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  1. Wish they would here
  2. Some poor guy probably feels like a big ol dummy right now! Crap happens it doesn't look that big of deal but it is now of course with 4 gallon of engine oil and 80 gallon hydraulic oil LEAKING out of it! But nobody ever complains when all the local townships dump 1000s or gallons of oil on roads that run into ditches into creeks! Ok im gonna quit im getting on a rant! Haha
  3. No such thing as a hytran equivalent!
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Yes theirs a chart but thats for the front the 5100s have little levers you adjust on the seed cup where the hose goes on
  6. I ll half to look tomorrow
  7. We always rented ag bagger brand worked for us good rented a kelly ryan once made mush outta corn silage! Didn't matter how fast u fed it! Never again
  8. Well spring is here and I forgot all about ordering a manual this winter for my 5100 drill I picked up last fall! Can anyone tell me where to set the that little lever on the seed cups for oats they planted beans with it last! Thanks In advance
  9. My 966 black stripe has a dt 414 block no turbo
  10. Anybody on hear grow pumpkins on a bigger scale wife wants to grow a field thinking maybe a acer or two! I dont know maybe thats to much starting out! I dont know anything about them besides they need alot of water ( I think) Im hoping I can plant them with my 800 air planter! What about weed control can you do a pre emerge? Can I plant them on last year corn field? Thanks for any information!
  11. We got another fork lift at work old yale has Ih engine havent got grease all blowned off yet! But it runs good didn't knoe yale used thier engine!
  12. Slip buy im pretty sure two bolts
  13. Since I been doin grain now this be sixth year I decided to maybe venture into some hay and one landlord wanted to sell his hay equipment package deal! Thier is a five wheel new idea wheel rake will they get the job done? Or should I look for a bar rake I ran old ih bar rakes rotary rakes and a new kuhn V wheel rake but not these old single row wheel rake only one I know of around!
  14. Im sure some of these older guys wanting to make thier M clutch may have spent a few hours on a tractor with no clutch booster at one time now thier older and want easier
  15. I like that ice cream box cab!