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  1. X5 it's worth it to get a good harness.
  2. Those are some really nice lookin 1456's!! I'd love to have just one
  3. 2 1256's
  4. You could always get 30w oil from someone like Amsoil. Just a thought Martin
  5. Just need to put the 1256 emblems on
  6. Oring 1 1/4 x 1 1/ 2 x 1/8 for tube to cooler
  7. Oring 1 1/4 x 1 1/ 2 x 1/8 for tube to cooler
  8. 368548r1 I think this is the part #
  9. Gphillips I would look at the mx120 or larger like you have. Something with an inline 6 cyclinder and not the 4 banger. We have a ts 110 with the 4 and wish we had gotten a ts125. It will be better on fuel because it won't have to work as hard
  10. That right there is better than hitting the lottery can't put a price on owning a piece of GREAT AMERICAN HISTORY. I'm jealous congratulations on your find.
  11. I think I would sell the 1456 hood if it's in good shape and find a 806 hood to cut holes in. The 1456 hood is longer I believe. They didn't make a lot of them be a shame to cut one up. IMO
  12. I used them for all the hood and side panels plus the dash think i ordered 4 boxes.
  13. Go to McMaster Carr and put in part #97646A150.. I'm having trouble linking it..