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  1. Quick question

    Under the cab where there is this sliding grove on the lever were the pressed shearmetal shaft bolts on, moved it from the middle all the way to the right towards the front.
  2. Quick question

    15 years ago the rear end + gearbox was reabuilt, and this problem with the hitch arose. Now 5 minutes was all it took with a 13mm wrench to adjust the linkage and it is fixed! I thank you all for your time (wasted😉) but pete23 thank you very much!
  3. Quick question

    It will be truly amazing if it's ONLY in need of adjustment. The draft needed a bit of adjustment because it was pressed up hard agianst the lever on the draft shaft which made it hard to move into heavy and to stay in heavy.One thing that may not matter, when you move the position lever all the way down and into the narrow part it stops lowering. My father assures me that nothing was assembled incorrectly. This tractor will never see a plow agian and our cultivator is on the hitch hook so the pain of using draft control is easily avoided. I will get back with an update tomorrow or on friday.
  4. Quick question

    I was on about that previusly, but i looked inside and the piston has about 1 dm left of travel so i don't think they are. Besides the arms would not be "fully down" if they where on the wrong spline.
  5. Quick question

    I've removed the toplink mount and there is no leak from the lift cylinder (started the tractor), the draft linkage moves and does what it's suppose to. Is there a valve of some sort that could be causing my problem? Pilot relife valve, safety valve etc?
  6. Quick question

    This was not a quick question
  7. Quick question

    I really hope noone comes around and tells me that the bellcrank and rockshaft arms can only be assembled in one way, because i just thought that if it is you just take the arms off and twist the rock shaft until it's bottemd out.
  8. Quick question

    Update: The linkage on the outside moves freely. But i still have the same issue, i removed the fuel tank and opened the cover to seperated the linkage and it moved fine. It seems to be in the bowles of the rearend. Now the liftarm position lever comes forward when you force it into heavy. I need more help Edit: The draft control is now in heavy, the problem persists. 10 years ago this tractor was completely torn apart and that is when this problem started. Is the bellcrank on the rockshaft in the wrong place, would that be possible?
  9. Quick question

    The draft linkage moves to light but gets stuck halfway to heavy, the rest of way it just bends the arm.
  10. Quick question

    The draft lever is held in heavy by a steel wire to keep it in place, but it moves back and forth fine. I'll check if the linkage is ceased
  11. Quick question

    How much work would it be to change the o-rings/seals in the lift cylinder? We suspect it's leaking because the hitch only goes half way and won't pick up if you load it.
  12. I'm at a loss

    It's straight and on the left.
  13. I'm at a loss

    I have a hard time understanding how the transmission brake could affect how it shifts, at a stand still maybe but if you're shifting on the go it doesn't engage.
  14. I'm at a loss

    As the title dictates I'm at a loss with our 3588, it sticks in 1st gear when the tractor is on in high, low or reverse. When in neutral or park it comes out, not "smooth" a tad bit rough. When the tractor is shut off it comes out the sameway in low, high, reverse, neutral or park. I have the TA, clutch and dump valve setup according to Farmall Doctor instructions, the transmission brake was assembled backwards with the lever pointing towards the front tire by the previus owner so that doesn't work. I'm thinking if the two balljoints are not parrallel, if that could cause the issue but then how did it work when brand new? I have no idea what the problem is, please help!
  15. Two of our IH tractors

    Got some pictures of our Case IH tractors as well.