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  1. hello,


    was reading your post about the hydraulic seat accumulator and wondered if you had any luck.

    I have a 1066 and my accumulator has been non-charged since i bought the tractor 6 years ago.

    well now it is leaking where it screws onto the seat height cylinder. $400 just seems like too much to pay and was wondering if you found an alternative??


    My accumulator has the mfg sticker and part number on it.  It says it is Made by Greer Olaer and the part # is A66789 200.  I did a quick search and not being too computer savy I didnt get very far.

    I might cap my off unless a more reasonable price option is found

    1. Wisconsinred


      Deere can get you one for about $100.00 cheaper otherwise no I haven't found anything. And anything used is probably going to be just like what you have but you may get lucky and find one that can be charged again. Almost sounds like you might just need an o ring where it screws on? And if the cylinder it's self is leaking you can reseal it too

    2. SAJ1000


      I ended up buying the Deere one. Like you said, It cost 335  but was about 100 cheaper.


      The threads on my original accumulator were a little messed up , but I charged it up with compressed air

      and it seemed to be holding...at least overnite.  Anyway , I figured after I spent alot of time on it

      ....it would probably leak down any way so I bought the deere one.  


      thanks for the response

  2. H1 direct is pretty far away from h2 ta on my 66 keep in mind much closer gearing on the 88s the 15 will be a large jump between each gear
  3. We set the reman at 215 at rated on the dyno, but when we seen how it smoked under load I had him come out and turn it down 2 turns back down to what it was at on the original engine but that was not the issue pumps needs to be gone through.
  4. After a long talk with mechanic that did the install we concluded new injectors or old pump going to send the pump out as soon as budget allows was hoping it was something cheaper but guess we shoulda did this in the beginning but we figured it was good
  5. Can't seem to find any where only leak is exhaust at the manifold split
  6. Checked time everything is at 18. I mentioned earlier my manifold is leaking where the two halves come together when we swapped we had it reground now it seals to the head perfectly but I don't remember it leaking here before, could this be some of the issue turbo not building enough pressure? Any fix for this or just replace? Just trying to eliminate possible items before throwing $$$$$ at it
  7. Hey ed what would it cost a guy to have an ambac 100 gone through? Thinking something internal is wrong just put in a reman 466 on our 1566 now it has a constant light amount of smoke everything is timed right it doesn't matter how hard your working smoke is always there when its working idles fine starts fine just smokes when it's working 

    1. Injpumped


      1000 to 1200 is pretty typical. 

  8. Black stripes definitely look better like that than bright shiny new paint jmho
  9. Gotta love the patina on your tractors doesn't get much prettier!
  10. Will do my intravance is rattling at idle don't matter if it's 30 wt or 15 -40 came to me with 15-40 we run 30 could that be some of the issue?
  11. Brand new borg warner 3lm466 turbo, I'll feel the lines and listen close when I get to it today but I haven't noticed a beat to it
  12. Not really once your working it's a constant light black very light colored but it's constant never increases or decreases once your working it
  13. yeah the guy who put it in for me has put a lot of them in for guys never had an issue, my issue has to be inj pump related
  14. Could a worn intravance cause this?
  15. Just swapped a src reman in my 1566 re used old pump new 3lm turbo old manifolds new injectors initially mechanic set it at 215 started using it noticed it wanted to smoke a light amount under load no matter how heavy or light the load was he came back out of turned it 2 turns now it's a lighter smoke but essentially the same thing what's going on here. Manifold has a smal leak where the two halves mate never noticed it before but not sure if that would have anything to do with it or not also had it machined down to edit to ad cam nose is strait level