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  1. scrapped 1086

    No Nate the castings are 38 inch. Those are my pulling tires and they are 20.8/42 and step up rims. Thanks Kent
  2. scrapped 1086

    Thanks for the info. You saved me 4 hours of driving. I'll keep looking. Thanks again Kent
  3. scrapped 1086

    I would like a set of wedgelock wheels for my 1066. There is a 1086 scraped about 2 hours from me. Did they come with the wedgelock hubs? Thanks Kent
  4. 1066 registry

    Sure Blaine my name is Kent Wood. That's my Son Brett pulling our tractor in the 12000 lb stock class. Yes i do live on Prince Edward Island. Lots of 1066 tractors in this area. They were very popular in the potato fields for many years. That's where our 1066 lived for 30 plus years. Kent
  5. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    My 1066 showed 700 hours when i purchased it in 2012 and the second owner who i purchased it from told me it had 10000 plus 700 hours on it. I've always wondered if that really could be 20000 plus 700, but i have no way of finding out. My 1066 runs and works like new and i'm very happy with it.
  6. 1066 registry

    Here's the serial number to my 1066. 2610175U050945 Mine is semi retired and lives in PEI Canada. Kent
  7. International 384

    I have seen numerous 384's for sale here on the east coast of Canada, so IH must have sent them to Canadian dealers. Kent
  8. 1456 New to me!

    Thats a nice old tractor . I'd enjoy restoring that one. Good find. Price was good too. Kent
  9. whats it worth 584

    Its nice it has the 38 inch wheels. Make sure the brakes work properly, as it seems to be the biggest problem in that series of tractor. If its in great shape with only 2K hours it will probaly get 9 to 10 k for it, depending on location. Kent
  10. What plow for 454

    Personally i would think a tiller would work best for you. It replaces a plow, disc and harrow with one impliment. Kent
  11. Dreams can come true just look at his lineup

    Hold it...I think you hogging the 1206's. Bad Boy. LOL Kent
  12. 1486 foot throttle

    I got my foot throttle from Mark Mathis at 660-651-2941. Hope this helps. Kent
  13. At that time In potato country 16.9's were the chosen tire. Anything wider was thought to damaged the potatoes. Now in my area they run 18.4's. Kent
  14. Pictures from this year

    I love seeing farm pics. Thanks Kent
  15. How many hours on the 9? Looks like a real nice tractor.Kent