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  1. TD6 head gasket

    My thought is the engine would start to decelerate right away, as there is a limited amount of gasoline that can pass through the carburetor ??
  2. Td9 starting valves

    Just a suggestion, for the TD9, even though your issue is engine specific, you may get more responses on the IH Construction Board on this Forum. Plenty of TD9 and other TD model owners on that site regularly, and are very knowledgeable and helpful with just about any issue you might encounter. Some of them visit this Board too, but probably not quite as often ..
  3. Bad Condensor???

    That's what makes this site to great and so helpful !!
  4. Td9 starting valves

    Good advice from R Pope, this is what I did on my TD9 and it worked well.... using a suitable sized wood dowel for a punch would be a good idea when tapping the caps on top of the stuck starting valves ...
  5. TD6 head gasket

    Sounds like progress to me Ken. Confirm you have fuel right through to the pump by cracking the line connections right up to the pump. Could be as simple as a blockage preventing the diesel from getting to the pump, or shut off valve not open ? Do you have a fuel pressure gauge on the pump or elsewhere on the TD6 ?
  6. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Great idea, and nice work on the pads. They look good !
  7. TD6 head gasket

    Someone on here with a TD6 starter should be able to tell you how many teeth should be on your bendix gear and the diameter of it. If you have a repair manual it should tell you as well. I'll check my manuals to see if they cover TD6 starter specs.. Not quite sure about the starter spinning in reverse.. someone on here with more electrical knowledge than me will know if that is possible, if you have positive vs negative grounded battery. I think your TD6 probably had a positive ground from the factory, depending on the year it was built ? And your engine rotation is counter clockwise when looking from the drivers seat ? These are a bit hard to start on the diesel side only, I would always recommend working on the gas side so it will start and run. So much easier to start the diesel side once you have the gas side running. Grant
  8. TD6 head gasket

    What is your starter doing Ken ? Is it spinning and the bendix not moving forward into the ring gear ? Think you may have to pull the starter, if you haven't yet, to see what is going on with it. Like KoO said, maybe the bolt that secures the heavy spring has broken off or worked loose. If no obvious broken parts when you pull it out, a bench test will tell you lots. On my TD9 the bendix was moving forward to the ring gear but not engaging properly. The problem turned out to be someone had put the wrong size bendix gear on the starter before I bought it. The correct one had 2 more teeth on the gear, and the gear was larger in diameter. As soon as I replaced it with the proper one the starter worked properly...
  9. TD6 head gasket

    X2, as Crawlernut suggests, I would drain the old oil from the injection pump and add new. The pump is such a precision and important part you want to keep it in the best possible condition. It's only a few ounces of oil, less than half a quart, so a very good investment for the TD6....
  10. 986 tractor

    Just saw your post for the first time, realize it's over a month old. I would post this to the General IH board, I know there are people on there that can help you. There were recent posts on repairing a tach, I believe on a 1286. Good luck..
  11. TD6 head gasket

    I wouldn't be in a real big hurry to start it Ken. I know it is so tempting to do that. Now that you have it turning over, I would continue to add whatever lubricant you're using into the spark plug holes, and turn it over by hand or with the starter with the selector lever in gasoline mode (less compression), and key in the off position. I would do this a couple times a day for at least a week before you actually try to fire it up. That way you will have given the rings and cylinder walls a chance to clean up somewhat at low rpm. I like the 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF fluid for this. I would also change the oil in the crankcase before you try to fire it up... Good luck, keep us posted .. Grant
  12. TD-9 final drive and more, lol

    You make what would be major projects for most of us seem so routine !!! Enjoy and appreciate your posts and photos, they have been a big help to me and I know for others as well ... Grant
  13. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Haven't been on the forum for awhile, you're doing a great job on the old girl Chris. You're definitely going to have to come up with a name for her. Appreciate all the photos of your progress..
  14. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I have gone to corn head grease for the rollers and idlers on the TD9, as like you I don't use it on a daily basis, and have a couple seals that would leak oil. The local John Deere dealer had it in stock for less than $4.00 Canadian a tube.. and we don't even have anyone combining corn in this part of the world ... I replaced the button heads on the rollers with plugs, and take the plug out and insert a grease nipple when greasing them, then put the plugs back in ... a bit of extra work, but not required often, and helps keeps the moisture out of the rollers if you're working where there is water ..
  15. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, if your coolant level is good and you can see it through the fill cap, start the engine and watch the coolant. If there is no thermostat the coolant should start swirling right away from the water pump actions. Sounds like that might be happening from what you say. Could be no thermostat or it is stuck open... And yes, they run much better at the higher temperatures ..... as long as you're not overheating of course .. Grant