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  1. Glad everything worked for you like it should Chris, sure nice when that happens ! Seems I want to run mine everyday, maybe the novelty will wear off eventually. I tell my wife the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys ! .
  2. Thanks Rawleigh 99. I took the light apart this morning, and the sealed beam is a Wagner 5006, which crosses over to the Sylvania H6024 you referenced above. When I bench tested the light, it comes on in low beam, so I guess the high beam element is pooched. Looks like they are only about $10.00 CAN. Removed my gauge cluster too, going to replace my amperture gauge with one from an old IH combine, as it has some condensation inside the glass. Checked the dash light above the gauges, and it actually works, just need to rewire it a bit.
  3. Agree 100 % with your position on this AK
  4. In our area this is called a "bell and siphon" system, and this is what I have for a discharge on my house septic tank system. If your site is not on a hill like mine, you will need a septic field. For a shop drain you would probably just need it sloped enough to drain into a small field of gravel, unless you were putting a lot of water through the drain. This is a great system if it works for you, totally maintenance free, no moving parts to wear out. Only issue I ever had with mine was the end of the drain freezing where it discharges. I now cover the discharge with some straw in the fall, and it has never stopped flushing when it should in 30+ years.
  5. Have been using the TD9 I acquired last year a fair bit on these short northern winter days, and a couple times have worked until dark. It has 2 lights mounted on the underside front of the canopy, with wiring still in place, so decided to check out the lights. The power supply end of the wire to the lights was not connected, so I ran a live wire to it, and one light came on. Ended up working a couple hours after dark. It not only provided pretty decent light to work in, but also illuminated the dash so I could keep an eye on my gauges. Thinking that the light not working needs a replacement sealed beam, as the wiring seems intact. Will do a few more checks before I try to find a new sealed beam. In it right now are Wagner sealed beams, one is a 2C (the one that works), the other is a 2C1 and appears to be a halogen unit. I can find 12 volt 7" beams online that are marked 2D1. Can anyone tell me the difference between a 2C1 and a 2D1 sealed beam ? Will be wiring the lights back into the light switch in the next day or so. Thanks, Grant
  6. Thanks everyone for you input on this and for sharing your thoughts and experiences ! A lot of good advice to consider. Will keep you posted !
  7. Finally bit the bullet and ordered up a new shop for my place. For years have worked on my equipment outside. Did all my repairing, welding and fabricating in the garage, if what I was working on fit inside, out in front of the garage if it didn't. Any advice out there on what to include in the shop build, or things not to do ? It will be 28' x 36', with 14' walls and a 12' overhead door. ( I didn't want a huge shop, and decided this is the size that will work well for me). Grant
  8. Very nice !! Good luck with your engine removal and repairs. Keep us posted.
  9. I guess I was reading your list wrong magicmikey. I thought serial #501 would have been the last one produced in 1940, rather than the first.
  10. Thanks for sharing this information, much appreciated ! Grant
  11. I would say a 1941 ??, from looking at the list magicmikey has posted on this forum
  12. X2
  13. I think that could be where my issue is. I noticed that wiring harness connection looked a bit compromised awhile back, so I wrapped it tightly with some electrical tape. Going to take it apart when the weather warms up and make sure all the connections in there are good. Thanks again everyone, that what I really like about this forum !
  14. Thx ! Used the TD9 again yesterday to do some brushing at home. It was about -10 F, so had the circulating heater plugged in for a few hours before started it.. Started right up on gas. The truck (Old Blue) is a 1966, I have had it since 1976. I have a post on the truck on the IHC Truck part of this forum.
  15. Could this be it: Switches SWITCH,ELECTRICAL MFG P/N: 501651C92 NSN: 5930-01-205-4727 FSC: 5930 - Switches MFG: Navistar Intl Corp Description: SWITCH,ELECTRICAL