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  1. CX 100 won't start

    Thanks for all the help had a bad switch it starts like a dream now
  2. CX 100 won't start

    ok thank you hopefully I get going in right direction, wont get to it till next weekend
  3. CX 100 won't start

    How do I tell if a switch is bad?
  4. CX 100 won't start

    I don't have to depress the clutch to start the tractor. I was wondering what the battery negative cable runs to from the battery. I cant reach it from under the tractor. But if I took the cab floor out I think I could. Is this the wiring you were talking about? I was thinking dirty connections? maybe I'm wrong? this has been going on for awhile and I would clean things up and it would work for a bit. I was even thinking the battery was going bad and replace it and it would work for a bit.
  5. CX 100 won't start

    I have a case IH cx 100 1050 hours, that won't start with key switch. when I jump the solenoid it fires right up. I thought it might be a ground wire but I have cleaned and wire brushed every connection I could. Today took the loader off to get to the cab ground and still wouldn't fire. I was wondering if maybe it was the key switch? Looking for any help thanks Brian
  6. 86 series levers

    I have a 1086 and I get in and out on the right side. I couldn't imagine trying to get by those shift levers all the time. They do have two doors fellas