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  1. Prayers sent.
  2. Prayers sent, hope for the best.
  3. Thanks, weather held back. So a good day!
  4. Cousin had 24.8 on one of his recorders in the orchard.
  5. Have K&M on 66 & 86, open station & cabs. Very happy with them.
  6. I am straight south of Orchard6, about 6 miles. I had 23 degrees at 6am monday. Not good, but varing reports of damage. It usually takes a couple days to really tell, but I was working ground yesterday afternoon. The neighors block next to the field looked tan instead of white on the blossoms. They are toast, pistols are black. I do have muck farms by the home place, so we get pretty cold when it hits.
  7. Very happy for you and your wife to have recieved such a blessing.
  8. That just made my friday strart out right!!
  9. Have tried a few things, wheat works pretty good across the board for me. But radish and austrian peas work very nice planted after wheat harvested for grain. I have options to plant these, planter is the other red with splitter for 15in. rows. Set up for no-til, just change seed plates, set planting depth and go.
  10. Not that it matters, but yes on the turkey money. Still refere to it as Bil-Mar.
  11. Just a thought, pressure relief by seat.
  12. Looks like you are enjoying it! (nice purchase)
  13. Very nice!! Time well spent.
  14. Wishing you the best, take care.
  15. I totally agree with you dale560, have seen frost spring, summer, and fall do some hurt around here over the last 35yrs. Can't rember, 91 or 92 harvested ever week until march for high moisture. Had to check for mold ever time I went out, and would deice the sieves ever load. It was not enjoy able, but that 80 didn't go to waste.