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  1. I can hear that ol' Regular "talking" in the tillage picture Professor- - - - - - they had a unique sound when under a full/steady load. Don't know if that is a "picture perfect" picture;- - - - - or a perfect picture??? But everything was staged just right for that photo. (including the scheduling of Ralph and his drone to happen by at the right time) Note the crusted unworked soil to the left in the picture- - - - - - unusual soil conditions. Great photo. DD
  2. Will have to see if I can dig up pictures to scan and post. I still have the tractor (not running)- - - - and sold the Dondi Ditcher. Tractor was set up as a "prime mover style" with no front wheels- - - - - - Ditcher was mounted onto dolly cart; which was coupled to the tractor with an articulated hinge. Using the complete axle from the combine as the basic unit gave me the hydro, transmission, final drives all mounted as a unit. Then built up from the axle- - - - - bought a Cotta "oilfield service" clutch/gearbox that gave me a sturdy and dependable 1,000 rpm pto drive behind the 453 Detroit. (pretty simple componentized construction- - - - once I saw what I wanted while walking up to the front of one of the combines one morning) Always wanted to add a Mud Hog drive to the dolly cart (for hydraulic assist wheel drive)- - - - but never got around to it. I managed to get poor enough to retire (?) from farming in 1985;- - - - - been active in farm real estate since as an appraiser and broker. No matter- - - - it's hard to get the scrap iron and Dirt outta your blood!!! DD
  3. Did not know about the Versatile 300- - - - we didn't see many Versatiles down this way at that time. Looked the model 300 up on TractorData- - - - shows 200 tractors built- - - - - apparently 1973 era?? (that's 199 more than "Red Neck Design and Fabrication" built) The larger Versatiles did find their way down here. I've got a neighbor that has collected up 4 or 5 (350 hp range) that they use for primary tillage work. Still cheap and dependable hp- - - - - some are relatively low hours. DD
  4. I built a hydrostatic drive tractor to power a Dondi rotary Ditcher back in the early '80s. Utilized from the salvage yard the complete (near new) drive axle from a M- F 750 combine (Sunstrand hydro and heavy 4 speed trans)- - - - - - and powered with a 453 Detroit. Worked great- - - - - - needed the infinite speed variable for the Ditcher (included a swivel seat). Only hydrostatic drive tractor that was available back then (that I knew of) was IH (don't remember the model)- - - - but it only had a 2 speed g- box which worked the hydro pretty hard;- - - - - - plus it had a weak PTO for heavy/continued use. Was also operating M- F 750 combines with hydro drives at the time. No substitute for the hydrostatic drive in certain applications. DD
  5. Looks like BS27ROB has tagged the pole. I pulled up Friesland, Mn on Google Maps- - - - - -and it looks like it hasn't grown much since the time of the photo. And- - - - - - it's probably safe to say that all calls were "long distance" from Friesland!!!. Located way on up in northern Minnesota- - - - not far from Sandstone. When I was a kid- - - - - - we had to go up to the country store to use a hand crank phone similar to what Gary has pictured. Finally- - - - - we got phone service to the house; but a nightmare on an 8 party line. Gradually working toward the private line- - - - - then extensions; now today I am typing this message on my cell phone. Lots of change. ******* Congratulations on #54- - - - - - - we will be marking off #53 in July. DD
  6. That Friesland, Mn picture has some of everything in it. Men, women, little girl with her dog, horses and wagon, bicycle, automobile, milk cans ?, hay rake..............; looks to have been taken on main street where everything happens. Don't quite understand the lone "power pole" and what's mounted on it. May be that the pole started out as a hitching post?? I presume the ladders on the roofs were for accessing the roofs for snow removal???? Unique old photo Professor. DD
  7. In my case;- - - - - the shipping address is our physical address (highway)- - - - - with a seperate post office box billing address for the Visa card. All of this info was noted on the original order- - - - - and then confirmed by the shipper. This really rubbed me the wrong way- - - - - - if there was a problem; there would be a more "tactful" way to ask a buyer to re- confirm his shipping address other than stating: "you have now cost me an additional $10- - - - enter your Pay- Pal shipping address." (this was not a Pay- Pal transaction) I am 74 yrs old- - - - - - - gonna leave all of the e- bay, craig's list, etc. up to you younger boys from here forward. It's a changing world out there now- - - - - - personal contact and personal courtesy are rapidly becoming a lost art. DD
  8. I agree with Fred B's analysis of this "cotton harvester contraption". That is some awful thin cotton- - - - -looking at the few white open bolls out front- - - - looks like it has previously been picked by hand. Really appears to be more of a demonstration or trial run maybe??? Lots of experimental pickers and strippers toyed with in the early days. Don't reckon any were simple. The cotton picker and stripper is a prime example of the old saying: " necessity is the mother of invention" I really have no experience with the strippers- - - - - the strippers were primarily used out west in dry land cotton areas. DD
