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  1. I just found out from the guy I bought it from the difference was the stiffness of the detent so I'm good to go. Thanks
  2. It off a 544 or 656. I got it on eBay
  3. Should have specified both are closed end valves just unsure if there are and differences to keep me from being able to use the 390827r1 in place of the other.
  4. Does anyone know the difference between part# 390826r2 & 390827r1? It's on my 1256. Can I use either one ? Thanks Martin
  5. He's probably tough as nails and stubborn as an ox like most farmers. He has to get back in action soon he has tractor projects to attend to. Best wishes and prayers. Martin
  6. X2 on the radiant heat in the floor wish we put it ours. Live and learn.
  7. I love all the polished little pieces! Looks like a true masterpiece. Martin
  8. X2. Looks good in work clothes
  9. Front emblem a friend made up quick.. What you think Martin
  10. Thanks 65806. I'm just happy I'm done with it and can enjoy mowing hay with it this year. Still need to put the emblems and battery cover on.
  11. A couple pics of the 12 and my helpers
  12. Another fine 56 series find!
  13. I have and 04 500 ranger with a couple thousand hours on it. I've been threw basically the hole thing except the motor and still love it wouldn't want to be without one. It's had a pretty hard life to.