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  1. This will make the neighbors look

    Nope. It would be about perfect tho. Have a 1-PR that we use a bit yet but if I have my way this farm is about done with picking corn. Just a bit for the cows
  2. Opinion on CaseIH 75C Farmall

    Neighbor has a 75 a he bought 2 or 3 years ago for the purpose of backing wagons, pulling a 6 star Tedder, and a rotary rake. It's two wheel drive and has a trans similar to the old ih tractors. A high low neutral and reverse stick and a 1-4 stick. No problems at all here. I've driven it a few times and with being two wheel drive and good power steering it's definitely nice to back wagons with than a mfwd tractor. It almost turns as hard as the old h.
  3. This will make the neighbors look

    Yeah half of why I got it was to save it. Couldn't stand the thought of some Mennonite buying it to pull a shitspreader with and it rusting away in 5 years. It's a rare piece of history with the way these cabs have been scrapped in the last 20 years
  4. This will make the neighbors look

    Just found this on the key. You might just be right. crazy what you find out on this site
  5. This will make the neighbors look

    Well because you can never have to many pictures here's our 560 gas and 806 diesel
  6. This will make the neighbors look

    In the background you can see our 806 diesel hooked to our 7 shank ji case chisel plow. That's our workhorse but our next biggest tractor is a 560. Also a gas. So we got this gas 806 so we have a spare if the diesel breaks down. The cab will probably be nice for picking corn as well
  7. This will make the neighbors look

    Well I bought the tractor with 3 sets of weights and a weight bar for 3500. According to friend (at cost). So I'm certain he didn't pay more than 3 for it. Not saying you couldn't be right. It's tough to find the real story sometimes.
  8. This will make the neighbors look

    Eckroth Equipment is a very good company to do buisiness with. I am about tied for distance between orefield and new ringold. However on my commute to penn state ore fields about 2 minutes out of the way. Compared to the local Deere dealer whose customer service is worse than talking to a box of rocks, I'm glad I run red and have eckroth to deal with. Also have binkley and hurst And Hoobers a 2 hour drive away. I'm blessed with having just about any part I could need at my house by the end of the day.
  9. This will make the neighbors look

    Ok. Well at least know you grabbed the right filters and the oil change went off without a hitch. Thanks and good to know you're on here.
  10. This will make the neighbors look

    Got one with it but it's a crappy Stanley muffler. It's going on shortly though
  11. This will make the neighbors look

    Could have been. He bought it but from an old guy at a sale. Maybe I think it was local though and we're in eastern pa. I know I just went to fraleys last weekend with him and it was going there if I hadn't bought it
  12. This will make the neighbors look

    $105 for the pail of low ash!!!
  13. A friend called that he just bought this from the original owner because it looked cool but needed room. So went to look at it and of course ended up with it. Original 806 gasser, fast hitch, two remotes, narrow front, with an ice cream box cab. It's in nice shape. Little dome light in the cab works. Windshield wiper works. Everything seems to run as it should. Cab has heat but no ac. 3300 hours
  14. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Back in the day(50's and 60's) there were a lot of potatoes grown around here (southern carbon county) but now you need to drive 15-20 minutes south into Lehigh county to see them. Was a a sale with two Lockwood airsep potato harvesters and thought they were really amazing pieces of machinery. Imagine a tomato harvester must be even more complex. Are a lot of acres grown in your area of the state. (Can't say I've ever seen a field of tomatos) those harvesters must be engineering marvels
  15. Feeder Market

    Oh your pretty close then. I've been up in your neck of the woods a few times. Lots and lots of ih up there. Going to fraleys on Saturday?