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  1. Looking sharp!.......have to say I like your choice of color on the front wheels.
  2. A couple arms/shanks.....
  3. Got the seat suspension rebuilt.......thanks to Todd Roberts at the Farmall Shop.........would recommend Todd to anyone. It was in pretty bad shape before. We started working on the cultivators in our free time the past couple of weeks. We are painting the lower arms black with rattle cans (Hopefully the correct police are ok with this). The red we are going to get cleaned up and sprayed with the tractor. Ended up digging the two row frames out of the shed and are doing those too.
  4. IH Crazy.........you hit the nail on the head with the "poor man" description:).........Grandpa bought it from Burg's in 1970. I was told the side platform toolbox's were another custom deal from them........you ever see many of them around the area?
  5. From what I understand it was an option our local dealer offered. I believe the tool box/platform steps on each side were also specific to this dealer? I do remember dad having some brackets that attached to each side of that drawbar and at one time when I was younger and he pulled a 4 bottom semi mounted plow with it. The hydraulic drawbar also allowed him to use a round bale/stack mover even though it didn't have a lot of range up and down. It was also nice for hooking up implements.........raise or lower it as you backed in. The way it is plumbed you either have flow to the drawbar and one remote out the back, or if you switch it you have flow to a remote on each side at the front of the platform.
  6. Not sure if we will be bringing anything to Des Moines..........the 756 will be earning it's keep at that point in the summer with the cultivator on it. Here are a few before picks of the #68. We are going to be working on it the next few weeks getting it field ready......and will probably give it a face lift too. The 56 series tractor is the feature of this years roundup........correct?
  7. A little more.....the neighbor pretty much retired a year or two ago. Right before he called it quits he had some motor issues, so ended up getting the local shop (old IH mechanics from when the IH dealer closed after the merger) to rebuild the motor, do the clutch, and supposedly the TA. He used it for the next summer on the square baler and sounds like that was about it until we got it. So we haven't had to do much motor wise to it.........mainly minor things. In the process of getting the mechanical seat suspension rebuilt, some of the wiring harness has been replaced pretty recently........we are replacing the rear light harness that goes to the "deluxe fenders". The short harness behind the gauges is in pretty tough shape too. Is needing a tach drive........shows around 6000 hours, but don't know how long the tach hasn't been working. Some of the other gauges aren't working. We are going to ad an oil pressure gauge of some sort to it........the idiot light is o.k., but would like to have the gauge also. Other than that extracting a few twisted off sheet metal bolts, packing wheel bearings, changing fluids.........and a date with the paint wrench. When we got it we also picked up a front mount 4 row cultivator.........think its a #68. Planning on refurbishing that before the cultivating season also. Mechanically it doesn't look like it's in too bad of shape....like most of the cultivators of that era it isn't much to look at cosmetically.......think it spent a fair amount of it's life outside.
  8. Thought I would share with you a little about my Grandpa's 756 gasser that he bought new in 1970. It was on the farm until the mid 90's when Dad sold it to a neighbor. We had the chance to get it back a few months ago and have started the freshening up process. It was still pretty straight......just needed some TLC. Fixed some minor issues and delivered it to the painter night before last. Will try to remember to keep posting as things progress.
  9. MTO.......Hope you keep making progress and can continue a good relationship with the neighbor. As part of my occupation, I am involved with issues like this far too often. This will come as no surprise, but I can tell you that when both parties are decent and neighborly to each other the outcomes are much more pleasant. Many times it's just a matter of good communication. So, the coffee, being nice, tactful, and careful in my experiences can get you a long way in a situation like this. I would add as an FYI that some of the advice posted earlier is especially good advice..........I don't know PA land law, but would warn you that most everywhere in this country property owners have to be careful about letting others "use" their property. Use of property by others in some cases can "ripen" into ownership of the property by that party if certain criteria are met. A couple of legal terms that come to mind are adverse possession and acquiescence. They are something to be aware of.......no one wants to lose ground they have title to......and I have seen it happen. Good luck and keep us updated.
  10. We picked up an 1830 vibra shank this year. Have been very happy with the job it does. Our previous cultivator had the danish tines and did not do well. We have some pretty heavy clay soils......seems like the danish were not stiff/heavy enough.........they did seem to dance around our weeds. That 1830 is a pretty heavy rig for the 1466, but does a good job.