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  1. Old flat belt pulley identification

    If it was ih wouldnt it be a R not a m?
  2. John deere 6620 trying to clean wheat wheat

    Im pretty sure i have corn sieves thats what it did was corn and beans i just got it home a few weeks ago never got around to getting a new operators manual the old guy had the lube part of the book stapled together and that was pretty much what was left the mice ate the book! I would like to get what i need by next year to get it set up to do small grains and do the best job it possibly can! So if i gotta buy different sieves i will!
  3. John deere 6620 trying to clean wheat wheat

    Well like i said i dont know my cylinder speed gotta go jd and get parts anyhow will see if i can fix that they are thier are no seeds in the heads i will try closing up more and see what that does first year with wheat and first year with this combine pidled around with a gleaner k2 and a E before doin some oats
  4. Any of you guys got a idea on how to fix my problem! Im getting alot of threashed wheat heads bad in my grain tank! I tried setting to the book tried goin all over the place nothin has helped changed sieve settings fan speed ground speed concave speed everthing i could think of i tried! Just still dirty! no straw just heads! The only think i cant set to factory spec was cylinder speed because i found out the tach drive cable is gone so i gotta get one of those! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  5. Where is the little strap of metal that comes down from the roof and by the ash tray in the cab tractor! Usually the ones with high hours are the ones ripped off! Just saying not gonna say it isnt true or the tractor was touched up! Does look good!
  6. 986 cab what do you think

    That one thier is rotted out on the bottom take alot to rebuild but but hard work will make anything good again! I bought a solid frame cab off a local little used parts guy but all roof parts are missing and to buy a complete roof isnt cheap and doubt easy to install i dont have much for tools to do fabricating at this time! Nor am i good at it! But in the mean time the tractor looks like crap! Figure i could take that junk cab and my other one and put them in storage for future needs!
  7. I am not a violent person but...

    Pinterest and facebook shes on it constantly! Then again she says this is my facebook so i ll just shut up
  8. Cracked

    I redone buit a d282 last year has a crack in the hold bolt hole seeps just enough to make a antifreeze mark somtimes its we sometimes its dry! I tried to seal it no luck! I ran it probably 100 hours this year no water needed yet! But it does stink thought about tearing it apart but runs good so i chose to leave it be!
  9. 986 cab what do you think

    That doesnt sound bad! Salvage yard or just a private guy?
  10. 1975 ad for the newly released 1566

    Nice blackstripes thier!
  11. last one

    Once you get a bigger trailer your bank account gets smaller and smaller!
  12. 1975 ad for the newly released 1566

    That go good beside my 966 blackstripe! Haha is that year around step fuel tank?
  13. 986 cab what do you think

    986 cab is badly rotted deciding rather to rebuild cab find another cab or find a 4 post and set on be cheapest! What is a 86 cab worth? 4 post worth? It was rolled one time front isnt bad! I have other door!
  14. hydro 186 4x4 on Govdeals

    4 hours north i want it! Guess i better start a go fund me page! Lol
  15. last one

    Understandable! Glad you picked that old M up! Wish ya the best of luck and hope you get your projects you really want to get done completed!