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  1. 1586 Pictures

    Nice tractor, really like those as said above. they get the job done. is it okay to ask what u paid? just guessing 6 to 8 ? Never had a problem with gear selction pretty much high 1 throttled back.
  2. IH air cleaner for 826

    Just wondering about the weights on that 806? Not familiar with that style. Neat look
  3. 1456 with detroit

    saw this on the other board. bet she's loud
  4. Feeder chain fun.

    Wouldn’t be a bad job before harvest in a shop. But always seems to happen in the cold when a guys in a hurry. Things are full of chaff and cold fingers, never fun
  5. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    I think 1500 would be fair to both although I would offer a grand if it was me
  6. Truck air valve

    Not sure but will pickup anew one.truck show 120psi but is very possible it’s leaking somewhere?
  7. Truck air valve

    Guess I never looked into a new one. Probably should, couldn’t I swap the trailer brake for this one? Don’t pull a trailer anyways
  8. Truck air valve

    The air brake button won’t stay in. Has always popped out easy but would hold it in and turn and would stay at high pressure. Now even at 120psi it pops out (have to hold it). Has anyone took these apart and fixed them? Thought about wd40 it heavy and trying it. Wanted to put this box on a different truck but not there yet.
  9. Super nice 856

    Sweet tractor
  10. Swathing

    Well it’s a pull type swather. 21ft. We cut grain that has some weeds in it so it ripens in the swath. Can cost a lot to spray and this time of year it takes some spray forever to kill the plant due to cold short days. Back in the 80s and before everything was swathed, now not so much
  11. Super nice 856

    Saw this in bowman, has to one of nicest I’ve seen not in a show. Had about 6700 hrs so have to think it’s been repainted sometime
  12. Swathing

    856 worked really well, has to be one of the best tractors ever built
  13. neat tractor, anybody no whos it is

    Found this on the internet, is that a 9L ? would be fun to drive for a hour anyway. Was kinda of looking for a picture of one with a detroit
  14. Ready to swath

    Thanks guys, will wait