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  1. Backhoe project for TD6

    Can't seem to find much info on the pump. I don't plan on hooking it up again until I have everything matched right.
  2. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Update: after a little more time crawling around it is turning more with just the levers engaged and only need to engage foot brake sparingly
  3. Backhoe project for TD6

    Thanks all! This hoe fits Kioti tractors in the 35hp range, hydraulics used to run it produce 11.7 gpm at 2,466 psi. My TD6 is an early model (1946) and I believe the pto spins with trans in neutral when engine clutch is engaged. I'll confirm that tomorrow. Alt route may be to run a separate pump/engine setup like the DR Power backhoe, this could be less stress/wear on the TD's engine from all that idle time
  4. Backhoe project for TD6

    I think you and George (trucker1) are right. I have a rear PTO shaft guessing it's 540. I've been looking at the Prince pumps in 11 gpm range, but not too excited about the price! I'll check out Surplus Center. Thanks
  5. Backhoe project for TD6

    Ran two new lines and hooked it up today for a trial run. Everything was working fine but the lines got a little hot pretty fast when the tank was still pretty cool. The blade valve didn't seem to like the added pressure either, I think the lever was having trouble staying in the open position so that could have been it. I have quite a few bends in the pipe coming off the valve as well that could be the culprit. Have some troubleshooting to do I gues.
  6. Backhoe project for TD6

    Project is underway, tied the hydraulic lines in to the existing system to try and get a feel for how the existing system's speed and digging force will measure up.
  7. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Finally had some time to start putting things back together this weekend. Both clutches rebuilt and back in, each one took about a day to install. Sealed up the top plate, put the diesel tank back on and fabbed up a new seat with some high density foam and marine vinyl. Adjusted the brakes and decompression levers but still wouldn't turn quite right. Luckily my neighbor a half mile away heard a familiar diesel clanking sound and walked over. He used to run a TD15 and informed me you have to use both the hand levers and foot brake at the same time to turn. I was just pulling the levers. He said maybe when new that worked but not now! Sure enough, little pressure to the brake with the lever pulled and she is turning like a dream, whew, hard work rewarded, now the ground is too hard to push anything, ack! On to the next project installing the backhoe, stay tuned
  8. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Thanks for the info and advice. I've been on hold with nonstop winter rains, we've been getting 4-6" of rain per storm for last month or so, I've never seen so much water fall from the sky! I hope to be back at it soon, but installing new clutches with so much moisture gives me great heartburn!
  9. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    As promised, here was my solution to extend a bit to get the threads to bite
  10. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    A pick from General Gear of what the compression tool looks like and how much the clutch should be compressed. I could still see the first fiber disc protruding from my clutch pack, so that should have been my first warning.
  11. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Well all did not go as planned today, I learned the hard way that the compressor tool dimensions need to be adhered to. I thought I had the spring compressed enough to get the clutch in and get the bevel gear wire nuts threaded in but I was off by about 1/2 inch. Getting the clutch back out was brutal it did not want to come out. After about 45 min of pulling, prying readjusting swearing and praying it popped out. I ordered some c.r. steel bar and will fab up the correct compressor tool that I found in another post and reposted here. The real fun begins.
  12. crawler rubber track

    I like those clip on shoes, could you get away with putting them on every other track shoe to cut costs or would that be too much stress on the undercarriage?
  13. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Here are some more pics. One of the old and new outer drum. Several more things were apparent today. For one the bushings on both release forks were frozen on to the bearing caps so that probably affected the range of release on the spring when pulling back on the levers. I took some emory cloth and cleaned up the bushings and bearing caps. Then I pumped some grease into the grease tubes for the bearings and discovered one line is frayed leaking and not greasing the bearing and the other had a clogged zerk fitting. I have a proposed fix I'll post tomorrow for the frayed line. Looking in the rear gear housing it's obvious this machine sat for a while with moisture in there, the ring gear has rust on one side that was out of the oil. Lastly, I noticed the left and right clutch set ups are different, see pics. I'm guessing at one point the right clutch was pulled and replaced with a newer assembly since the left looks like the older set up.
  14. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    Got one clutch rebuilt today and the second tomorrow. Compartment is cleaned and ready. Dug out 70 years of grime in there! Made a new gasket template for the bevel gear housing, and soda blasted a bunch of parts to clean them up. All the prep and cleaning is what makes this job tedious. I originally ordered new brake liner from McMaster-Carr, I think the high strength woven brass is the only option for a 2 1/4" wide band. I ordered 6' which should be enough to do both sides. However the pins on the left clutch were so frozen and most of the brake liner well past the rivets I decided to order one new set up of bands w liner from General Gear. I am not sure of the exact material and/or strength of the new liner on the GG bands but it feels a little softer and I can dig my fingernail into it. The rivets are tin or aluminum instead of brass and are not stamped or rolled out as nice as brass. I'm a little concerned about the quality, but at least the bands are fairly easy to access and replace should I have an issue. For the new drum and steel discs I also ordered through General Gear. All said and done with the new drum, 11 new steel discs, one new brake band, bearing, misc cleaning products brakekleen sanding etc I'll be in it for about $1200 to get two clutches functional. If I had to do again, which I never will (I hope) I'd either have a second person help with all the cleaning and prep or if I had the means just replace all the steel and fiber (w bimetallic) discs, that alone would cut the job in half or more. Nothing is hard about this job but it is very labor intensive. I'm definitely taking my time to make sure everything is clean and well prepped before it all goes back in. There is no simply opening the hood if I mess something up so I want it done right.