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  1. New to me pickup

    Pretty Cool !
  2. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Call a starter shop, they should be able to hook you up. I just had mine rebuilt for around $80. ( farmall M ) Jason
  3. New member- First tractor project with farmall cub

    A torch would also be a good thing to have for the tear down. There is a lot of good penetrating oil products out there besides WD40 imo. I prefer seafoam or Gibbs. Welding a nut on on the broken bolts/studs definitely do wonders. Sometimes depending on the bolt or what have you, while heating with a torch you may need to heat it up and let it cool down 2-3 times. hoppe this helps. Jason
  4. Explosion on New Years

    That was my guess also. Had a neighbor up the street do that. I'm a volunteer fire fighter so we got the call. 3 fire trucks were out looking for the explosion didn't find anything. I ended up at the neighbors house and asked him about it ( had a tip from another neighbor ) that SOB lied to me when he was asked about the situation. He most likely wasn't going to get into trouble ? Their was a head line on the news about it also. Jason
  5. rebuld a r52 combine

    Awesome project ! that seems like a project that i would take on also!
  6. IH LB Engine

    The plug wires you tried, were they copper inner core ? I've read the carbon fiber inner wire has too much resistance, therefor won't spark that well. How well is it running?
  7. New addition Farmall M

    Yes understood, i don't have plans to do the 12 volt conversion yet.The battery that was with the tractor was an 8 volt. I will need to do some checking to see if they adjusted the regulator and generator to be able to charge the 8 volt battery. Gotta love farmer fixes on these old tractors ! Tractor wrenching will continue here when spring arrives in 2018
  8. New addition Farmall M

    Dennis it does turn slow right now. I did get the starter rebuilt and replaced the cables with 0 gauge, but my problem still must be the battery (weak ). It also could use new wires new solenoid etc.... It was converted to a push button instead of the foot start. I'ts been sitting since 90 something... Jason
  9. I did a quick search on ebay since i was curious. I found they're anywhere from a few dollars to a couple hundred. Neat coin though. Jason
  10. Spit and quit on M

    Most likely in the carburetor or gas tank. That's where i would start IMO. Check fuel delivery. Check the screen at the carburetor. I had a similar problem with my F20 I found out i had a blocked port in the carb. cleaned it up and works great. Jason
  11. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    I always think of this song in November. For one it's our anniversary and the same day the Edmund Fitzgerald went down.
  12. Birthday cake with red tractors

    Cool cake ! Jason
  13. Hey Santa.....

    One tractor that comes to mind would be the 22-36. Or one of the first McCormick deerring tractors made. I'm a sucker for really old tractors. Even a steam tractor....and the list keeps going on... Jason
  14. Sad Day , Got to put German Short Hair Pointer Down

    Sorry for your loss. I only had 8 years with my yellow lab his name was Scooby. He went to work with me everyday. He was one of the best dogs in the world just like yours.He listened to a snap of the finger, loved all of the customers that came into the shop. He also cost us a lot of money by eating all kinds of stuff,rat poison when he was a pup , twisted stomach , garbage gut , had to have a doggy root canal which was $795 long story on that one. I do feel your pain like everyone else. My new lab is not anything like Scooby...he's still a work in progress! I still tell stories of how Scooby was the best dog ! Jason
  15. Farmall Super C Carter Carburetor issue , leaking

    Interesting thought GT&T. I had one o an AC G that kept on leaking no matter what i did, finally took it apart and put the old needle and seat, worked perfect ! Jason