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  1. Thank you for the info
  2. Thinking about getting a 2+2 3588 to get alittle more hp to help out 966 and 986! I have never drove one what should I look for im familiar with the rearend but thats it this one has 4000 hours and fat single tires
  3. Yea they had that many crazy!
  4. Than klan here go by the rule married once thats it widowed or one spouse leaves cant get remarried! One poor woman was left with 15 kids father/husband left amish the oldest son worked for my dad then one weekend the mother and 6 kids were in a buggy stopped at the end of a road horses darted in front of a semi truck mother and 2 or 3 kids died! So the rest of the family's took in the 12 or 13 kids!
  5. Im sure it was talked about earlier haven't been on here for a few days! But does anyone know a guy can go help the fire victims by donating his time maybe go help build fence for a week or something! Dont have any hay or much money but I got some vacation time I could take off of work! Just a thought I guess! Anybody got a direction to point me it be appreciated!
  6. We gotta a jay lor since 97 not sure on cubic feet but will hold 9000+ pounds full with a round bale corn silage and grain on a 1066 hydro rebulid pto 3 times in 20 years! Mixers are hard on them we turn it on to grind hay mix in grain some then start again after silage is in so 3 starts to a batch!
  7. I used all thread on 3 sets no problem! My buddy used it on 4 and it broke off busted his valve stem and boom flat tire and he had to walk home that night 3 miles!
  8. No they didn't but it was the beginning of the idea of the left hand doing the shifting while the right did other functions! Just like the hydro lever on the left cause of alot of them were loader tractors!
  9. Probably DEAD! Gotta pay for a roof and food somehow! And you cant pull money outta your rear to start up I didn't take over a family farm or any existing already operating farm! im building it from the ground up I started with worn out 966 not in 1975 either in 2012 this be my 6th year am I making millions NO! but im surviving and growing bigger every year in a severely tough time in agricultural! I bust my a$$ and own everything I got and im proud of it!
  10. Yes you nailed im amish!
  11. Well you can have it I dont want or need it! Id rather run my own equipment than let a computer run it! If ya wanta talk seat time I run a excavator 12 hours a day 5 days a week in the trash business thats well over 3000 hours a year been doin that for 5 years! then come home and sit on my fender tractors till midnight and all weekend doin my farming! To each thier own I just dont like all the fancy new technology so one man can cover thousands of acers! Technology is what is killing this world and is why the blue colored guy cant put in a good days hard work and make a decent living the man who may not have the smarts to be rocket scientist but willing to do hard work he is being replaced by a computer! Its not all agricultural in every business! But im getting off topic now!
  12. I hear ya guys! I like technology it can do some pretty cool things but come on how hard is it to drive the tractor yea I have read the crap on auto steer is way more precise than a operator it saves x amount of dollars! Learn to drive better my opinion
  13. We gotta 1486 grandpa bought new been a decent tractor has 13000 hours plus only rearend trouble we hide hired help took reverse out twice! Pulled 6 bottom plow were 20 years and a 20 ft disc! Now the engine ate a sleeve at 5000 hours and full rebuild at 10,000 hours!
  14. Well this is my first winter wheat crop! We had a lot of freeze and thaw and not much snow fall springs ran alot of water and all tge wet spots are dead and heaved outta the ground the rest looks really good looks like a crop that definitely needs planted on dry fields! Live and learn I guess!
  15. So you rethreaded the plug not the injector? If so id rather do that