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  1. Re: horse hair air cleaners....Oliver The early Farmall Regulars had flannel cloth air cleaners- - - - - wonder when they switched to oil bath??? Apparently not much thought was given to clean air in the early engineering process. Have heard my dad talk about that but don't remember details. DD
  2. Fred's picture was there earlier- - - - now it shows as a link. Won't open for me either. DD
  3. Looking good Hammer. I am thinking "spiked" is corn terminoligy. But I have always been confused about corn terminoligy. I always talked about corn "tasseling"- - - - - - - And someone corrected me saying: "corn tossels" and "women tassel". I don't know- - - - - still puzzles me?? DD
  4. I notice what looks like a hotel in the background of one picture- - - - - - don't be checking into those hotels Tony. The old camping pros say you are supposed to blow the horn and wave as you pass your old hotel stops!!!! Keep on rolling- - - - - - that looks like a really enjoyable rig. Keep us posted- - - - - be careful- - - - - - most of all: HAVE FUN!!!! DD
  5. back to Sledge, Mississippi and Charley Pride-----see alot of markers for blues musicians scattered across Mississippi; but not that many country musicians. No doubt Charley Pride is one of the best. Sledge is like most other small country towns here in the Delta----------just about everything is dried up here but the water tank-------------and the beer coolers. Sledge is located in one of the premier duck hunting areas of the south. DD
  6. Ran up on this picture of my watermelon patch from 2015 a couple of days after I had used my hand wand with the "dust pan" shield. Most of that grass is nut sedge or crab grass----------but I burn whatever is there. Uhhhhh-------can't remember exactly what chemical; but it is not Round-Up; just a contact kill with no trans-location into the roots. Will have to find a picture of the dust pan spray shield--------------think somebody said that you can buy something similar from some of the supply houses. I must have a total of near $3.00 in my apparatus. ********** I am still watching for the arrival of those old abandoned wagon wheels stashed away behind the barn up there in Montana----------but, looks like you just can't find reliable shippers anymore. I shipped watermelons to Montana the first year via steamboat----no luck; then last year shipped via our old reliable and trusting friend Roger in his AutoWagon. Don't have any idea of what Roger did with those melons-------------now it looks like he won't even come here on the board and visit with us anymore!!!!! ************ We have been lucky with our rainfall for the last couple of weeks------------just getting light showers. Sure do see some heavy stuff that has moved through the mid-west area recently. The Big River stands about 6 ft above flood stage here locally (that's out of it's banks, but behind the mainline Levee)---------most likely will see more rise coming after this week's rains north of us up in the mid-west areas. Hoping everybody's crops are doing OK. DD
  7. Looking at the tractor line up with the N series Fords - - - - - it occurred to me that I hardly ever see any TO- 20; nor TO- 30 Ferguson's pictured at plow days or tractor shows. Do ya'll see many around anymore?? Use to be sorta popular down here along with the little Fords as utility tractors- - - - - - but don't see many anymore. I learned to drive on a 9N and 8N- - - - - - standing up to clutch and brake; but seemed to never be any brakes!!!! (and that makes a better driver out of you) DD
  8. Not familiar with Lexar. I sprayed corn over top with Atrazine and Dual- - - - - - - corn is pretty clean. Nut grass is coming strong in watermelons, peppers, okra- - - - - - -with no residual herbicides applied. I did cover everything (excluding corn) with the little red plastic Solo cups and blistered with Gramoxone a couple of weeks ago. Gave young plants a head start on grass. (shame I ruined the cups by punching a hole in them and anchoring them to the ground with welding rod; otherwise they would have come in handy for the 4th July) Old Codgers have to be innovative. DD
  9. Corn looks good Hammer. My first planting is a little taller than yours- - - - but with a few skips. I spot planted one row- - - - - And planted 3 more rows yesterday. Need to be working on grass control this morning- - - - - but it's probably not gonna happen. Your cotton will need a side dressing of N- - - - - - - but not near as much as for corn . Something in the 120 units is typical for cotton- - - - - - - - And I have always heard you can't put too much fertilizer or water on corn- - - - - it will process it. Too much nitrogen on cotton will result in all stalk and little fruit set. (I use the same type fertilizer applicator and chart as you use). I do have a unique shielded sprayer on the end of my flat tip nozzle working off of my electric sprayer on the 4 wheeler. Consists of two $0.99 plastic dust pans from Wal MART, hand full of screws, and a little Gorilla tape. Works great by just sweeping along close to the ground. DD
  10. I figured it might be getting to be about planting time up in Saskatchewan. Loadstar will make up valuable time though with his crop spraying via his drone. Be sure and send videos Ralph!! DD
  11. George and Fred have good eyes to pick up on the spokes on the prototype M. I never noticed. I see they all had the square seat with the back rest- - - - - but appear to have no suspension??? Sure could have enjoyed a back rest on the pan type seats. The F- 20 is my type of restoration- - - - - rusty/dusty; and the tree acts as an anchor to keep the wind from blowing it away. DD
  12. They are taking down the Confederate statues in New Orleans right now according to the news. Black slavery was actually initiated by the profit minded "brothers" in Africa who rounded up their brothers to be sold like livestock to the white slave traders. May be some folks need to take a closer look at their heiritage- - - - - - dating back to their African roots??? And- - - - - as far as slavery goes; it's been going on for centuries involving all races and nationalities- - - - - And was actually going on in the northern areas of U.S. before it became a big item here in the south. And- - - - is still going on in certain parts of this screwed up world. I would say give them 40 acres and a mule- - - - - - - but that might be inhumane treatment to the mule. History is history- - - - today will be history tomorrow. None of us can be assured of what our children, grandchildren, nor ancestors might or might not have done. Lucky for us- - - - it's a two way street. They are not responsible for our actions- - - - so how can they complain!!!. DD
  13. For smoothing/pulverizing action behind a field cultivator- - - - -back in the 80's I attached a section of 3" double strength pipe to two spring tooth cultivator feet of each segment of the cultivator for smoothing effect. Worked much better than the small rotating rod welders that we tried. Still got a couple of sticks of flat sided pipe in the scrap iron pile. DD
  14. Going way too far back in a faded memory here - - - - - but I do remember adjusting the coaster brake in a manner something similar to DT 361's description. Seems like it wuz best to turn the bicycle up side down under a LARGE SHADE TREE!!!!! And- - - - - then you always tested the brake with a sideways slide up against something that was really gonna hurt you if the brake wasn't holding??? Thanks for re- kindling really old faded memories. LOL DD (age- - - 74)
  15. I had the same question as to the "corn head grease". Sounds similar to our "Cotton picker grease". I have used it in a lot of places with leaky seals- - - - - - including the power steering pump on my old Bronco once years ago. Worked great until seal completely let go and I left a hel!uva mess on a FSA concrete parking lot!! In g- boxes, chain drives, etc- - - - - I always add a few shots of Moly grease. But our temps are pretty warm here in Mississippi. Danger may be in adequate warm up time in colder weather?? No substitute for a good, functioning seal though- - - - and recommended oil/grease. DD