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  1. Interesting indeed. I'm gonna have re read later.
  2. Thanks, that is interesting.
  3. It's about good enough to get you into trouble in a non reinforced situation, I've had that happen here before.
  4. Post a few pics
  5. Them coffin nails are around $15.00/pack now...gee
  6. Sweet score on those.
  7. Gee
  8. It's up to you. if it still has 40 psi at hot idle.....i'd suggest leaving the sleeping dog lay. The chinesium spring likely won't do much better.Get a turbler kit and come pull against me.
  9. They're fairly simple compared to the new stuff.
  10. It's a good idea to change the clutch fluid when changing the trans fluid. Mom's '09 Ranger wasn't releasing properly( she rides the clutch a lot), changing fluid twice cured it for now. Dad's '06 Ranger made it 110,000 miles before brake job, a caliper slide seized and ruined the outboard pad. We clean and lube the sliders annually to see how long he can get out of the new pads. He's put around 37,000 mi so far.
  11. Been called worse by better people.....something like that....at least he didn't call you an oktnokt.
  12. Hy capacity is pretty much the go to for reliability. Are you doing it yourself?
  13. I meant that over time a second gasket gets added to the housing
  14. I don't disturb mine unless they leak...sometimes you'll find two in there, seen it a lot lately.
  15. Dad has a Cunningham and son tandem axle, it doesn't weight the drawbar much but pulls hard when overloaded.