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  1. Does anyone know where I can get some interior parts? Such as knobs, gauges, etc. And the little plastic knob that shifts the 2 speed rear end
  2. My 966 does it as well, but I don't have a radio on it (who needs a radio with an S2E turbo and 4" straight pipe right?). Whenever I'm done using it I always disconnect the LH ground cable so it doesn't discharge. I'll have to do what 65806 said and test for parasitic draw when I'm home, except I'll be using the over priced snap-on meter instead of a Fluke haha
  3. Won't get interesting very fast, I'm living 10 hours from home at college working at a part time job between classes, I can only pull if there is any pulls scheduled back home during the same time as my 8-10 day long breaks from school every few months.
  4. Is yours a Bosch M100? And yes, the Brush Pullers of Mo are pretty lenient, any pump, open rpm in the heavy farm classes, etc. If I were to buy a 13mm from you I would also need the lines/injectors.
  5. I've heard that these head gaskets are actually pretty stout
  6. When I restored my 53 Super M I used a wiring harness from Steiner tractor parts. It's a little expensive but it's very good restoration quality.
  7. Now that pulling season is getting closer, I'm gonna start tinkering with the ol 966 to make sure she's ready for pulling season. I have an S2E I'm gonna throw on it, and I need to get new injectors to replace my old worn out ones. I was kinda curious on what gears you guys use when you're pulling, as I've heard a stock 1066 runs low 4 or high 1, the first time I pulled my 966 was in the 12.5 mph 11,500 class and I used High 2 with no problem. Got around 150-200' and the boost from the T04 kept climbing until it maxed out at 28psi, never even had to pull the TA back before I spun out. Never been on a dyno yet, how much power do you think I'm putting out?
  8. I'm just kinda curious to see how many Missouri people are on here. Say where your located and maybe post a picture of your machinery! Leeton, Mo here
  9. I believe Injpumped could give you some good insight on this subject. More than I can at least haha
  10. Well I finally got home from college and had time to go look at it, and it is actually a 1967 fleetstar 2000D with the 6-71 detroit diesel. Interior is pretty well shot but the rest of the truck seems to be in decent shape. Should have got pictures whileI was there but oh well haha
  11. I have a water temp and an oil temp gauge on my turboed 966, haven't seen either of them ever go above 200, and I've had the pump opened up 3 turns using a 20ft bush hog.
  12. I still have the old muffler off my 966 sitting in the garage from before I put a turbo on it. Now I run a 4" straight pipe off the turbo haha.
  13. I was rebuilding the Kohler k241 engine on my 109 that I got for $100 because it had a hole in the piston. Got it back from the machine shop and got to rebuilding it, and everything went smoothly until I put the oil pan on and realized that the oil dipper on the rod comes into contact with the oil pan and causes it to not turn over. What should I do about this?
  14. So if I were to order 6 bolt hubs and wheels, it would fit just fine? I'd only do it to lower the front end and raise the hitch a little for pulling, otherwise I'll keep the 8 bolt.
  15. So I finally got home from college and had time to go look at what I thought was a loadstar 1800 (never really looked, just drove by a few times) and found out that it is a 1967 Fleetstar 2000D with a 6-71 detroit diesel, 5 speed transmission with 2 speed rear end (I think so anyways) and one drive axle. Kinda disappointed it's not a twin screw but oh well. The back glass has a big hole in it, and has been that way sitting in the same spot for 20+ years. Anybody know where I can get parts to completely restore this old beast? I'll pretty much have to redo the whole interior but the body itself is straight. The VIN number is 417240G265688. If anyone can tell me more about the truck I'd greatly appreciate it.