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  1. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Will be thinking about you Chris, and my wish is for the very best possible outcome for your surgery .. Grant
  2. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    In Alberta we also have Traction and NAPA, and Traction here carry the Donaldson filters ....
  3. 1975 Loadstar stretching its legs this past year

    My '66 1700 with a 345 engine has a fifth wheel, and I use it mostly to haul round bales and my old TD9 crawler. Have hauled cattle in the past. Have a 35' cattle liner, high boy and lowboy, all are old, but functional.. Your Loadstar is much better looking than mine, I could really use a paint job.. I have recently been given an 1800 Loadstar around the same vintage that is still running, but probably needs some engine work .. Grain box has been moved to another truck .. May use it for parts .. Grant
  4. 1975 Loadstar stretching its legs this past year

    Nice truck, really like the look of the Loadstars...
  5. TD 6 compression release lever

    Thanks for correcting that ... I learned something new today too ...
  6. TD 6 compression release lever

    incorrect info on post removed
  7. TD 6 compression release lever

    Sorry mmi, was typing my reply when you responded, didn't realize you had already responded about the engine turning over easier in gas mode .... hank1010, the other thing you need besides fuel and spark is air, so make sure your air intake system is free of any obstructions..
  8. TD 6 compression release lever

    You should notice quite a difference in how easy the engine turns over when you move the decompression lever if it is working properly. It will turn over much easier when the starting valves are open in gasoline mode. If you have an assistant move the decompression lever while you watch the linkage on each side of the engine you will know whether it is moving. There is a shaft that goes right through the engine that connects the linkage on both sides. On the carb side, the linkage is right behind the carb, so not quite as easy to watch, but you should see or feel some linkage movement. There is a rod that is part of the linkage behind the carb that goes up vertically toward the engine head that connects to the starting valve mechanism under the valve cover. This rod is what indirectly opens and closes the starting valves. If this rod is moving, and you think the starting valves may not be opening and closing, you might want to take the valve cover off to make sure the connections under the cover are intact. There is adjustment on some of the linkage components.. You say you have fuel, is that to the carb or have you pulled your spark plugs to see if they are getting fuel on them ? The decompression lever on your TD6 may be different than on my TD9, but it should stay in either position without you having to hold it. Hope this helps some. There are TD6 owners on the forum that will likely chime in and may be more helpful than me.. Good luck, Grant
  9. Life in Alaska

    So glad to hear it went well. Enjoy your time down south ..
  10. 2017 World Series

    Must be other baseball fans out there... Game #5 was something else .. about as exciting as it gets ..
  11. 2017 World Series

    Must be other baseball fans out there... Game #5 was something else .. about as exciting as it gets ..
  12. Injector pump rebuild help

    Td9 starting valves By 1945 IH TD-9, August 17, 2017 ------------------------------------------------------ Check out this thread from August of this year in this same Board.. Deals with stuck starting valves ..
  13. Injector pump rebuild help

    If you think the starting valve on #1 cylinder is not closing, you can check to see if it is stuck by removing the valve cover. There is a cup type piece above each starting valve that gets pushed down onto the starting valve to open it when you are in gas mode. When in diesel mode, the cups should be free from any pressure, and a spring under the cup pushes the starting valve up to close it.. These cups, or moving parts under them, can be stuck, and even though there is nothing pushing or holding them down, they don't move back up under the spring pressure, and your starting valve stays open when it should be closed .. With the valve cover off, and the engine in diesel mode, you should be able to put some gentle pressure on the cup with a pry bar or large screw driver. It should move down, if it does the starting valve is closed and is opening properly. If there is no movement under some applied pressure, it is likely stuck. You can also do a visual check of the cups to see if they are all sitting at the same height. If one is lower than the others in diesel mode it is likely stuck open. If it is stuck, you can likely get it to release with some good penetrating fluid or ATF/acetone mix, and some gentle tapping on the cup. I would suggest a wood dowel as a punch if you need to get more aggressive .. Good luck ..
  14. 1949 TD9

    Assuming it was running ok when last used, and the engine still turns freely, this should work: After checking that your fluid levels are good, and that your gas and diesel shut off valves, if so equipped, are open, try this: Have the decompression lever in gas mode, and have the choke button at least halfway out. Your diesel throttle should be at the very bottom position. If you have an ignition button that is separate from your starter, move it to "on". Start turning it over, if it does not fire, try a bit more choke.. Hopefully it will fire up for you. Let it run in gas mode for a few minutes until the engine starts to "smooth out" , or your temp guage starts to climb.. At this point, simultaneously move the decompression lever to diesel mode and move your diesel throttle to about half throttle. It should switch over to diesel at this point, at the same time shutting down your gas side .. Hope this works for you. I have a 91 series TD9, so the the levers and throttles are a bit different, otherwise I would send some pics.. Good luck ! Grant
  15. Have spent quite a few hours in the last couple days on the TD9 backfilling the utility trenches to my new shop... Have only used a tractor and FEL for doing this in the past. The TD9 works so much better... surprised at how much dirt I can move with each push ... and back blading over the trench once it is filled leaves a decent surface.. We have to trench our water lines in 8' deep in this country to keep them from freezing in the winter months, so that results in a lot of dirt to put back in the trench .. Was enjoyable work for me, sure was glad to have the canopy, as it was raining all afternoon .,