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  1. 826 Serial Number Registry

    S/N 15460 18.4 x 34 rears and 9.5-15 fronts. Gear drive with German 358. Bought off farm in Saluda, SC and still working here at my farm in upstate SC.
  2. front weights

    The serial number on those weights is 371202R1
  3. front weights

    Yes thats them in the picture. serial number of my tractor is 2510148U015460. I'll get the serial number off the weights this evening.
  4. front weights

    Hey everybody, I have an 826 that came with the 3 front weights that bolt onto the front rather than the typical suitcase weights. Were these kinda rare? haven't seen any online. They do have an International part number stamped in them. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
  5. Tach cable

    No wonder I was stumped. All I got in that spot is a plug sticking out about 1 inch. No where to connect the cable. Where can I find the fitting in the picture (14)?
  6. Tach cable

    That would be great. Thanks
  7. Tach cable

    I have an 826 with the d358 German engine. When I brought it home I noticed the tach cable is disconnected from the engine. Can someone post a pic of where this cable connects. Thanks
  8. 826

    Got back on the tractor last night and it wasn't as hesitate to move. Moved the TA lever 3 to 4 times before it moved. Always on the low side.
  9. 826

    Could it possibly be a problem with the mcv? This is the first time this tractor has been used in 8 years, it's sat out of the weather under a shed. I replaced the o ring on the TA selector valve due to it being dried out and leaking. Seems like my problem started after that.
  10. 826

    I just cut a few acres with it. Here's what I ended up having to do. I put the tractor in 2nd gear, high range on the shifter. Let the clutch out and there's nothing. I fueled the engine up and worked the TA lever back and forth. It finally grabbed and locked in and moved, never slipped the first time. Stopped for a water break, got back on and same thing. I got it to go, but had to do the same procedure. After about the 10th time, it went with the TA in low. It grabbed like a power shift on a cat dozer. With this said, is there anything I can do besides a split right now.
  11. 826

    Yes everything else works on the tractor. The previous day I drove it to where it's sitting and parked it. Now out of the blue, it won't move. Update.... Got the tractor to move in high range. Drove it around the field and shifted to low and it worked.I bled the 5/8 plug on mcv before it moved the first time. I stopped it for a second and had a hard time getting it to move again.
  12. 826

    Just purchased an 826 gear drive tractor that has sat for a few years in a barn, owner installed a new hydraulic pump a couple days before I picked it up, the old one had been out for a couple years. Engine runs great, drove it on the trailer and brought it home. TA only works in low, high is out. I replaced 2 leaks on the tractor yesterday, first was a steel line under the floor and the second was an o ring on the TA selector valve. When I get it put together the tractor won't move. It will budge about an inch and stop. Tractor is about a gallon low on hytrans. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. farmall 560

    Its the power steering hard lines Im sure.
  14. farmall 560

    I just talked to someone on the phone and told them the exact same thing. That's the only thing I can think of. I appreciate it
  15. farmall 560

    Hey guys Im new on here, Im looking at a 58' 560 farmall with a gas engine. Tractor is in great shape and looks good. Guy said it has a hydraulic leak. I ask where it was coming from and he said the breather tube on the engine? Is there any way possible hydraulic oil can get into the crankcase on a 560? Im racking my brain on this because I don't think it can, I could be wrong but any help would be great. thanks