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  1. I did a quick search on ebay since i was curious. I found they're anywhere from a few dollars to a couple hundred. Neat coin though. Jason
  2. Spit and quit on M

    Most likely in the carburetor or gas tank. That's where i would start IMO. Check fuel delivery. Check the screen at the carburetor. I had a similar problem with my F20 I found out i had a blocked port in the carb. cleaned it up and works great. Jason
  3. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    I always think of this song in November. For one it's our anniversary and the same day the Edmund Fitzgerald went down.
  4. Birthday cake with red tractors

    Cool cake ! Jason
  5. Hey Santa.....

    One tractor that comes to mind would be the 22-36. Or one of the first McCormick deerring tractors made. I'm a sucker for really old tractors. Even a steam tractor....and the list keeps going on... Jason
  6. Sad Day , Got to put German Short Hair Pointer Down

    Sorry for your loss. I only had 8 years with my yellow lab his name was Scooby. He went to work with me everyday. He was one of the best dogs in the world just like yours.He listened to a snap of the finger, loved all of the customers that came into the shop. He also cost us a lot of money by eating all kinds of stuff,rat poison when he was a pup , twisted stomach , garbage gut , had to have a doggy root canal which was $795 long story on that one. I do feel your pain like everyone else. My new lab is not anything like Scooby...he's still a work in progress! I still tell stories of how Scooby was the best dog ! Jason
  7. Farmall Super C Carter Carburetor issue , leaking

    Interesting thought GT&T. I had one o an AC G that kept on leaking no matter what i did, finally took it apart and put the old needle and seat, worked perfect ! Jason
  8. f 12

    Thought it was his brother....anyway i can't be certain. The last time i got parts from him forgot to ask him about that . Frank had also said he was in the process of buying his brother out.....that was a awhile ago though.... correct me if i'm wrong Jason
  9. Small tire foaming

    Maybe try horrible freight for solid tires ? I know the small ones are always a pain , i have done my share of tubes in the smaller tires, even the bigger tires also. Try a local tractor/ equipment dealer. I have a local dealer that will get the rake and tedder tires foam filled at a local tire guy. Hope this helps Jason
  10. I20

    I'm for it !!!! ...........but my wife not so much. Right up my alley just because it's older then my F20. Jason
  11. f 12

    Rice Equipment is still up and running ! Frank is the guy you will talk to .Very friendly fellow ! Jason
  12. f 12

    ebay , craigslist , or repops as mentioned already. A friend of mine most likely has one. He and i live close to the lancaster county Pa / Md line. Also would you like a hot or regular gas manifold ? PM for details Jason
  13. New addition Farmall M

    An update on the M, Adjusted the valves to try and get the valve tap out. The manual says .017 hot. I did run it for about 15 minutes or so . Started it up and ran good until i took it down to idle. It was revving up and down like a carburetor issue , i think i may have set the valves a little too tight ? Any thoughts ? I'm going to try again and see if i run it longer and adjust the valves at that time. Jason
  14. My daughters new Tractor

    Awesome score for your daughter ! Let her know she is famous on the Red Power Forum ! Jason
  15. Blue jeans

    I am a duluth person now. They have all kinds of styles to fit a persons needs . I love the fire hose pants, a little break in time, deep pockets, and they don't pinch down under ! You can return them without a question. The sizes run true. I also have 3 different lined fire hose pants. I was hunting with my muzzle loader in green briars last year ( they were fleece lined ) very impressed with how they held up, minimal pulls was the only damage. They are expensive though butr worth it imo. Hope this helps. Jason