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  1. I enjoy looking at everyone else's pics so I thought I'd post a few pics from around here that I got between the rain showers..........feel free to post some of yours!!
  2. GRANDPA'S 756

    I don't know about this one.......there wasn't one with it when we bought it. We do have the rear section on our 2 row cultivators for our Super C's, but I don't remember ever using it.
  3. GRANDPA'S 756

    Thanks......looks like you have a nice one to start with......I always liked the wide front on those tractors.
  4. GRANDPA'S 756

    Was able to get a little more of the cultivator put back together......
  5. GRANDPA'S 756

    Thought I would update a little......working in the office today after some more rain and need a break...........got it back from the painter last Saturday afternoon. Always amazes me what a little shiny paint can do. We also started mounting the cultivator the last couple days in our free time. Everything seems to be working out pretty well. Next will be to get the shovel frames mounted and some decals put on the cultivator...........and an oil change......that orange oil filter needs to go.
  6. GRANDPA'S 756

    Got a few pics from the painter. We are making a little progress. The cultivator is painted also.......will try to get a few pics posted of that sometime soon.