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  1. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    Tear the dang thing apart! And then you will know!
  2. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Id rather see him fix oil leaks rather than switch oil! Saves oil doesnt cause dirt build up and lowers risk of fire! But its his stuff so do what he wants!
  3. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    Anybody got any ideas to prove to my old man why he shouldnt switch to cheap tsc hydraulic oil in his tractors from hytran! They dont go three days without running except his 5288 that does 90 percent of his heavy work! I know money is getting tight in the dairy business but i dont think oil idea is a place to cut some cost!
  4. Bottle bombs

    **** with works bomb! Snuff can bomb was way better than again my one buddys grandpa who passed away had enough black powder in his basement to over load a semi truck! And his grandma didnt care what my buddy took outta grandpas basement so we built some perty big black powder bombs back in the day!
  5. who all grinds feed still?

    Dad has 355 new holland! Grinding for 80 cow dairy grinder still in really good shape my opinion but he wants to upgrade! Told him id buy it and park it in my barn till i get beef cows good grinders are hard to find
  6. mixer grinder windows

    Window is still nice when your loading the grinder easier to look up that window when your at the loading auger than run around back to look at the scales! Then again were grinding straight corn anyhow and all goes in a bin into tmr mixer with scales!
  7. 2350 mounting brackets

    Good luck finding a set you may have better luck than me up in Pennsylvania i waited 5 years till a set popped up seen one other set online!
  8. Using 16.9 34 duals on 986 with 18.4 34 rear tires

    I wouldnt put clamp duels on those clamp wheels asking to break one its hard on them if it had wedge locks be different!
  9. Combine wire harness!

    Well so far i like my jd 6620 sidehill combine! I know wrong color but i got steep hills! Anyhow the wiring harness is just falling apart! Does anyone know after market that sells harness for combines? Did a little searching nothin! I hate to see what deere would want😰! Maybe i half to make my own!
  10. 806 Shifting

    Nice tractor! All that front needs is the emblem! Looks like a early one whats the serial number?
  11. Farmers only

    Hahahahahahhahahahaha! You can use it to make new friends! Just put that in your profile! I was on thier talk to alot of nice people but wasnt many people on one it first started nobody from within 100 miles from me! You had to mail the check to his house when he first started the website! I did meet my wife online on people still think its wierd but hey it works! Good luck explaining that to the wife!
  12. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Anything to do with hospitals doctors dentist you name it! And fear getting old never see myself a old man!
  13. Silage packing tractor?

    It isnt size that packs anything its the pounds per square inch on a tire!
  14. Anyone on here have or had a ford superduty with a cummins swap of any other engine? Did you do it yourself? Did you like it when it was done? Did it make the truck more efficient? I have a 05 f250 with 150,000 on a stock 6.0 and the ford 6.0 problems are starting debating on bullet proofing the 6.0 or a whole different engine! I heard the dt360 is a good engine and can fit in the superduty but the 5.9 cummins sound easier!
  15. Tillage radish pictures

    I think every year im gonna try this i did get 4 acers of cereal rye in to use as a cover crop next year!