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  1. Understandable! Glad you picked that old M up! Wish ya the best of luck and hope you get your projects you really want to get done completed!
  2. What are the equipment jockeys spraying on used equipment to make the pain look brighter? Is it just a spray wax of some sort?
  3. Last one! And the reason why is??????????
  4. The nieghbors ran new hollands since the cut and throw days we ran internationals from the 50s to around 2003 bought almost new gehl 1075 3 row head processor ran on a 1486 mx120 and now 5288 neither tractor was worked to death and kept two guys hauling wagons busy! Anyhow nieghbors new holland 892 blew up bought a 781 international said they were totally shock how much horsepower thier new hollands took vs ih! They had 770s 782s and 892 new hollands!
  5. First one looks like a better quality than the ones i get two years and thier junk!
  6. I bought a 2450 loader about 6 years ago at a consignment auction no brackets! Been keeping my eye out for a set of brackets since found one set a couple years ago a few states away left em go i had built a home made set but been wanting factory! Today i skimming over Craigslist a set popped up so i called and made a special 3 hour trip tonight after work to go get them! Talk about something you dont see for sale very often! Junk yards and dealers laughed at me when i called said good luck!
  7. Looks good
  8. I used larson lights traps on the front floods on the fenders front and rear! Im extremly happy!
  9. Nice cabs! Why did you remove the white one?
  10. You wouldnt take your level land 7720 on my hillsides i guarantee it!
  11. I wanted a red machine! We had a old 615 to oats for along time picked corn then till ear corn equipment was junk then bought all our grain till priced picked back up the 615 dad rolled it and then bought a 6620 titan when he started doin shelled corn again! Then i started growing corn and decided that 6620 4wd side hill went places the nieghbors said no way we go across a level land never touch it we got steep hills! So since i farm hills figured i had to swallow my pride and buy green as a smart business choice! So i tell myself! Dads is 4wd mine is only 2wd but will get the job done wish it had the heavy rear axle!
  12. Haha yea i stopped once at the end of the country road the guy lived on checked things and stopped one more time for a drink other than that kept rolling wanted to get home! Ran 13.5 took about 5.5 hours! Was alot better than a $900 trucking bill everyone wanted! Everyone i knew said i was nuts guys around here not ise to roading far! I asked on here a few weeks back everyone here said drive it! I do it again!
  13. 915 flex head and a 4 row wide head which i plant 4 wide row planter! Someday maybe more up to 6! Has 2600 hours!
  14. Well drove my new to me combine home 70 miles today no problems! Yes its the wrong color but i needed a side hill machine! And IH didnt build one for corn so had to go green!
  15. Thier was one on here i thought somebody posted about a year ago with a year around!