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  1. Hang the U shape part from the front side of the axle instead of the rear, then weld 2 thick plates to a large clevis and bolt that on for your hitch. I'll try and get a pic later this am.
  2. It used to be taxed on under 60hp in Ontario, not sure if greedy wynne has expanded that to over hp or not....her merry band of pirates have hinted about taking away tax exemption for off road fuel too.
  3. You can think about it, and don't do it....
  4. I agree fully with with the late Mr. Harvey, and I miss his daily that's the rest of the story......he did help shape my outlook on life, as did my father and grandfather , as well as many other of my elders around me...And I thank all of them for sharing their wisdom with me, I need to apply that wisdom properly and pass it on to the next generation to try and keep things going.
  5. I'd be interested I the m500 and f150....
  6. 3116 Autolites, 386 is for a mag ignition. Soak the air cleaner in carb/metal cleaner for 48 hrs and try again.
  7. 30 wt low ash
  8. Dorman products make a repair kit.
  9. Has the bell housing been cut open to access the torque limiter?
  10. No man, just continuity at coil.... also what was the actual fuel psi ?.......needs to be 35+psi.....45psi be like more better.. The mare has sat for a spell, ALL electrical connections will be dirty(coil plug)....something overlooked should be the answer
  11. A set of 3.23 or 3.54 gears should be easy to find. An E4OD might be a difficult to find reasonably, then you need the powertrain module as well and must use '92 or earlier.
  12. Sounds like it'll run on the start circuit but quits on the run circuit. The start circuit ignition source is on the solenoid by the battery. No actual computer on it, just a powertrain module. I'd hook a test light to the coil power wire and see if it stays lit going from start to run....one possibility.
  13. If fuel pressure isn't high enough it won't start either, change the filter. I've had that happen before. You can get another 10psi by unhooking the vacuum line on the regulator if need be.
  14. That darn steiner catalogue is an expensive read...website is worse yet.
  15. Unfortunately this isn't a joke....must be muddy's cousin.