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  1. Have you ever been stiffed purchasing parts online?

    USPS lost hydraulic valve I bought off eBay. I received a bag with my shipping label cut out of the box the valve was in and a letter from the USPS saying my part had been lost during transit. Never got a dime for it even though they told me they lost it even after 2-3 appeals along with my proof of purchase. Don’t us USPS anymore.
  2. Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    Stock one for me..
  3. IH 1456

    Another one that looks awesome in work clothes...
  4. IH 1456

    Looks like it's just about ready to go back to work. Nice job!
  5. IH 1456

    Another nice find!!
  6. Adios IH 1256

    Wish I was the one buying it. Love the 1256.
  7. Wvo

    I get it from a nut roasting facility for next to nothing and it's like new almost. you could use it to cook if you wanted. They go threw totes of it at a time.
  8. Wvo

    The oil I use is straight sunflower or conola no fats in it. It's not restaurant grease.
  9. Wvo

    I used to run biodiesel b100 but it's not cost effective and now doing the veggie blend I get the lubercation that modern diesel lacks and older stuff needs. I know it's not for everyone I like my fuel bill now though.
  10. Wvo

    I filter it down to 2 microns. It's good clean oil though.
  11. Wvo

    Just curios if anyone is running waste vegetable oil (wvo) as an alternative fuel in the older tractors. I've just started with a blend of 50/50 wvo and diesel in my 1256.
  12. 826 Engine Swap

    Thanks bmk. Either tractor 826 or the 1256 are great tractors for doing hay work. I love mowing with the 1256. I wouldn't gut a 56 series unless I absolutely had to.
  13. 826 Engine Swap

    I would see if the 1256 is good to run and then just use that. That's my mowing tractor
  14. Performance chips

    You can try Calibrated Power Solutions. They do custom tuning on tractors.
  15. IH 1256

    Is this the delta 12 or another one? Looks good and ready for work... is it for sale?