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  1. John Deere answer to a TA

    If you lose one side do you still have the other? Or are you dead in the water when they go out?
  2. Non corrosive tire ballast (fluid) ?

    I have been running used antifreeze because it's free, but ideally I would like methanol. I think a person would have much less of a mess when you tear a tire down to patch the tube. Cacl and antifreeze get sticky and cacl burns the skin a bit. I think methanol would just evaporate once you wipe it off.
  3. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    Ohh ok. Makes sense.
  4. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    I think you're right now that I opened the description... he had put that the cost was $435 and I just stumbled on that on ebay.
  5. Looking for grille screen 88 series
  6. Pulling ripper with 1086

    He isn't going to take the rear end out of that tractor pulling 3 shanks. He doesn't even have duals on and his tires are wore.... I have the weigh tickets to prove deep ripping pays in my ground. I did a 5 acre plot where the only difference from the rest of the field was it wasn't ripped... 13bpa less than the other 25 acres in that field.
  7. Building a Sentry Module

    I should state what my current problem is. My tractor is locking itself in both sides at once, and the Sentry isn't kicking out like it should be. I thought I had heard the problem with the test harness using just relays was that it didn't wait for one clutch pack to release before engaging the other. I thought the Sentry allowed one side to drop pressure before engaging the other. The Sentry is also suppose to disengage both sides if one side gets hung up for some mechanical reason. My delay would only be .1 of a second... not enough time for the trans to go stationary and break things when it rengages.
  8. Building a Sentry Module

    Care to elaborate? I'm still trying to understand how they worked from the factory. That is what I gained from reading the service bulletin.
  9. Building a Sentry Module

    It will not apply pressure to either shift solenoid until pressure has dropped off in the other.
  10. IH 155 5 bottom rollover plow

    I would say it is 90% roll overs here. I pull 4-18s with a 1086 or 3588 but i think either would handle 5-18s in our soil. The only time I plow is when going from established alfalfa to corn.
  11. Building a Sentry Module

    I revised my drawing a little after reviewing the wiring diagram. I see now that it uses a switched ground in most places instead of a switched 12v+. I went ahead and ordered the weatherpack connectors to plug into the existing harness. I need to research a little more and decide weather to use time delay relays or a Arduino board. From a simplicity standpoint, I think the relays would be the easiest way to go. But, with an Arduino I should be able to maintain function of the sentry light and different time delays.
  12. Building a Sentry Module

    That's exactly where I'm at. I gave $6500 for the tractor. I can't justify putting $2300 into a sentry.
  13. Building a Sentry Module

    I don't plan on building these to sell.
  14. Building a Sentry Module

    I'm not sure... Why?
  15. Building a Sentry Module

    I'm sure I could take it apart, but from what I understand they use some sort of a logic board, and I haven't been able to find a schematic for that. So, unless it is a very simple board built off of a breadboard, I'm not certain I could figure it out.