing off the head bolts a turn or so and re tourqing in the specified sequence? Any trouble caused by trying that approach? #2 It seems like there is noise somewhere between a tick and a light knock that seems to be coming from the upper middle part of the block towards the rear but i can't seem to pinpoint. I have tried to track it down but It's not terribly loud. The more you listen the more your mind plays tricks on you and it either disappears or moves around. If I had to pick I would say that it's more noticeable when cold, but sometimes you hear it sometimes you don't. I know diesel motors are just inherently noisy. I may be crazy and just hearing things, even my cummins scares me every now and then, when I listen hard enough I sometimes think I hear a knock. It almost sounds like a valve lash tick sometimes and i plan on running the overhead on it when i can, but any ideas or common problems? Doesn't seem to miss and I traced injector lines to make sure they arnt touching anything the best I could without pulling to much tin. #3 I know these motors have a reputation for bottom end bearings. This thing is far from new and I'm sure the motor is at least a little bit tired, it has what I would call a little blow by, meaning the vent tube has a small/medium amount of air and little bit of smoke coming out while running. Eventually I plan to do a very thorough complete overhuall, but would there be any issue or would it be worth pulling the pan to get eyes on the bottom end, and while I'm in there do rod and main bearings for prevention sake? What about rings? I know it's only prolonging the inevitable but it will only see maybe 200 hours of use a summer if that (approximately 20 -30 acres of hay, 3 cuts a year) giving me time to save for the real deal. So the small cost to get by for a while and preventing damage I think may be worth it. It doesn't really burn much if any oil, however exhuast isn't 100 percent clear.. a tad bit hazy, but i figure just from sitting and age alone the rings have prolly lost some form and it may freshen the motor up a bit for the time being. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance