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  1. Farmall H 2 way hydraulics

    Could you send a picture to me or a link to the kind of valve I need, also how would I instal it to the tractor? Sorry I am asking so many questions
  2. Farmall H 2 way hydraulics

    Hello all, Does any one have any pictures or instructions on how to get two way hydrolics on a farmall H so I can run modern implements? Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Tax deductible tractor donation?

    Hello all, my friend told me he got a tractor from a guy and all he wanted was a tax deductible paper instead of money. Is this true? If so how does this work?
  4. 986 hydro failure

    Yeah that’s on the list of things to do
  5. 986 hydro failure

    Nice! I like the loader on there
  6. 986 hydro failure

    Oh yeah gotta love it!
  7. 986 hydro failure

    I will do that thank you for the info
  8. 986 hydro failure

    This is my 986
  9. 986 hydro failure

    Do I have to split the tractor to fix this?
  10. 986 hydro failure

    I can’t drive it because the axel housing broke when it hit a tree from rolling after it failed
  11. 986 hydro failure

    Hello, I am working on the 986 I got from a local farmer, said it had a complete hydraulic failure (no brakes,steering, anything)and was parked, anyone know why this happened and how I can fix it? any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Hello, I just did a 12 volt conversion on my H. Cranks over very fast but is not showing spark. Also the engine turns over with the power button off. I have a 12 volt coil installed on it. any help is greatly appreciated
  13. 986 axel

    axle is not broken just the axle housing
  14. 986 axel

    tractor downhill on a hill connected to a baler....baler hit a tree and jackknifed it into the axel.
  15. 986 axel

    okay thank you for your help