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  1. failed oil filter ?

    I find this topic interesting. I run fleet guard oil filters on my tractor. The oil pressure at idle is 65 to 70 psi depending on how warm the oil is. About 120 psi going down the track. My engine builder recommended only running fleet guard filter because he has had others split the case.
  2. I was wondering if anyone made a CIH 5240 TWD without cab. I have 4 grandsons and I would love to find them to give to them. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving
  3. Land rent contracts

    I agree with using lawyer. The lease agreement I use states if he goes broke he can not rent land out. I have a great tenant who farmed the land for my mother for years. I try to keep if fair so everyone is happy.
  4. Land rent contracts

    I only use 5 year lease for the land that I rent out. 100% payment in spring. My tenant is very happy with deal.
  5. My best run of the year

    Here is video that friend took of my best run of the year.
  6. Veteran's Day

    God bless the Veterans. We owe them so much.
  7. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    I like the 400 series because of the parts availability and horse power you can make with them. They are like small block Chevy lots of options. It is easy to get 900 to 1000 horsepower out of one. Thanks to the Veterans for their service.
  8. Last run of the year

    the tach is on the list of updates. A better turbo is on the top of the list. I need to clean the wiring up. too many old wires dangling around for my liking. Have a safe fall.
  9. Last run of the year

    It was a fun day for CPS. More tractors than fans. Another view of the run
  10. Last run of the year

    Here is my last run of the year. Tractor is winterized and ready to going into storage.
  11. Camera

    it takes a picture at a set time. google how to set the camera how to do it
  12. Camera

    I like go pro. You can set up for time lapse pictures.
  13. Last ride for 2017! KS State Fair

    Very nice run. I find you tractor name interesting Midnight Mistress because my tractor use to be the midnight mistress when Jim Eckenrod (sp) owned. Keep up the good work.
  14. my run at glenwood city

    I hope to. I am fixing a radiator leak right now and hope the rain holds off.