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  1. Sounds like your Dad and the Road Commissioner had it figured out. Have been working on my fairly long gravel driveway with my old TD9 to re crown it to make sure the water drains off. Some water was starting to lay on it, and the dreaded potholes were forming... Makes me really appreciate the good cat skinners who can level dirt by eye ....
  2. If you eliminate an electrical problem, it could be a float related problem. When it shuts down on you, how long before it will fire or start again ? Sounds like there is enough fuel getting into the carb while sitting to fill it so it will start, but not enough coming in to keep it running once started. The float measurement from the top of the bowl to the top of the float when at it's highest point has to be quite precise according to the manual... If that is adjusted properly, I think you have a fuel restriction somewhere. If the screens are clear, maybe where the float regulates the fuel supply at the carb inlet ?
  3. Just a bit curious to know why you decided to go with an alternator. I know the temptation is to go that route, because you will have less working components and alternators tend to be more reliable and require less maintenance. On such a complete and great restoration as you are doing, I thought you would want to stay with the original charging system.... This is one of those situations where not everyone has the same opinion, and none are wrong..
  4. A lot of work to disassemble these old girls... looks like you have the parts pretty well organized. Do you sell any of these parts, or keep them around for future projects ?
  5. Some great pictures, especially like the TD9 and the Buick. Wish my TD9 could look that good again !
  6. Nice old TD, is it yours ? I've never seen that specific after market pto driven hydraulic system ..
  7. Welcome to the forum !
  8. I'm not sure either on the stem with the hole, but it makes sense it would have to be exposed..
  9. That port you highlight in the first picture is where the fuel jet goes into the carburetor. The carburetor fuel adjustment rod connects to the fuel jet just outside the port. This allows you to put more fuel into the fuel/air mix for cold weather starts. There should be a small flat metal piece on the outside of the carb that rotates when you turn the knob that controls the fuel adjustment rod. It has limited movement, almost one 360 degree turn. The fuel jet stop pin keeps it from going any further in or out.
  10. As a suggestion, you may want to go to and use the IH Construction Board on this forum, you will find a lot of good information there that is specific to the old IH Crawlers. A lot of those who own and operate these old gems kind of "hang out" there ..
  11. Looks like a nice machine, and sounds like it's in pretty decent condition. A good find !! These are fun to operate .. If it wants to turn right even a bit, I would say you may just need to adjust your right side steering clutch linkage. This is a relatively easy adjustment, your manual should cover how to do it, complete with diagrams. If not, we can help !! ( First adjustments would be via the turnbuckles under the seat, as Louie mentioned above. If you still need more adjustment, you can adjust the splined cam where the rod with the turnbuckle attaches to the shaft to goes down through the deck into the actual steering clutch). Louie and others on this forum knows these machines inside out, and are always eager to help out..
  12. I was in 4H beef club during my early teens, was a great experience. I still believe 4H is a great program for young people to develop skills they will use the rest of their life, public speaking being just one of those skills. Last year I was asked to be the ombudsman for the local 4H club achievement day, and readily agreed to do it as a way to pay back what 4H gave me ...
  13. Good buy, nice when it works out like this !
  14. I'm not sure they had a diagram that showed the 2 reverse speeds... My TD9 has 2 reverse speeds, and the diagram shows 3rd gear where the higher reverse speed slot is..
  15. Sounds like an interesting project ! There is a lot of advice and help available on this forum from others who have been down this same road..