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  1. IH implement greaser???

    Our 39 h has one similar but smaller on the water pump. Not sure of other uses
  2. Some People Don't Deserve Children! these stories make up half the news anymore
  3. Oat growers!

    Wow I guess. Normally we’re rolling with corn here by April 20 and are still 3 weekss behind the boys in Lancaster
  4. Oat growers!

    When do you normally plant. I try to have them in the ground by the second week of March. Should be combining by late July. Usually come off right behind the wheat. I have to plant early so they are tall enough to keep ahead of the fox tails. As far as I’m aware there isn’t an in crop herbicide for controlling grasses in oats
  5. Oat growers!

    Wow I can’t believe your test weight is that good. I don’t think we are that far apart and the best anyone can do around here is like 36 test weight. I thought oats were figured at a 32 pound test weight. I typically get around 90 bpa and 34ish test weight. I always plant seedway “corral”. Seedway is one of the only local companies that still deals oats. Trouble here is the mills have essentially quit buying oats within the last two years. They all want “western” oats with that high test weight
  6. 2017 wis. dairy results

    I’m not sure how they do it or who they ship with but there are a lot of dairy’s around here that still scrape by with 80 milking. One neighbor milks about 200 and another milks about 20 but he self bottles. Says that’s all the demand he has. Barn holds 120 but only a few stalls are used
  7. 2017 wis. dairy results

    Yeah a million is really not much. Here in east pa 60-70 acre places with some shabby buildings routinely bring 500 grand. If a guy wanted to milk 150 cows around here in old barns with junk equipment you would be looking at least at 1.5 million until your up and running
  8. H and M auction value

    Just some rambling thoughts from someone who farms with an h yet. If getting a letter series I would avoid the m-d. Don’t get me wrong they’re very cool but they seem to be quite prone to head problems. Especially with people who don’t know what they’re doing. If you end up with an h or m the parts support for tractors that could be almost 80 years old is just amazing. And the fact that so many were produced means salvage parts are cheap and plentiful. The md might offer some fuel saving and cool factor but the gasser will likely be cheaper and easier to work on
  9. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Kind of like ih. Why does all the good stuff get bought up and all you get to keep is a name.
  10. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Like said I’m a bit biased but everyone around here just loves there Mack’s. Especially the r models. Everyone says the just run and run and run they’re definitely the most common trucks around here. Back in the day fords were a close 2 nd. Today freightshakers are probably 2nd to Mack’s
  11. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Probably a long nose Mack superliner. I’m a bit biased. The Mack plant is only 45 minuets away and I’ve got several relatives who work there
  12. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    In town we still have a zinc smelting operation that in the old days employed about the whole town. The old timers would bring home a handful of zinc powder and throw it in the stove. Said the creosote just fell out the flue. Maybe that’s what’s in that bottle my great grandpa always had potatoe peelings around and kept some fresh ones by the stove. Claimed in the case of a flue fire just throw them on your fire and it would put it out. Not sure if it really worked
  13. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    I do think the farm show is beneficial though. It does a good job of introducing agriculture to people who would otherwise never see it. The farm show has essentially become a state funded public relations program for farming. If you already know “ this is a combine. It harvests the crops farmers grow” the farm show is basically 400 people gathered around a heap of butter, and livestock shows
  14. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    If nothing else those are some good milkshakes. All the food is pretty good
  15. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    Not the same. Basically all of the Ag equipment vendors have left and it now is mostly focused on livestock and the products produced by pa agriculture. Still interesting and I have a lot of friends who take animals out. Now the good news. Basically the equipment vendors left because they were tired of school children running everywhere and there equipment being used for picture backgrounds. Sooooo they went and created their own show called the York farm show or something like that. Also indoors and runs the same week and is in York county. If your just looking for equipment that’s the one to go to. If your looking to promote Ag or see livestock the farm show is better of course all this is dwarfed by Ag progress days that Penn State puts on in mid August. If you have never been there it’s about 20 acres of brand new equipment and tours of all the research plots. Very cool