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  1. The "jump" is done without the engine running. With all connections in place, connect the jumper wire from the GEN terminal on the regulator to the BAT terminal on the regulator. You just have to touch the wire, and it should spark when you connect these two terminals.Your generator and regulator should then be polarized. The terminals on the regulator should all be marked, either on the terminal itself or on the regulator cover. The terminals on the generator itself should have a letter or abbreviated words stamped in the metal housing next to the terminal. GEN for generator terminal, and FLD for the field terminal.
  2. It was an option in the TD9's, at least in the 1950's, so I'm guessing it was in the TD6 crawlers as well. Replaced the 3rd forward gear.
  3. Very nice !!
  4. All of my track roller brackets were worn badly on this side too, obviously from the years the rollers were worn out. I got 2 used ones with the used roller, so I had to rebuild the other 6. Ground the track roller brackets down flat, and cut the appropriate sized sections from a 6" pipe, and welded these on.
  5. Thanks Kevin, think I will have to try that ...
  6. Once you determine with certainty what machine you have, I would highly recommend getting an Operators Manual for that unit. They are not very expensive, and there is a lot of information in them that you would want to know and should know.
  7. I was trying that, but no success yet. Will keep soaking for a bit. Might try some ATF/acetone mix for soaking it.. What is behind the retainer washer that the snap ring holds in ? Could I put the roller in the hydraulic press and put a small amount of pressure on the retainer washer ? If the washer can move in at all, that should put a small gap between the washer and the snap ring and maybe free up the snap ring ...
  8. New roller seals, back up gaskets and used roller have arrived. Now to get them installed ... Hoping to rebuild the used roller before I install it. It's not bad, but has some play. Would probably last a long time if I used grease in it, but thought I may as well try to rebuild now rather than have to take it out later and do it. No luck getting the snap ring out of the roller yet to get into the internal components. I'm soaking it with Liquid Wrench penetrating fluid right now hoping it will free up so I can pry it out. Anyone have advice or a special trick for getting these seized snap rings out.? I want to save it if I can ....
  9. Good luck, hope you get it running. A lot of power there !
  10. Have you always ran the 560D with two 12 volt batteries ? They came with two 6 volt batteries, connected in series to provide 12 volts. Is it possible your new 12 volt batteries are connected in series rather than parallel ? If they were, it would be providing 24 volts into a 12 volt system . Just a thought ...
  11. Were you not able to find those parts for your TD6 roller restorations ?
  12. Yes, welcome to the forum. Good luck with your engine, as others have said, there is a lot of information on here already that should help you out. Check out the IH Engine board and the IH Construction Equipment board, you will find more information there...
  13. A water pack with hand pump, we use them for fighting grass fires ...
  14. Nice looking kayak ! You should gain some brownie points with this gift ! Hoping to hit the river soon with mine .....
  15. The seals I have coming have a leather type gasket imbedded in the face that goes up against the roller retainer, by the snap ring. I also have the rubber "back up gaskets" coming that go between the seal and track roller bracket. The seals on your TD6 rollers look like a different style than those I have on my TD9 91...