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  1. The Florida keys survived

    Lol. Yeah, I'm getting that way too.
  2. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    There were definitely some deals to be had at that auction. Those magnums went very reasonably too.
  3. Wow. Quite a few of you guys were on here years before I even got the internet! I don't remember exactly when that was but it was in the mid 2000s. January 2016 for my join date. This is the only forum I post on anymore.
  4. Anybody looking for a 'hobby' farm????

    Was through Pierre on hwy 34 over thanksgiving. I think I saw more corn one we got east of the Cheyenne River than anything else, including pasture. It's kind of sickening.
  5. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    The old 560 is my favorite to run even if it is the least comfortable.
  6. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    I'm about certain the f25 on my 560 goes higher than 21ft. Sure feels higher than that when you're in the bucket anyway haha
  7. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    I've never seen one of those before, but for a designed loader it doesn't look like it has very good bucket visability when it's on the ground. Or can you see under that cross bar?
  8. Where has this been all my life...

    Looks real good. I want to covert my rhino to hydraulic. Can you still flip the blade around and push in reverse?
  9. local 5488

    I gave $6000 this summer my 2wd w/duals and a full rack of weights. It's not a gem but it sure isn't hashed. A bit rough but all there FWA 5288 brought $14k at an auction hete this summer and it had a $8k loader on it. I agree $30k is high.
  10. Big Iron, Auction Time, Purple Wave or ??

    Not trying to turn this in to a for sale ad, but what are you trying to get rid of? I've bought some stuff off auctiontime and bigiron and check both often. Never been on purplewave.
  11. New to me pickup.

    The one in my 93 is stuck up, but i don't think its b&w brand. It's round shank. I have pounded on it from the top, bottom, sides, soaked it in pb... even lifted the back half of the pickup by it and pounded on it with a bar... might as well be welded.
  12. Dow passed 24,000

    I know those are just hypothetical numbers but that is a total BS mindset. This isn't grade school where you have to be sure to be fair to everyone as to not hurt their feelings. If someone makes more money, they should get to keep it, not give it away because other people are less successful.
  13. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    There are a couple guys around here with the uni-system and 6 row heads. This year one guy came up with some monstrous picker with an 8 row head, not sure of the brand but it is huge and he can really cover some acres. With 3 people (one picking, one unloading wagons, and one shuttling wagons) our 2 row picker never stops moving in 7 ton/acre corn and it is about the perfect flow. If we were picking much faster the bottleneck would be the unloading and we would need to find a bigger elevator.
  14. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    I've always been told it takes 70# of ear corn to make a bushel of shell corn. If my math is right that makes around $4.38/bushel. Plus I can get my corn out earlier than combining. It's cheaper than cake (albeit lower protein) and cattle can pick it off the ground when there is snowcover. They lose a lot of corn on the ground if it's not on the ear.