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  1. I bought a steinbauer box 10 yrs ago, for a ved12d it did what they claimed it would. Proper programming did a heck of a lot more and that box added to that. A 565 isx couldn't touch that 12L.
  2. I told my bride once to rub toilet paper between her breasts, she questioned what that would acomplish......I told her that it appeared to work on her backside......It got noisy for a while.
  3. Onelonleyfarmer guy likes it, He marked out for probably a half hr over it.
  4. I have one of the last made, bean special.
  5. How much work would it be to fit one on a 656?
  6. He was here with a leaky turbo feed line, I topped that DT off with 15w40 Klondike low ash.
  7. The hotplate's warming up........
  8. You should be able to buy a long snip from a truck wrecker reasonably enough. Labour cost is the big part of that repair as it'll around a week to complete it .
  9. Just get a big block and be done with it and use that sbc for the boat anchor it was designed for.
  10. Shop is kept at 65 year round, house is in the mid 80's when its cold out.....I hate cold weather
  11. My '93 F150 had really touchy brakes for a while, then the booster finally screwed up completely and held the brakes on full...it was an interesting ride home with my feet under the pedal to hold the brakes off.
  12. Vacuum leak, maybe in the booster. Do the brakes seem a bit touchy?
  13. I ordered Klondike 40 wt low ash oil. I almost considered recycling hy-tran/perma-tran though a sock like TCM does.....but I figured the lint from my woolies would ball up the whole mess and i'd have a sick farmall. Every other modo that's not an IH gaspot get's Delo 400. At this rate, i'll have to plant 5 acres of popcorn in the spring to keep up.
  14. I forgot about Hahn"s as well as Babula's sale last Saturday......
  15. Shelf is stocked with Baldwin here, a few Purezone numbers as of late because of price difference.........popcorn's ready.