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  1. MTO.......Hope you keep making progress and can continue a good relationship with the neighbor. As part of my occupation, I am involved with issues like this far too often. This will come as no surprise, but I can tell you that when both parties are decent and neighborly to each other the outcomes are much more pleasant. Many times it's just a matter of good communication. So, the coffee, being nice, tactful, and careful in my experiences can get you a long way in a situation like this. I would add as an FYI that some of the advice posted earlier is especially good advice..........I don't know PA land law, but would warn you that most everywhere in this country property owners have to be careful about letting others "use" their property. Use of property by others in some cases can "ripen" into ownership of the property by that party if certain criteria are met. A couple of legal terms that come to mind are adverse possession and acquiescence. They are something to be aware of.......no one wants to lose ground they have title to......and I have seen it happen. Good luck and keep us updated.
  2. We picked up an 1830 vibra shank this year. Have been very happy with the job it does. Our previous cultivator had the danish tines and did not do well. We have some pretty heavy clay soils......seems like the danish were not stiff/heavy enough.........they did seem to dance around our weeds. That 1830 is a pretty heavy rig for the 1466, but does a good job.
  3. The last team of horses to leave my grandpa's farm was traded in on his new super c....I believe that was 1955.
  4. Thanks for the leads fellas. Will check into them to see if we can make it work.
  5. Hey guys.......I have questions on a 955 6RN planter that I have a chance to buy.........and I have little knowledge of the Cyclo planters other than my dad's old 400 which was retired long ago. I will be planting my 4th crop of corn/beans this year and have always worked with a neighbor to plant. Decided this year was the year to plant my own and ran across a decent 955 planter. The tractor I have available is a 1466. When I looked at the planter I found out it has no PTO hydraulic pump on it. Will the 1466 hydraulics work with this planter??........it is looking to me like I might need a newer system with flow control to adjust air pressure?? If a PTO pump is the only way to make it work, how big of a deal/cost is it to get it going? Thanks in advance.