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  1. New toy for a demo

    The heated seat would be nice when it's cold out.
  2. New toy for a demo

    I did like the rim pull feature. I put 25 hours on it and liked everything about it.
  3. New toy for a demo

    I loaded 3 buckets on each semi all day with a larger bucket and the older loader put 2 buckets on the same trucks all day and I used 2.5 gallon more fuel today then the older loader. I moved alot of gravel for the difference in fuel.
  4. New toy for a demo

    3.2 yard, I tried a 3.8 for the first load but with 2 loaders going we were getting to much in the trucks.
  5. New toy for a demo

    I've gotten the privilege of demoing this 150 hour cat 930m loader. What an animal compared to the 18 year old 928g I've been running. The transmission took a little too get used to but I like it so far. In the pic I was digging a ditch and today I'm loading gravel with it.
  6. Dad passed away

    Sorry to hear that. I fear my grandmother is just starting the battle.
  7. Unusual Phobias or fears

    I have a phobia of owning a green tractor. Wife says I need help.
  8. Farmers only

    Always good to have a plan b, just make sure she has money cause plan a will take everything you have or hope to have.😂
  9. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Mine will drive the grain cart as needed. Shuts the two way off so I can't tell her what to do.
  10. Poor UPS service

    I heard a story from a customer of mine that wouldn't let me use ups. He had a young large muscular guy working for him part time that also worked at ups nights. His nickname was 53, guy finally let it slip that he got the nickname at ups because he was the only guy there that could throw a certain weight of package to the front of a 53 ft trailer. He said he chewed on that kid for a while but it didn't phase him he was proud of his nickname.
  11. Poor UPS service

    Just wait until they call and say your package was destroyed, it was their fault but they won't cover any of it, not even the cost to ship it because you didn't buy insurance.
  12. The most exciting rows!

    That thing will go through lots of mud with the tractor lug tires on the back.
  13. The most exciting rows!

    I am, they're still putting it into stock piles. I've got more then enough to do without waiting on the few trucks they have running.
  14. The most exciting rows!

    Guy I know says if you're done before Thanksgiving you don't farm enough. I know that's one of the things I'm thankful for is being done before Thanksgiving.
  15. I was just in the town it's located at yesterday, about 30 miles away from me. I like the looks of it.