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  1. New toy for a demo

    Right now I’m in a doosan dl 420. It’s cheap and I’m not a fan. Just seems to have a lot of minor things keep going wrong. Only 650 hrs But my understanding is considerably cheaper than a cat or Deere. It is pretty decent size. 2 and 3/4 buckets and the trucks roll at 73000. Scale in the cab you say? Nonsense we’re to cheap for that
  2. Keystone elivator needed

    I thibk your elevator is a lost cause. Just get a 3 or 4 inch auger you can rig up somehow. Unless your trying to restore it in which case I’m no help
  3. Carlisle tires

    The Chinese tire mentioned in my original post was Sampson. Literally only wrote Chin instead of China on the tire. Absolutely garbage. Granted they’re in manure everyday but after a few months sidewalls were badly cracked. Just waiting for them to blow out now.
  4. A lost trait...

    It seems we actually talk like that around here. My grandfather whenever asked how he’s doing has said. “I’m still alive”
  5. Carlisle tires

    I haul a lot of hay on a two axel 10000 lb trailer and equipment on a 3 axel 18000 lb trailer. Constantly suffering from blow outs. Carry two spares and jack cordless impact. Can change them in under 3 min. Like said above don’t know why. They will have good tread and no weather checking and just blow out. Not leak but fly into about 500 pieces
  6. Carlisle tires

    I wondered if they had anything to do with our Carlisle but didn’t recall a tire plant there. I don’t make it there to often. Last time I was there I pulled a hay baler through downtown Harrisburg to avoid the interstate. Thanks for the link
  7. Carlisle tires

    So I picked up some new rubber for the front of the H to replace the 35+ year old Goodyear’s that were on it. Bought Carlisle tires. $140 for the tires and tubes. Say made in the USA in big letters. Any thoughts on the quality? I’m getting tired of Chinese garbage. Last one I bought was a Sampson. They couldn’t even spell China. Just said Made in Chin. Two years later and they look worse than the 35 year old Goodyear’s on the other one
  8. life in our corner

    I have browsed the internet and by my best calculation delaval could build a farm you could check in on every three days. Not sure if this is really the way of the future but one things for sure despite what anyone wants or says. Automation and getting bigger will continue and it’s best to embrace it now than fight it and play catch up later. I think this idea is still going to need skilled labor for heard health and maintenance and repair. But the days of someone who just pushes feed all day will come to an end
  9. Moisture testers

    Have the mt 16. Works fine although the mill always seems to be a point or so lower than I am. Not that that’s a bad thing
  10. I want to know more about IH??????????????

    will Case IH go back to red and white. Looks better than red on black imo. That old paint scheme combine that went around looked really neat
  11. life in our corner

    Wow we certainly don’t seem to have such a shortage around here. Most dairies can put up an ad in the local high school office and get some response. And judging by your set up your employees have a good employer. New parlor and everything works. It really is nice in a parlor. I’ve spent enough time around stanchions and tie stalls to say I would never milk that way. I’m not sure how much labor you need because I think you do 3x. Everywhere I have been does 2x. Your also a big farm. Around here the biggest local is 170. Most are 60 -210 in this area. I would love to get into dairy after college but have no idea how I could. Building the facilities is super expensive and like I said I refuse to buy a place and milk in stanchions. Probably just stick with corn and beans and beef. It works good for us now. The other nice thing about the robots is that you can work more regular hours instead of being up at 3 am every day in order to have a life and see family at night. Another question. What if a robot goes down. Would you be big enough that the others could pick up the slack. Or need to buy 1 extra and always have less going through them all. I had often thought 200 head 3 robots would be nice around here. But would you need a 4 th to cover any breakdowns. By the way I’m only 19 and it’s scary the people who im growing up with. You should sit in on some of my classes. In sociology we discussed a family. 22 yo mom. 6 kids. Gets pregnant every time boyfriend is out of prison. 3rd generation in local homeless shelter. Grandma mom daughter and now her kids too. Teacher asked class what the problem was. Apparently hereditary laziness was wrong... sigh
  12. life in our corner

    Hmmm. I would love to meet this labor. Something tells me they are way overvaluing themselves. I have a few distant relatives that self bottle. Only milk 20 or so head. Just what they sell and they’re old and refuse to update or grow business. Got 10 hr helping there. Then worked at another dairy milking 75 ish. Switching out 22 at a time in tie stalls. 8/hr but as many hours as I could work. Not just a few here and there. Now working 25 hrs /week at sand quarry. About double the pay of the farm. I also run about 120 of my own. Make probably 3/hr if I figured it out lol. And go to Penn State full time. That costs me. My point . I don’t see how the people value themselves so highly. Especially knowing they will price themselves out of a job. The robots seem reasonable in price. I thought I had heard 500k each at one time. That would be a bit much. What kind of service costs do they bring with. Can you repair yourself or do they have proprietary software. Lifespan? I really think they are the way to go. Let the cows decide when. No hitting or screaming. Very excited to follow this in your thread
  13. life in our corner

    I’m just sitting here thinking. What happens after the truck picks up. I’m used to the driver turning on the wash cycle afterward. Do the robots have a little surge tank for cows milked during that time. Do they just not allow cows in while the tank is on wash cycle. Two bulk tanks? Just wondering
  14. Woods bush hog ???

    I have a similar mower and it’s three separate belts. Still not cheap though
  15. Farmall Super C Carter Carburetor issue , leaking

    For what it’s worth i had similar troubles with an h. Bought an Case IH brand needle seat and the flat sealing washer individually. The kits have questionable quality at times. Cost me like 12 bucks and no dripping now