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  1. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    re: "me and Johnny Cash building....." and-------complete with a Massey-Harris radiator. (working on the Cadilac------while riding "the train" on out to Folsum Prison!!!) Something about the stark simplicity of the old rusty Massey radiator that always appeals to me. Not one of mine nor my dad's favorite tractors. Daddy bought the Challengers to pacify one of his old life long Harvester friends who was the blockman for M-H and then later A-C. Seems like the Challenger engines were not that durable vs the old Farmalls. Sorta scarce tractors down in these parts. DD
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hammer's Scout is a nice looking truck alright. Don't ever remember seeing the Nissan diesel version. Reb's had the AMC 258 6 cylinder----with a 3 speed. Light weight and plenty of power for us with the low range 4 wheel drive. Bought it used at low mileage and used it around the farm until Reb got his drivers license. (and------then the little Scout went to work) Found a wrecked Scout that acted as the parts department------kept us going until the rust worms eventually out rans us. Still got both of them sitting on the yard. ******* No experience with terracers here in the flatlands of the Delta. Do see some terraces in our rolling hill areas adjoining the Delta. I found a huge terrace on a farm recently along the Delta bluff line. So large-------I wondered what it had been built with-----maybe with a road grader??? DD
  3. A video for those people scared of heights

    At that altitude-----I kept waiting to see Randy Sohn (aka: "the Blue Goose") to come circling by!!! (And-----it turns out ol' Randy has been there). I take my hat off to whoever this guy is. DD
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Hammer----- You had to work hard to get that little Scout stuck. I used to track water furrows out in the mud with my '73 (?) model. Only remember getting stuck once with it-----while driving my dad across some fresh cleared "new ground" when I stalled out in a seemingly not too boggy bottom. After rocking back and forth a few times (sinking deeper)-------my dad commented that the front wheels were not spinning. Hello--------somebody had locked out the manual locking front hubs!!!! Before cell phones-----It was a looong walk to get a tractor on a hot Sunday afternoon. (my dad just took a nap) After my son got his drivers license-------he drove it many a "rough trodden" mile. Still have it sitting in the "scrap iron graveyard" as Gary refers to it. (lots of rust) Giving credit where due------sand is definitely a different animal than mud!!! (don't need to spin but one time) DD
  5. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Reckon stuck is stuck wherever you are ( brings back old memories). I always figured the heavy weight of the big steamers and our sometimes extremely wet soils were one reason that the steam traction engines were never that popular here in the Delta area for farming purposes. Plus---------reportedly, it was a good idea to manage your water levels and steam pressures while operating the steam engines. Our Delta labor force seemed much better geared toward operating the mule than a steam engine. If the "operator" happen to fall asleep with the mule------the mule would simply call time out and take a nap with him. Plus------the mule always remembered how to get both himself and his "operator" back to the barn at quitting time. Conclusion-----managing the steamer was much more complicated than managing a self-thinking mule. ***** Can't quite see how the John Deere got to where he is without leaving tracks?? DD
  6. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Professor---- I will furnish you with a polka dot hard hat if you will come down an organize my junked up shop. Mike's always looks immaculate. Funny about this falling situation-----it happens in a snap of your fingers;---------but, seems like I am falling for a day and a half!!!! Can't help from laughing at yourself-------while you are cringing from the pain. And----then you feel the pain more the next day. Never felt the train wrecks when playing football-------now you feel the licks through the TV. What happened along the way?? DD
  7. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Regardless of "my inaccurate reporting"------this outcome is still a disgrace to the military and the citizens of the United States. May be that "General Public" may want to have a few words with Bergdahl. And-------my old and faded as$ is still on fire. May be that the old codger generation is too old too understand the modern way??? But I am not interestered in learning the new way!!!! Y'all will just have to accept me "As-Is". Happy Veteran's Day to all that served-----thank you for your service whenever and wherever. Edit: and thanks for the posts that clarified the reporting Delta Dirt (Avon Ms 38723)
  8. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    The Bergdahl court martial acquittal is a total insult to anybody who ever served or is currently serving in our MILITARY-------let alone a total disrepect for the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this country. Seems like there were several injuries and deaths related to the search for him?? This basturrd walked off of his post (defected to the enemy)--------and gets off with a slap on the wrist by a military judge. Traitors use to be placed in front of a firing squad. Tonight (just before Veteran's Day)------I just heard on the news that the Army is now considering if he is due back pay of approximately $300,000. Where is common sense and the sense of responsibility in this country anymore????? And------this was a military court. Am I missing something here?? This burns my as$. Delta Dirt (Avon Ms 38723) Once a Marine------always a Marine!!!
  9. New joke

    U-C------- Where did you find that picture of me. Laughed out loud when I saw it------and showed it to my wife!!! DD
  10. In happy news

    Thanks for reminding us Mader. I feel better already after reading the good news!!!!!! DD
  11. New joke

    Re: sexual harassment With all of the charges of sexual harassment being made--------it occurred to me that we should file charges of sexual harassment against Nancy Pelosi. She has been trying to "screw" the entire country for years!!!! DD
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    TwoStep---- He mounted the tanks himself-----had some help from L-P distributor on vaporizer, etc and then did the rest himself (with farm labor). Basically all done at one time sometime in late 40's----maybe 1950;-----including acquisition of 6,000 gallon bulk tank. I was just a kid. I remember him buying L-P gas out of Eldorada, Arkansas for $0.03/gallon-------that basically paid the trucking for the refinery to get rid of it. Otherwise-----they were burning it off. L-P most likely caught his attention through his early development work on the flame cultivator at the end of WWII. ******* Tractor pictured in your quote is a REGULAR---------with the new style F-20 enclosed steering box. DD
  13. farmall axle planter sprocket

    dumb question: If the accumulator wagon is hooked directly behind the tractor------won't you need a pick up device to feed the bales into the bale through on the accumulator wagon. As pictured------the bales come directly off the tail of the baler onto the accumulator wagon. I may be missing something here?? ******* My hay experience is limited to feeding hay to the "famous horse" Wrangler who started out to be the grandchildren's horse and ended up being my best friend. Had him for near 10 years----my health got slow and I found him a good home in Arkansas. We didn't know much about baling hay------but Wrangler knew how to process it!!!! DD
  14. farmall axle planter sprocket

    Son is 47-----been working in seismic industry out of Houston for years. Big lay offs came in oil industry and wife had family in Cleveland----so they sold house in Texas and moved to Cleveland. All of that area has good schools and appealing to them (just not much work In the pay scale range he was accustomed to). But----In his work he would be travelling a lot anyway. Now he is back to work in Houston and renting a house approx 2 miles from the house they sold. . Trips back to Alabama on some of his off time. DD
  15. farmall axle planter sprocket

    Interesting operation-----never been around much modern hay equipment. Looks as if hydraulic drive might simplify things------keep you in a much more versatile situation tractor wise??? What is the use of the alfalfa-----have always enjoyed the smell of it. Where are you located in Alabama? My son lives in Cleveland, Alabama (north of Birmingham). I am situated along the Mississippi River (south of Greenville) in the Delta------not much livestock in the area. DD