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  1. Sounds pretty good, exhaust is nice and clear, that's a good sign that the top end of your engine is in good shape... you even have a windshield, haven't seen many of those on these old crawlers ! Do you have the hydraulic pump and blade or bucket and C frame for the unit ?
  2. Yes, the batteries and grease nipples under the seat are still accessible. You will see in the second photo that I attached it to the hinged metal frame that tips forward.. not sure if that metal frame is original or not but I think maybe it is ..
  3. My apologies to the purists on the site ! Some day I may have the opportunity to put original style seats on the TD9. In the meantime I will be a lot more comfortable running the crawler for 3-4 hours at a time... functionality is important around my place..
  4. Well today I installed a new seat in my TD9. Not even close to the original, but I have no intention of taking this old crawler anywhere to show it. It's for use around the farm, and I have been using it a lot since it came to my place. Just had an old cheap moulded seat that sat it the compartment loose, it worked, but not very comfortable after a couple hours, even with a cushion on it ! The new seat is actually a decent quality office chair that was in good condition and didn't cost me anything. I used the factory threaded 3/8" bolt holes in the bottom of the seat to attach it to the metal seat frame that was on the TD9. Had to do a bit of planning and fabricating to have 4 bolt holes in the right locations, but it worked out. I may have to adjust it a bit, seems like it could be a little too far forward, but want to use it for a bit before I do that, to make sure. Good access to all the levers where it is right now, however thinking it might be a bit too far forward to work the brake pedals comfortably. Will find out when I use it next....
  5. If it is a 1962, and it looks like it sure could be, they have added new signal lights on the front fenders. Pretty sure they were all round lights on the fenders until at least 1967... If that is your new shop in the background, it looks like you have a major project on your hands ..
  6. Glad you got it running, always a good feeling when that switch over to diesel works well !
  7. Not sure if you have weasels in your area, but around here they have been known to kill a lot of chickens if they get in the chicken house. They most often tend to kill several at a time and don't eat them .. As for trapping a skunk, having never done it, but have been told by someone that has trapped several that if your trap is low enough that the skunk can't lift its tail, then it can't spray. Makes sense, but don't hold me to that !!
  8. Something else to check if you haven't already is to make sure there is nothing obstructing the air flow from the air breather inlet right through to the intake manifold... another reason the air gas mixture could be too rich and causing it to flood on you ...
  9. Because it's firing, sounds more like too much gas getting past the carb is the likely problem rather than the plug wires. Could be the float needs adjusting? The setting where the float shuts off the incoming fuel has to be quite precise according to the manual. Could be the choke is out of adjustment, or if you have the fuel adjustment lever on your carb, maybe its not working the way it should ? Just some thoughts, you may have checked all these already.. You could try turning your gas off and see if it starts. The carb should be full, if it starts up then and runs until the carb is out of gas, then you would suspect an issue with the float not shutting off the fuel when the carb is full and allowing too much fuel into the intake manifold and cylinders ...
  10. With these last photos you have posted I can also see now that the rod added to the clutch lever is to allow someone standing at the back of the crawler to run the winch from that position. You would still have to engage, change direction, and brake the winch using the levers on the left side up by the driver, but once engaged, you would be able to control the movement of the winch by engaging and releasing the clutch lever from the back of the unit using this added lever. One obvious danger of doing this would be if the crawler was not in neutral when you engaged the clutch while standing behind it, even more so if it was left in reverse gear !! You would be scrambling to get it disengaged and/or to get to heck out of the way, as you would be in pretty close to the unit to be able to access the added lever. From the photo I can also confirm the inside lever, closest to the operator, is the one that engages the winch and changes the direction.
  11. Nice collection of red power !
  12. Not quite sure with the information provided what your issue might be with the steering clutch lever. Your right side steering clutch could be seized, or your linkage between the lever and steering clutch may need adjusting. There is a fairly heavy duty spring on each steering clutch lever linkage, that is directly under the operator seat, that should cause your lever to go fully forward into the disengaged position once you release it. This spring may need more tension added to it so it will return your lever fully forward. Once you get the machine running you will probably get a much better idea of what is going on with the steering clutch. A seized clutch can break free once you start operating it (if you're lucky !). For the flywheel clutch, sounds like it may need some adjustment using the adjusting ring on the back of the flywheel. This lever should over centre for you and then stay in this position (clutch engaged position), until you push the lever forward. If it is not over centering, and there are no worn parts causing your issue, adjusting the clutch via the adjusting ring should remedy your situation. This is a relatively easy adjustment to make, and is covered in previous posts on this board. When the clutch lever is not over centering you would have to turn the adjusting ring counter clockwise, if you are looking from the back of the flywheel towards the engine. Hope this helps some, Grant
  13. There was an $18,000,000.00 maple syrup heist in Quebec in 2012, interesting story. Considerable coverage on the news...
  14. Pretty impressive fabricating !!
  15. My thought is that if it runs smooth while in gas mode, but not when in diesel mode, your issue will be fuel related on the diesel side, and not issues with internal components that are not fuel related ... diesel fuel line, filters, pump, injectors, governor ?? Grant