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  1. Like to see some pics of your cars. As much as I like my Charger, would have to say the 68/69 Roadrunners are still my favourite. Really like the Super Bees too.
  2. And what are yours new guy, you never told us ? Guessing maybe a Super Bee ?? I have a 1968 Charger I've had since 1969 that I managed to keep, even when people wanted to buy it during some lean times. Should be fully restored by spring, so definitely won't be selling it now. Have always wanted a 1963 or 64 B63 Mack truck. Maybe some day still !!
  3. Wondering how you lined your tank after cleaning it ? Would like to do mine. 

  4. A few mornings ago I was saw chickadees, nuthatches, and a couple different woodpeckers at the bird feeder on the front side deck. A short while later I looked out the window on the backside, and a bull moose had came for a visit. He laid down there for about 2 hours, then got up and started browsing some twigs. I saw him and a cow over the next couple of days in the bush just north of the yard. Looks like they may hang around for a bit. Got some photos of the bull, will post one when I get it resized.
  5. I installed an inline filter on my TD9, between the sediment bowl and carb, as the small gas tank was pretty rusty. The screen was also missing from the carb inlet. Gonzo 1066, interested to know how you lined your tank after you cleaned it ? Have cleaned mine, but would sure like to line it. Grant
  6. What are the major differences between same year 1700 and 1800 Loadstar trucks ? Will most parts be interchangeable if they both have the 345 gas engine and a single rear axle ?
  7. Thx, just might go with the alternator idea, much less complicated for sure
  8. td6

    I will be working on the adjusting rods on the TD9 in days to come, so will be watching closely your progress and the issues you have to contend with. Please keep us posted and any pictures as you get into it would be welcome ! Grant
  9. Thx ! Both are Delco Remy generators with 2 output posts, but have different model numbers. Not sure how many brushes the TD9 one has, can open it up to check.
  10. Couple days ago after working on my TD9 lights I noticed some smoke coming out of the voltage regulator. Took the regulator off, and found one of the resistors on the backside was broken (the filler between the fine wire wrapped around it). Not sure if I did that when I was removing it. I then ended up damaging the other resistor when I was trying to clean it up. I'm sure both of these resistors need to be intact for the VR to work properly ? The VR is a 3 post Prestolite, 12 V, 15 AMP, with negative ground. Could be the original ?? Part # VRS 4202A. (photos attached). So far have been unable to find a replacement online, or with a local parts store. I have a 4 post Delco Remy VR from an IHC 151 combine that I can put on, extra post is for a wire to the light switch. The light switch from the 151 combine has the wire resistor on it. (photo attached) Looking for some help from those much more knowledgeable than me on 12 volt electrical systems as to what I can do here. Questions: - Can I solder in new or still good used resistors of the same capacity onto the back of the old Prestolite VR to replace the damaged ones ? - Will the VR from the IHC 151 combine work, and if so do I have to replace the current light switch with the one from the combine that has a resistor coil on it ? Any and all help appreciated ! Thx, Grant
  11. That is one nice looking truck !!
  12. Glad everything worked for you like it should Chris, sure nice when that happens ! Seems I want to run mine everyday, maybe the novelty will wear off eventually. I tell my wife the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys ! .
  13. Thanks Rawleigh 99. I took the light apart this morning, and the sealed beam is a Wagner 5006, which crosses over to the Sylvania H6024 you referenced above. When I bench tested the light, it comes on in low beam, so I guess the high beam element is pooched. Looks like they are only about $10.00 CAN. Removed my gauge cluster too, going to replace my amperture gauge with one from an old IH combine, as it has some condensation inside the glass. Checked the dash light above the gauges, and it actually works, just need to rewire it a bit.
  14. Agree 100 % with your position on this AK