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  1. Last leak on the 1066

    Can you add some pictures of your kit install when you do it ?
  2. 1466 steering and clutch hydraulics

    I have the same problem with my 1086 parked outside on the colder days... Pump is growly, power steering and clutch are not getting oil moving through until it warms up a bit... Loader hydraulics work , PTO works, and I usually engage it right after I start the tractor, to get some movement in the hydraulic oil to help speed up the warming process... I think my problems would be solved if I switched over to the lighter Hytran... I've priced it out, and it would be expensive to change over, but I guess cheap compared to a potential hydraulic pump failure ..
  3. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I would go with the solder type end Chris, unless you can find an already built cable, with the right size of cable wire for you, and the right ends for your battery .. Grant
  4. Roller Maintenance

    Snap On or other tool dealers may have the right tool, if you think you will need it. A short piece of good quality key stock will take a fair bit of torque... if you can see or feel that it starting to twist, stop before it twists off, and then try something else. When you get them out, put a bit of lubrication on them before you re-install them, and they will come out easier next time. If you go with the grease, you have a couple of options... looks like you only have 2 can find a reducer plug that will take a grease zerk, and just leave it in the roller .. if you use the crawler a lot, or in gravel, it will probably wear the zerk down after a bit, and you would have to replace it, which is not a big deal.. What I have done is have a correct size fitting with the zerk in it, when I want to grease the rollers, I remove the existing plug, install the one with the zerk, grease the roller, then remove and replace with the original plug...a little more time consuming, but you don't have to do it very often .. Grant
  5. Guidance on old equipment

    What area of the country ?
  6. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    That makes more sense...
  7. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    That sounds like a pretty fair price for the amount of labour involved... doubt I could find anyone that could come close to that price in Canada.. I have had my 1086 for many years now, and the TA has never worked... I assumed it was internal, and as the tractor has always worked fine without the TA, have never bothered to have it repaired.. use it mostly for haying and feeding, with some plowing, disc work, and cultivating... I am going to order a service/repair manual, and will check out the linkages and cables to make sure that is not my issue.. will be good to have the manuals on hand regardless..
  8. Roller Maintenance

    X2 You will probably get more responses ... this question has been discussed over there a few times..
  9. Roller Maintenance

    You will likely get a few different suggestions here, which is always good, then you can decide which one best suits your situation... It depends somewhat on whether your roller seals are intact or leaking .... if they are intact you can use oil, providing you have the right button fittings on your rollers to take oil, and the special end on your oil/grease gun or pump to attach to those fittings... the button fittings, which come in different sizes, as well as the special end for your grease gun or pump, are available for reasonable prices at places like NAPA or Acklands .. You can also add oil by removing the plugs and using an oil pump, and fill the roller cavity until it starts running out.. If your roller seals are leaking, you may want to use a grease like "corn head" grease... it will stay in the rollers and will not leak out.. the "corn head" grease does not get thick at cooler temps, and will do well at the slow speeds a crawler typically moves at.. I bought my "corn head" grease at the local John Deere (ouch) dealer.. Sounds like you may have plugs with the recessed square hole ?? I have some of these, and not having the proper tool to remove those, I welded a short piece of the right size key stock to an old socket, and use that with the ratchet.. works well ..
  10. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Glad to see you got it running Chris, and were able to move some of that snow around .. Could the steam in the rad area possibly be from melting snow that came over the top of the bucket, and into the rad area ?
  11. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Hopefully just something like a poor battery post connection ... or your battery will still take a charge but cannot take any current draw ..
  12. Canadian 's have all the good stuff.

    Where is it published, and how can you acquire a copy .. Have never heard of or seen this book in northern Alberta ..
  13. 1086

    Is this your first 1086 ?
  14. Is their a shortcut to replace park gear

    Curious, what does the "click" in reverse indicate ... Heard that before in my 1086 ...