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  1. Would you drive a combine 70 miles or have it hauled? I hate to say it but its jd 6620 sidehill! Decent road to travel! People with trucks dont have any experience hauling combines where I live would half to permit it and roughly $600 to haul it or 4 to 5 hours and $100 in fuel but everyone thinks im nuts!
  2. Glad they didnt go with that paint scheme!
  3. How big of a window to spray winter wheat for head fungus my wheat just started coming in head the past few days!
  4. 125

    125 track loader a landlord that past away son wants to sell I dont know anything more than I can see I been around cat and newer deere stuff at work! But nothing this old besides caterpillar! 4 in 1 bucket teeth look good no wear on cutting edge pins all look solid said tranny was rebuilt hardly any hour since like maybe 20 not smashed up at all hour meter says 780 but cant believe tracks the grouser pads are worn! Guy I know did alot of mechanical work for the old guy told my dad o should stay away from it but hes a bs er and I think he may want it or one if his buddys! Mechanic guy says the engine is hard to get parts! It looks like a 4 cylinder german to me maybe im wrong! But its a international so how hard are parts really to get for the engine? Guy is asking $5000 is that high? Im not scared of old stuff thats what all my farm equipment is! I haven't drove it yet maybe this weekend! All I want to use it around the farm!
  5. Join the club on that last sentence! I drilled 60 acers with my 5100 that replaced a no. 10 I love the drill only thing that I dont like is traveling down the road disk drag and its wide on our narrow roads! But it does a great job
  6. Wore out
  7. Could be anything but if its like my 806 gas you start it back up and run another hour or two and it may do it again maybe not the rest of the day
  8. Geez I didn't know they held that much! That be a $1000 oil change with filter
  9. And I only run 4.5 miles mph also!
  10. Thought brush is suppose to be up for corn wired down for beans?
  11. Am I wierd or does anyone else love working upstairs in a old barn? Now I know barns differ in design from different locations here in Pennsylvania we got bank barns downstairs animals kept upstairs hay grain straw kept and some machinery nothing preserves equipment better than a wooden floor! Dad has a dairy barn with two barn floors which is what we called the part you can drive into above that was a loft and each side had a hay mow! Dads barn has 5 mows! Then he rented a couple other bank barns! And now I have my fixer upper bank barn! Nothing to me is more satisfying than walking into a perfectly swept clean barn floor with big old 20+ inch wide planks for floor boards and mows stacked to the roof loft full of straw and grainery full of oats! Than of course the one bin full of chop with the funnel in the middle! With a grider mixer sitting in the middle of the floor! And a loose hay rigging hanging from the roof tied off to a post for the last 70 years! I know what thier called mind is blank! Someday I will get my barn picture perfect! But in the mean.time I will dream about it!
  12. How hard is it to fix the leak under the rubber boot behind the steering wheel on a 806 my 966 leaks and my 806 just started do I gotta remove the whole motor or can the seal be replaced by just removing steering wheel? Thanks in advance!
  13. I noticed this year when working both my 9s that im getting alot of breather gas more than I use to! I switch oil this year from shell to rotella can oil cause more gas? Or maybe both my 9s are gonna die soon!
  14. Dont feel alone my wife says the same thing! Haha
  15. I want to do that drive some day! About 8 hours for me from Pennsylvania