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  1. Yeah you don't loose to much 06 kinda sucks you have to put a new gasket on intstead of just the o ring
  2. Sounds good oil has maybe 300 hours I think
  3. Have our 6 row 900 on the 1206 noticed lately it's slow to raise it I know we have the higher pressure valve did that years ago, it does have dry fert but that doesnt seem to affect raises the same weather its full or empty I need to plant 4 headlands to get it raised and turned around comfortably like to only do 3. Do they just raise slow because of the orifice's on the hoses? Maybe I should change the Hydraulic filter haven't done it yet this yeae
  4. you might be on to something there
  5. I'll know for sure if monitor is correct or the chart when I finish this 54 acres
  6. K I'll give that a try
  7. Have always noticed planting corn my pop on the early riser monitor is always 1,000 or so higher than the chart says monitor seems to be correct, say I set for 22,700 I get 23,500-24 with Beans the monitor is spot on, could any shed some light on what's going on here
  8. Follow dt 466 reman is on its way in thanks for the help guys
  9. Sound good, who's got the best deal on the S2e?
  10. Thanks I like whistle a lot that's what I was looking for
  11. Sure it's been discussed before but looking at a reman 466 and would like to go to either one of these over the to4 will be going in a 1566 set around 190-200hp doing every thing from blower to spreader to tillage thanks
  12. Right on bitty we have 8 400 series right now only have had issues with one other, I just bought this 15 have 50 hours on it is beautiful started workin her doing tillage and bam this happens kick in the boys for sure. It has the filter coolant looked great not sure what happened or why it happened but I don't know it's past or what it's done all its life
  13. Right, I'm at a crossroads right now where I would like to do it but time is not on my side. Have a really good shop local that's about half of the case ih dealerships going to get ahold of them tomorrow and see what they have to say on a price.
  14. Alright guys got pan off leaking between sleeve and block on the 3rd cylinder from the front
  15. That's the plan I've worked on all of our equipment since I was in my teens just never tackled and engine mainly because weve never had any major engine issues with our 7 400 series engines, so I feel it's time to take this one on myself have a service manual coming and have lots of resources between red power and my friends.