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  1. pm me ur addy and i'll send u my extra blue ribbon service manuals.
  2. u need 2 get the blue ribbon service manuals 4 these machines. both r 1000rpm ptos standard from factory, reduction gear boxes bring to 540 rpm.
  3. positive ground, if you want to change it to neg ground u gotta switch wires at coil. maybe someone done it already… u really need 2 see how the coil is wired. by memory i don't remember which 1 goes where. stop worrying about those tracks, they good enough and u ain't gonna find any others.
  4. that could be a lp hood??? i ain't seen 1 up close. it looks to have die cut holes too?? why i don't know. maybe a halfbreed? anyway u got most parts 4 a complete lp.
  5. i've never used a e-pump, keep the tank near full and u won,t be changing gas contaminated engine oil so often. try it on ur steep grades…. may not work on the steepest 1's. u should get books.
  6. for now use a temporary gravity tank. fuel pump used when original tank was only 1/3 full, or when tractor was on steep up /down grades.
  7. i'll look in my parts book about those being l-p part numbers on the steering levers. that machine seems 2b a mix of l-p and stock
  8. the 1 without blade almost looks like a orchard hood with the rad cap and gas cap shields. but why the exhaust and air cleaner intake coming up thru the hood???? maybe some one cut them in. does the cut outs look professional die cut ? or hack cut? the shields for the caps look professional welded or hack welded? is this the machine with the tag? the tag i think might be hand stamped "LP". it does look like the lp grille but some with blades had that or similar grille. does it have any evidence of it having a blade? the lp's were pulled out the line and stock parts were removed and lp parts installed as the lp was ordered. there aren't to many parts involved, manifolds, pre cleaners, hood, steering levers, seat maybe a couple more. the gas engines used in these are the same as some of the combine power units built for years around the early 60's, very common. parts out there. u need to get parts book and operator book. also the blue ribbon manuals for the machine. i hope u got a lp there! maybe doug knows more. he's the real expert on these. good luck with ur project.
  9. 123 ci,135 ci data is located on a raised boss on the right side of the engine block at the head. i believe slightly forward of center. doug is right save both, i should have said do the 1 with tag 1st. maybe let the other 1 go for operating capital $$. 3 point was a option and uncommon on those crawlers. u also have a 1000 rpm to 540 reduction pto gearbox which was a very uncommon option. those machines look very good original and rarely found in that condition. mine was beat to **** but ran good…. wouldn't steer and many broken castings,bolts etc. it had the s/n tag and was 38" gauge = 48" total wide. heres mine and waynes 60" gauge orchard/low profile at a red power many years back. note nothing coming thru the hood. i have complete radiator needing recore but the mounting brackets, top and bottom tanks are very good shape. good luck with ur project.
  10. very good finds, what makes u think u have a orchard/low profile machine? just because the h-lights are in the grill don't make it l-profile. show me the tops of the hoods and grille shell. neither seats are l-profile. engine block stampings showing cubic inches will tell u the difference between 4 & 5, this will be true only if the engine block is original to chassis. serial number is not stamped anywhere on the machine other than the tag. keep both… parts are very hard to find. don't put blade on these because they got weak finals and designed as drawbar machines. don't worry about track %, its rare to find track, just use/show it. build the 1 that has the tag, tags are often missing on these because stuff dropping down from the battery tray above eats the away. good luck.
  11. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    With that machine being a drawbar tractor whats the drawbar hole look like? Ur lucky 2 find 1 without a blade. good luck with ur project.
  12. TD6 New owner.

    u might want to correct the post title.
  13. T4 crawler , is it rare ?

    exactly what i was thinking, i pay 2000.00 if it was in the states. with all the projects i got i'd actually bring a 3point 1 to the front of the line. chip man, u got any production numbers? i'd think it would be in a registry statement.
  14. T4 crawler , is it rare ?

    heres a link to the tractor 4 sale power of red originally posted. i see they don't know what "dozer" means… its a good thing this 1 didn't have a blade on it. 3point and tag makes it a good 1 to have but not at that "dozer" price. http://www.agdealer.com/pages/view-listing.cfm?International-T4-Dozer-808237&SearchID=208325230&PageNumber=1&PortalID=4866&startrow=1&Act=EQUIPVIEW&listpage=/pages/index.cfm&ID=808237
  15. T4 crawler , is it rare ?

    its longer than a 240 hood, but that is a 240/340 grille cap on it. they're most uncommon with 3point. If i remember right… most parts from a 414 3 point will work on the these t's. can u post some pics of that 4 u found? maybe with serial number?