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  1. I don't know about this one.......there wasn't one with it when we bought it. We do have the rear section on our 2 row cultivators for our Super C's, but I don't remember ever using it.
  2. Thanks......looks like you have a nice one to start with......I always liked the wide front on those tractors.
  3. Was able to get a little more of the cultivator put back together......
  4. Thought I would update a little......working in the office today after some more rain and need a break...........got it back from the painter last Saturday afternoon. Always amazes me what a little shiny paint can do. We also started mounting the cultivator the last couple days in our free time. Everything seems to be working out pretty well. Next will be to get the shovel frames mounted and some decals put on the cultivator...........and an oil change......that orange oil filter needs to go.
  5. Got a few pics from the painter. We are making a little progress. The cultivator is painted also.......will try to get a few pics posted of that sometime soon.
  6. Looking for some help on an older IH 496 disk........25' wide and 9" spacing........and it is a rock-flex. We are looking to replace at least the front blades as they are in pretty tough shape. They measure anywhere from 17" to 19".......Someone must have had it apart and only replaced a few blades. The rear blades are in good shape and measure about 20" pretty consistently. The question I have is with what diameter should we replace the fronts.........how much clearance should there be between the edge of the blade and the rectangle tube frame? According to the part numbers on the existing blades......it looks like they were 22". I did some measuring and if I put 22" back on it, there will be only an inch or so of clearance between the edge of the blade and the rectangle tube frame above them. I can also see where the rock flex allowed the old blades to rub a few spots.....mainly on the brackets that hold the rock flex standards to the frame. My dealer is telling me to use 22"..........I am wondering if I should put 20" to help with the clearance issue.
  7. Looking sharp!.......have to say I like your choice of color on the front wheels.
  8. A couple arms/shanks.....
  9. Got the seat suspension rebuilt.......thanks to Todd Roberts at the Farmall Shop.........would recommend Todd to anyone. It was in pretty bad shape before. We started working on the cultivators in our free time the past couple of weeks. We are painting the lower arms black with rattle cans (Hopefully the correct police are ok with this). The red we are going to get cleaned up and sprayed with the tractor. Ended up digging the two row frames out of the shed and are doing those too.