  9. Back in the 70's- - - - early 80's I had several tractor tires vulcanized with good results that had much more "serious wounds" than pictured. Including two drive tires on my old 1805 M- F 4 wheel drive (23.4 x 30 or 34??) that had major cuts in the sidewall from a water pipe pulled up with the field cultivator. We wore the tread off without any trouble- - - - - repair was not pretty, but held up good. One key point for consideration I would think is "if the rubber is still alive and not dry rotted". May be a lost art now- - - - I don't know????? I would think you just need to find the right person that is still doing it. And- - - - the repair might cost you what the cheap brand CHINESE tires can be bought for- - - - - - probably the competition for vulcanizing repair nowadays??? Interesting question- - - - keep us posted on what you learn. DD
  10. Exhaust powered lift makes more sense than vacuum- - - - - - but I have always heard of them referred to as being vacuum powered. The "famous" horse Wrangler (who resided here with us for approx 10 yrs) always said that: if someone had ever invented a vertical exhaust for horses/mules- - - - the tractor would have never been invented!!!! DD
  11. I am hoping that the "horse kick video" is not staged. Have always wanted to see that happen in some of of the "so- called peaceful" flag burning demonstrations we have seen recently. My hat is off to the police horses and their trainers- - - - - the horses are extremely calm during raucous activity. In this case- - - - - - - looks like the horse was extremely accurate with the placement of his kick!!!! ****** Thanks for the vacuum lift diagram Fred B- - - - - - don't think I have ever seen one. DD
  12. Old codger just trying to learn here: What is different from your regular shipping address and a "PAY- PAL" shipping address?? Payment had been accepted via Visa and a shipping confirmation had been sent to me. DD
  13. Don't think I want to do anymore business via internet with someone I can't talk to (at least via phone). I ordered a carburetor for my 16 hp Briggs & Stratton on the little Lincoln welder from e- bay. Order was taken with full confirmation of shipping address- - - - - - payment was via Visa. Order confirmed and Got shipping confirmation date. Then after 3 or 4 days- - - - I receive an e- mail stating that "I had cost him an extra $10 by not entering my shipping address correctly"- - - - to enter my "Pay Pal" shipping address. We don't have but one physical address and shipping address that UPS and Fed Ex have delivered to for years. Never done business through Pay- Pal- - - - - and don't want to. No phone numbers nor address for the shipper- - - - - - but he had a 100% satisfied e- bay rating. I simplified matters by telling him to cram payment, carbreutor and shipping carton all up his a$$. Still makes me hot- - - - - - - but I should have known better than screw with the internet. Cyber world is for you young bucks. edit: but you can post a picture of the combine for us DD
  14. Question for Hammer: Did the 140 have live hydraulics and a live or 2 stage clutch pto? I never realized the similarities in the A- - 140s and the C- - - - Super Cs until the Super C/tiller thread came up a few days ago. I was thinking the C line had a little more power and the 5 speed transmission. And- - - - - - Then there was the Farmall B with a slightly different engine; but all within very close range of each other. The old Farmall Regulars and F- 20s fell in the 22- - - 28 hp range- - - - -Got to looking on Tractor Data at the various models and learned a lot. We never saw much other than the Regulars, F- 20/30s and M/super Ms during that early era. Seems like I hitched a Howard Rotavator to most every make and model tractor at one time or another in my travels across the mid- south; - - - - but never remember a C/Super C. Live and learn. Hope everyone one is enjoying the Easter weekend. DD
  15. That little 140 really looks good Hammer- - - - other than for the polka dot cap!!!!! No doubt it will please the Professor- - - - - you will be getting a good grade on today's class room activity!!!!! (I thought it was an Easter egg). I spent time in the garden today also- - - - - running my one row hipper; neighbor's J- D tiller; and then pulling the flat roller over the fresh tilled beds. All with the Kubota L2850. Worked the beds shallow- - - - - still got moisture if we miss the showers predicted for tonight. I keep it simple and straddle one 60" row (fitting my wheel centers on the Kubota). Then made one more "hot burn down" application over the watermelons and cantaloupes before emergence with spray rig on 4 wheeler. They were planted "no till" on the 10th- - - - - hopefully I will be seeing them in a few days. What is the model number on your planter units???? I started putting together a one row garden planter last year using a Gandy box for the seed hopper- - - - it's still waiting for me to get back on the project. So- - - - my garden planting continues by hand. DD