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  1. Weld repair to Cast Iron vise Jaw

    Just finished repairing one for the local municipality yesterday. I have always preheated with rosebud on torch, weld with Ni-rod, and wrap in fiberglass batt insulation. Have had parts that size that you still couldn't touch by hand 5-6 hours later.
  2. Not as Red anymore

    Downloaded service manual for my 5088 from Farm Manuals Free. Original IH material. Much better than the IT manuals in my opinion.
  3. Ih 55 chisel

    Have rebuilt many of these. Same all the way up to the 5600 chisel plows. Usually build up the slotted holes in the plates with welder and regrind them to original shape. Usually the U bolts in the springs are worn uneven. Also have built guide blocks which run along either side of the shank. Think we used 1 1/2" solid square stock with a hole drilled in either end. Mounts on the underside of the plate using the same bolt holes that mount plate to frame. CIH lists these blocks on the 5600 parts diagram although I have never seen a machine with them factory installed(part #199550C1)
  4. Pickup tires?

    Used to run BFG At's. Really liked the traction and handling, but the softer rubber compound would not stand up to driving on gravel. Had 2 different tires that tore belts at about 40% wear. Tire shop told me sharp stones would cut through tread face, allow moisture in and steel belt was rusting through. Have been running Cooper AT3's since.
  5. Red power in A Dogs Purpose

    Haven't seen anything but the trailers yet, but plan on it. The farm it was filmed at is only a few miles away from me. Was a pretty big deal around here when it was filmed. Family that owns the farm spent the summer in a camper while their house and yard were being used and completely renovated.
  6. support for socket ball on ih wide frontend

    The wedge washers are a common item for anyone erecting structural steel. Look up bevel washer and they will only cost you a $1 or $2 each from an industrial hardware supplier.
  7. Ford diesel brake light

    I was thinking vacuum pump going bad, and needs more rpm to maintain vacuum. Replaced one in my 95 years ago.
  8. Not to hijack the chicken lights topic

    Usually stops at town couple miles from me. It is one of the main stations for about 150 miles either direction(Winnipeg, MB to Minnedosa, MB, to Bredenbury, SK). Buddy of mine runs the rail out of Minnedosa, and many of my neighbors have retired from the rail.
  9. Welder opinions

    Have used many older models right up to the new models. Both brands are very comparable. I prefer the Miller, but that pretty much comes down to personal preference. I have seen both brands in production shops that were pushed beyond what they were ever intended to do (like anybody ever does that). Both seem to stand up to the abuse. For what you will be using it for either one will last for years. Only consideration other than price would be your dealer support of either brand, and what they stock for consumables and parts for each brand. Currently own 2 millermatics and a well used Lincoln powermig that I bought used, along with all my others.
  10. Buddy seat in an 88 series cab

    Also spent many hours in the back window of the 986. Not too many in the 3688 when we traded, as I was too big by then, and had other jobs to do.
  11. Magnum radio replacement

    Have put all kinds and price ranges in equipment and tractors. Many Pioneer units. All have worked fine. Found reception seemed much better on the HD Jensen units. A few of the HD truck shops in the area carry these at a better price than JD or CNH the last time I priced them.
  12. bulk bin question

    Cheapest, quickest way to put air in the bin is to put in an inverted V shaped trough across the bin, with short piece round tube of appropriate size to bolt your choice of fan on. There are quite a few options as to what manufactures are doing here in Canada, as a high percentage of new bins sold have air. I have retro fitted a few older hopper bins at my shop for customers with this system. Any local metal shop should be able to make you the pieces. If you don,t end up using it, just bolt a cover on it instead of the fan.
  13. Something that made my day

    Not an animal science major, but have always treated our animals with respect, same as any other farmer. Now passing that down to my son and daughter with their 4-H animals. If only some of the people that make those accusations could have seen my kids after they sold their 4-H steers last year and the caring and affection that they gave them, there would never be a media article about this.
  14. Lightened my day considering the rain and sh*t weather

    Yeah, watched it multiple times too. Seen a good saying today " The happiest people don't have the best of everything....They just make the best of everything they have". That about sums it up, so may as well try to have a laugh about it.
  15. 2016 crop pics

    Had friend stop by couple days ago that now sells for JD in Shoal Lake,MB. Reminded me of the fall that they helped us finish. We had MF860, they had just got their new JD 9600, Nov 10 we took of swathed wheat that was dry. Said he has been telling that story more often in the last few days this year. Hope it can still happen.