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  1. D281 sleeves

    Hello all, Looking for some info on 450d vs 400d sleeves. In looking to rebuild my 450D I have come across a much better deal on a set of 400 diesel sleeves & pistons. I always thought the parent bore on the 400 and 450 was the same but I noticed on bates website that they have a 4" I'd sleeve that is listed only for the older 8280 block casting number. Mine of course is the newer 347R5 number. Would the 400 sleeves work out? It equates over 500 bones cheaper, and for the minimal hp difference im ok with the smaller bore. Thanks in advance!
  2. Farmall 400 Diesel Problems

    Did you ever figure out your problem? How did this project end up?
  3. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Thanks guys for the info I'll let you know what I start to find. Mcc if you dont mind me asking what was roughly your cost from LA sleeve? I took out #4 piston which was the second worst, top ring was the only ring that showed much wear, the piston itself miced very close to allowable, only the top was .0015 to .0025 out of spec (I caint quite remeber this morning) using the minimum allowable bore size, and the bore showed almost no ridge, really couldn't even feel it with the fingernail. Too bad it's cracked.
  4. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    George, that makes sense. I NEVER use either (or i guess its "starting fluid" now) unless it's a tired motor that's being rebuilt and HAS to start and even then I use the trick of a VERY small snort in a rag then the rag over the air filter. However i would not be surprised if in the last 65 years someone did use it. Especially like you said it being gas start. I cringe watching some of those yahoos spraying away. Does it injur the block at all or do they survive? I'm worried about mine, but don't have the sleeves out yet. It's odd how they all cracked in relatively similar areas, makes sense with your explination. The coolant galleys did appear clear when I pulled the head.
  5. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Thanks mcc that does help. Just curious, i want to keep the original engine in it but does anyone know would a 560 d282 bolt up if i used 560 frame rails? I would assume so, maybe the 560 bolster would be needed too?
  6. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Thanks mcc. Any thoughts on why all four sleeves would crack? 2 very similar started vertical and about 2 Inc from top went horizontal and 2 of them have similar triangular cracks. Also, the "pock marks" so to speak, is that from coolant leak or injector leak? It looked like a possible bad head gasket on that cylinder but the gasket was so bad it was hard to tell. You can see the pocking and corrosion on the top of the sleeve as well as the excessive ridge in the bore/ loose piston. All the other sleeves have a minimal ridge in comparison maybe .006 ish. The head had a small crack between intake and exhuast in 3 and 4 as well as the bad pocking in number 3 area. Ill try to put up some more photos, I attached one.
  7. Gas start motors

    I may be interested in some parts , what motor is it you have and is anything still good in it?
  8. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Thanks mcc, how long ago was it you bought from them and roughly what we're you able to pick up from them? Thanks!
  9. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Hey all its taken a while to get back to working on this. Before I pulled the head I did a compresson check and 3 cylinders were all the same, the suspect cylinder #3 was 30 psi lower. When I got the head off i found a completely different story from checking through the pan. All 4 sleeves were cracked half way down at least, several had multiple cracks. The suspect cylinder had significant piston play in the bore , the rest were fairly tight. #3 had fairly significant erosion or pocking to the head and piston I believe it looks like from burning coolant although no coolant was in the oil and it never smelled like it burnt coolant, and what best described as melting marks in the sleeve #4 piston had the same but half as bad, and only cracked sleeve. #2 was no shinning star, although besides the cracked sleeve the piston appear fairly good. # 1 had what looks like wear through from a broken ring and a crack in the sleeve but the piston otherwise looks like new. Wow, and it was running, fairly good besides the light piston slap i coukd hear. What to do now, try to find a good used motor or rebuild. I know the rebuild cost will make me scream..there's no reason parts for these machines should be so outrageous. Does anyone have any leads on parts and or used motors?
  10. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    DWV, that'd deffinately on the radar to check out. How similar were ur symptoms? Did you get any scaring on the bore?
  11. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Hey guys so I was able to tow the tractor home and have been starting to tear into it it little by little. I got the pan off and the suspected cylinders rod bearing pulled. It didn't look bad. It did have some copper starting to come through on the top side that received the force of a firing cylinder. A couple very small marks from minor contamination but nothing that stuck out. Ran my finger nail on the crank and it was smooth just very fine even machining marks. All the rods were tight side to side and minimal play forwards to back but all even. The crank endplay was roughly close to 10 thousands, it specs max 8 I believe so probably a little wore but nothing crazy. I ran even piston to the top and checked out the sleeves all visually looked pretty good. Nothing that caught my finger nail. I'm going to do a compression test on the gas side and see if the trouble cylinder reveals anything different. After that I'm guessing a fuel knock? I would think a broken ring would have starting scoring the sleeve by now but not sure. Maybe a collapsed piston skirt?
  12. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    I finaly had some more time to try and diagnose the problem. I got the valve cover off and was ready to watch/listen to the valves while idling but the carb was not cooperating, and due to rain on the way I put the cover back on and then cleaned up the carb and got it running, but of course didn't have time to pull the cover off again. All the pushrods did turn without binding and no obvious issues up there although I'll run the valve lash yet again. The interesting thing I found was the noise seems like it's coming from inline with the pushrod galley going down and also possibly coming through the valve cover. Also you can only really hear it on the side of the engine the pushrods are on, when you walk to the other side it sounds like it's purrring away! I'm wondering if the piston noise is resonating up into the valve cover pushrod area or if that's my actual issue. I also held my hand over the intake and didn't feel and blow back through the intake so don't think that it's a bad valve issue. Regardless I will probably pull the pan soon just to rule out a bearing issue below and ill post back.
  13. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Yes deffinately wondering about wrist pin/bushing, hadnt thought of cracked piston, but I've never experienced that. It's most clear when you Rev it up and then dump the throttle to idle and on the way down it's pretty clear, whether it be from less other engine noise or maybe it is actually louder. Which isn't that generally indicative of a wrist pin issue? I'm guessing whatever is wrong is probably due to the injection leak I believe I'm having from the pump, and have had for who knows how long. rjpoint I know you said you haven't solved it yet but did you ever have a chance to give cleaning the pump a try? If so how bad was it to do on the tractor? My machine is about 16 miles from my home (on a gravel pad at least) but not easily moved so whatever I have to do I'll probably have to do there. Thanks for the continued help from you guys!
  14. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    One more thing I thought of. A while back remeber seeing a post of a 450D that had missing and knocking. Part his diagnosis when checking injectors was the engine would die. This is a similar symptom to mine. If I crack the bleed line or injector tube very much it will kill the motor within a minute or so. His problem was thought to be injection pump. However his odd knock would come and go. I'll try to find and post the link. Thanks for the help I'm getting, very much appreciated!
  15. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    I did do the screwdriver test, I couldnt hear much in the oil pan or towards bottom of the engine. It seems to be pinpointed in about a 1.5 " tall area from where the head meets the block and down. I haven't tried the exhuast or intake manifold yet, I had plans to do more diagnosing this evening starting with checking the valves again but I had hay to pickup and then of course since I have just bailed, it was pouring rain. I also thought of a valve spring being bad but I would think it would be just as loud on the gas side as the diesel. Instead it quiets down quite a bit on gas.