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  1. Farmall f 20 exhaust elbow

    Thanks for the info.... i didn't think anyone was making those. I did call fordson house and found that was what i'm looking for.\ Thanks Jason
  2. Farmall f 20 exhaust elbow

    I'm searching for a exhaust elbow for my F20. Do they make repops ? would like an original but would settle for a repop. I have seen one on ebay a good while ago, but they wanted $150! a little steep in my opinion. Thanks Jason
  3. Anybody have guineas..?

    I have been told they are good watch dogs....noisy as all get out! People do eat them. I have watched a hunting show one time where they were shooting them for sport, maybe mexico ? so they may be good to eat? Jason

    Awesome video !!!! I was hoping to some old f series farmalls pulling a plow. I can't wait until i can put my old F20 in a field for some fun like everybody did in your video.
  5. Thanks Kevin ! Since then perseverance has taken place and the clutch is in and working now. Not really sure what my buddy was able to do but everything is bolted up and ready to try and fire it up ! Thanks Jason
  6. I was helping a buddy work on putting his clutch back in. When we put the clutch on and the pressure plate ( bolts loose on the pressure plate ) aligned the clutch and pilot bearing, tightened the pressure plate down the fingers seem to go down to far, bolted the clutch housing cover on and tested the clutch lever with a set of channel locks and found it to only have maybe a 1/4-1/2 inch of travel to disengage the clutch. It should have more travel correct ? How do you adjust the fingers out so that you will have more travel on the clutch pedal ? Thanks Jaosn
  7. Opinions on composite decking?

    My inlaws have the composite decking on there porch facing west ( light grey ). I can say, on a hot day it's definitely hot on the feet. I don't believe it's slippery when wet. Jason
  8. 350 Utility

    So far we haven't hooked a gauge up yet....I found other people saying about a pressure relief valve just haven't checked that either. "Briggs" does definitely keeps an eye on the place while he is with us.
  9. Steel Wheels

  10. 350 Utility

    On that antique farm it's considered the "grainery". Most of the stuff is in ok shape. The tractor will have a bush hog on it to keep the place i'm not sure what he is going to do...
  11. 350 Utility

    Yeah a friend suggested that or put a PTO pump on it.... any thoughts about a used pump ? A pump of of a non loader tractor ?
  12. 350 Utility

    So my father inlaw was at the farm today,he said the loader didn't work much different from the last time. He said it doesn't like to pick up a not so big log ( 2 X 4-5'0 ).New fluid and o-rings and a gasket. Most likely in the pump ? Anything else to check ? Is there a pump rebuild kit ? ( i haven't looked ) where could we get it repaired if it's able to be repaired? Lot's of questions...any info and advise is appreciated. Thanks Jason
  13. Farmall M low speed idle

    I agree with the carb issue that Diesel Doctor is saying....Pete23 has good interesting info on the timing....IMO i would try the carb cleaning first and then go to the timing part. Jason
  14. School me on F-20 overdrives

    Another thought is if you have the fast 4th with a heisler 2 speed that could be pretty fast ? I have found charts on the net for ground speed while looking for road gears....which i don't recall what the site was. The other thing i determined with the help of my friend is that there is a different road gear for a regular....the input shaft is threaded on a regular... where the shaft for the F20 is not. I haven't had time to install my Behlen yet but i am close to that project. Jason
  15. School me on F-20 overdrives

    Heisler,Behlen,Wards,Sears. Behlen and Heisler are the most common ones IMO. Heisler is a 2 speed which is pretty cool, gives you 8 speeds ! I believe all of the others you need to put the transmission in neutral and engage the high speed. Heisler should clear the belly pump, because it's small and squaty. You can use one of the so called no names and still have the belly pump on also. My friend has one with a no name on and it also has the belly pump. Which ones would give you the top speed you are looking for... i don't have a good answer for you. One thing you may be able to do is switch the top gear out from another road gear assuming it is smaller ? or maybe the other way around ?. If you would like i can get some pictures of some of the setups on my buddies tractors, just send a pm. Just a thought their could be a acme road gear ? My friend has a F20 with a acme aftermarket steering. Hope this helps . Jason