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  1. Firewood

    Check out the DR rapid fire splitter. Fastest splitter I have ever seen!
  2. What a sharp restored White 2-180 we have here

    I worked for a farmer that had a 2-180 when I was a teenager. I was always happy to drive it as it was only one in fleet that had working a/c. Hauling manure tank on road was interesting with the clubby shifting, it was very good at turning diesel fuel into noise at the tune of 12-14 gallons per hour pulling big harrows.
  3. IH CatII/III quick couplers

    I bought one at an auction almost 20 years ago, had to give $35 for it!
  4. Mcv pump

    Thank you all for the advice. It's been said before but I will say it again, this site is invaluable.😀
  5. Mcv pump

    This one has 11,000 hrs so should be fine to use bigger pump and do nothing else?
  6. Mcv pump

    I know I have read it on here before but can't locate it, what should be done to the mcv when putting a 1086 mcv pump on a 66 series? I remember their being differing opinions on using 86 pumps on older tractors but please re-educate me.
  7. Choppers

    I have a pair of 1250 Gehl choppers and absolutely love them. I run them with a 1066 at 210 hp chop two row of decent corn in 4 low all day long, big corn drop a gear. Those Gehl choppers had more capacity than any other pull type in their day. Parts are pricey but they sure seem tough and quiet compared to a junk 900 nh or 3970 Deere
  8. Chopping pics

    I would love the 54 on the merger, wouldn't throw rocks at the 8950 either
  9. Who was in 4H ?

    I was and showed Holstein heifers for the first couple years, then got interested in shooting sports. I was quite a marksman. I got quite an education about purebred cattle that was very enlightening for a boy that grew up with grade cattle bred for production. I am now married to a leader that has 2 older children that went all the way from clover buds until graduation. Now our three younger children are involved when sports don't interfere. I think it's great for the kids but not quite like it was in my day, or maybe that me being too sentimental?
  10. Those fenders would look pretty darn cool on a puller👍
  11. IH 1066 Black Stripe

    If that thing gets in your way you can send it to VT for safe keeping and excersize😀
  12. I bought a new 3/4 drive head o eBay for $90 and sockets from 3/4-2" all snap-on for $115 a few sockets had broken release buttons but the man in the van fixed me right up! Most expensive part of the deal was a new 8 inch extension and the 18 and 36 inch handles that were bought new from truck, all together about $500 in a set that goes for about $1800. Nice snap-on stuff makes a dubber like me get cocky😝
  13. TX 189 questions

    Is there any pictures or literature on the hydro-mechanical or whatever it was referred to, tractor that have survived? I have not seen it on here if it ever was. I am fairly new to this forum, and computers for that matter! I am curious to see anything that relates to the merger or demise of the real IH. I can't believe the dt series engine was dumped. The cummins is a good engine, but the dt was so reliable and proven
  14. 1066 front end

    The hole in the block is egg shaped pretty bad, and just today I noticed the end of the cylinder is oil washed clean sooo if the tie rod style is an upgrade I guess I should go that route. I use the tractor like it is still 1976! She is still my main horse, and I try to treat my horses good👍
  15. 1066 front end

    I have a blacksripe 1066 with the block style steering cylinder and noticed a friends has tie rod style. Would I have to change the steering cylinder to go to tierod style or can block end be cut off and replaced?