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  1. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    No sir, this was before I got to this area. We took the combine out on wed. 8/2 out of the Glyndon, MN Titan store to run it in some wheat with some of the salesmen and techs. I have some video of us running that i got with my drone that i will upload if i can figure out how to
  2. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    I was in Billings, Montana
  3. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    Well, it looks like the demonstration unit we will using in our demo's around Moorehead, MN will be the Budweiser 8240!
  4. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    Last day in Montana. Had to change out a hard thresh module that belongs to corporate. Headed to Fargo, ND in the morning and going to start demo's in Wahpeton, ND on Wednesday. Probably going to spend two weeks there and then head back home to Tennessee for a few weeks.
  5. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    I'm not sure about where in Illinois we will be at as of right now, but I'll keep everyone updated on this thread on the areas we are in.
  6. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

  7. 194x Farmall M puller (NO POWER)

    Just created a thread in the "Coffee Shop" section guys
  8. Case IH Combine Pro Demo Team

    I've had a few requests from members to start a thread about the Combine Pro Demo Team. I have been apart of this Team for the past two years during wheat harvest and this year for corn and beans. To start off, I'll go into how I got started with the company. -When I was attending the University of Tennessee at Martin, I was an avid member of the ASABE 1/4 Scale Tractor Team. In which I became Team Captain and President during my Junior and Senior year. We would design and build a 1/4 scale tractor, from scratch, each year and go to Peoria, Illinois for our competition in June. During competition, my sophomore year, I became friends with a gentleman from Iowa State's team. We began to discuss different components of the tractors and what we had planned after we graduate college. I told him that it would fulfill a life long dream of mine if I ever got a chance to work for Case IH (I'll bleed Farmall red till' the day im dead). Little did I know at the time that he was actually on the Pro Demo Team. The next year rolls around, and I get a call from one of my good friends, former President of the UTM Tractor Team and now a Area Service Rep for NH, early one morning explaining to me that I need to send my resume to the Corporate Harvesting Division of CNHi. ( Side note: After my graduation this past May, CNHi has picked a student for the past 7 years from our tractor team at UT Martin. I was chosen last year and this year.) I get a call from the NAFTA Marketing Manager for the Combine Division explaining to me that he would like to get me onboard within the company and send me out to the Midwestern states to be on a team to demonstrate a brand new 8240 Axial-Flow combine and a 3162 Terra-Flex draper header. Now to actually talk about what the Pro Demo Team really is! - The Pro Demo Team is a group of two to three individuals (Product Specialists) that start off in Vernon, Texas at the Custom Harvester's Kickoff Meeting. During our time in Texas and Oklahoma we would mainly follow Pro Harvest around and go out on calls to different custom cutters in the area that were in need of assistance. Then we would travel to Kansas to pick up our demonstration combine and header. Our demo combine would be built and shipped from the factory in Grand Island straight to the selected dealership in Eastern Kansas. -Starting in Kansas, we would go from dealership to dealership demonstrating the 8240 and 3162 to different farmers in the area that were looking to get into either a larger machine, tired of their older machines, or simply, the most common reason, they were unhappy with their current brand's service in their area. After Kansas we would travel to Colorado and then to Montana. All while living out of a hotel room for three months at a time! The demo combine, for my past two years, has been purchased by a string of dealerships in Montana. So when we finish up in Montana, or reach the 240 engine hour limit, we will head to the Dakota's and start to use dealer inventory units to conduct the demonstrations. (-Going back to roles of the members. My main role is sometimes the dirtiest and most painstaking. When we are at demo's, I go out into the field and "rooster tail" and check losses behing our unit and the customers unit and determine if there were any changes that needed to be made to reduce loss. At the end of the day I would take all of my needed data and put it into an excel spreadsheet and send it to corporate. I would also give the customers a "walk around" of the machine explaining the Axial-Flow rotor, spreading system, and other key points of the unit. The other member of the team would actually be the one to get up in the cab and show the customer the ropes on what button does what and other necessary functions. ) -After wheat is all finished up we will go home for a week or two during August to see our families and the most important thing of all, TO SLEEP IN OUR OWN BEDS FINALLY!! -During harvest last year I did not go back out for corn and beans because of college, so this year will be my first for fall harvest. -During the end of August, first of September we will travel to West Tennessee to begin the process over again. Using dealer inventory units we would go out to customers to demo. After Tennessee we will travel to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin to follow the corn and bean harvest. I will upload some pictures on this thread as well along the journey!
  9. 504 qustions

    That is the exact reason I love mine is because of the shuttle shift! 5 forward and 5 reverse! The story that came with mine is that it had a cotton picker mounted to it ages ago. I worked with an older gentleman last year that worked with IH many many years ago (he was a territory manager, or something like that, in the south), and he told me that the 504's that had shuttle shift were mainly used at cotton pickers. So the story adds up according to him.
  10. 194x Farmall M puller (NO POWER)

    My main concern is the question as of why a kero head was put on a gas tractor. It may have something to do with the M&W kit in the engine or could had been as simple as the original head may had cracked, busted, etc..and they just threw the kero head on it. Who knows!
  11. 504 qustions

    I've owned a 504 gas burner for a good while now, it's mainly a bush hogging tractor in the summer and in the fall I take it to shows and pulls. I run in the 5,000#-6,500# classes and place in the higher end. They do have some pulling power if the track conditions are just right (I always run 1st gear and I've never lugged it down, always spun out). I back the governor bolt out to around 2700-3000 rpm and adjust the main fuel jet screw until it has to be held on with a piece of wire! Also, I have PO'd plenty of Deere boys at shows around home to the point when the tractor games start they won't line up for the slow race when they see me start up. Usually i can get it to idle around 150rpm. No torque amplifier either, it'll just start to lope off the line.
  12. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    I am currently looking at buying a 504 diesel and was wondering what problems, if any, these tractors were known to have? Or if anyone had any advice from their own personal experiences with them. Anyway to get some more ponies out of a D188? It's going to be pulling sled for the rest of it's days while I own it! I currently have a 504 gas burner and haven't had any bad problems with it. Anything is appreciated! Thanks!
  13. 194x Farmall M puller (NO POWER)

    When I was in the pits waiting on deck the intake was making enough frost to scrape up a snowball and it was running like crap! But when the throttle is opened all the way up it runs like a rapped ape, and that is reason I figured it was a power-unit carb. I have a gasoline head for it and a friend that said they have a carb that they'd give me when I get back home from wheat harvest (currently working for Case IH on a demo team). I'll start with the carb and then check the compression to see if the head needs swapped over.
  14. 194x Farmall M puller (NO POWER)

    Doesn't have a turbo.
  15. I bought a M Farmall last year from a local gentleman for a fairly decent price for my area. When I went and looked at it he told me that he had the engine completely gone through and new bearings, etc. put in and an electronic ignition equipped and that it had an M&W overbore kit put in ages ago and it had less than an hour on the engine after the"freshening up". I buy the thing and give it a good tune up myself, new plugs, MSD Blaster coil, MSD plug wires, Autolite plugs, and fresh oil after I ran it for a few hours. The time came for our local tractor pull, so i decided it was ready for its maiden voyage. Hooked to the sled, first gear, and it ran out of power around 115 feet, in the 5,000# class. It does have a kero head on it and the carb appears to be off of a power unit (no adjustment needles at all). My theory is that the kero head is just not creating enough compression and that is where the weak link in the chain is. Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!