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  1. case 1460

    That makes 2 of us.
  2. Programmer for c15

    It runs it no problem, it's not on a big incline or wet corn. About 3/4 throttle 8 inch bin auger running full.
  3. Programmer for c15

    Better sell Lyle, Sioux center FCs is 3.25! The 5,000 I sold in Merrill was 3.34, I sold that when I didn't know if I'd get much.
  4. Programmer for c15

    I don't know what they're paying today as they had a computer problem and it was just the scale lady there today. I see Marcus ethanol was at 3.30 today, but it has to be 17%to go there. It's an 8 inch out of the bin and 10 Westfield auger. It takes 20 minutes to load 900 bu. I was toying with the idea of a 10 out but I'm glad I didn't as this is about right for pulling the truck ahead and getting out to look. Anything faster you'd be running around trying to pull the truck ahead of shut it off before you run over.
  5. Programmer for c15

    5 and 6 cents sounds good to me, you can't own a truck for that with the bushels I have. The dirt work is where I have to have a truck.
  6. Programmer for c15

    I had some sold at Plymouth energy but they won't take anything over 18, guess what the top of the bin was 19. I sold some to Brunsville getting a .04 cent bonus for a new customer. So I hauled 3 there today and one to Merrill. Now if corn would be limit up for 3 weeks I'd have a big smile on my face.
  7. Programmer for c15

    #4 so far today, hope to get 5 our at least loaded.
  8. Programmer for c15

    Ron, I may be slow but I'm not stupid. He normally picks the days he hauls corn, I took the day off work cause I wanted to haul a little faster then he does. Of course mother nature says not so fast. Last night the PTO on the super c was froze up, so it was cold enough I thought I'll just use the MTA in the morning, it fired right off and I took one step away and died. Wouldn't start again, put the charger on it and still wouldn't go. So out comes the heater to the super c and half hour later it's ready. Then the switch at the bin was froze. 10 o'clock before the first load got delivered, so much for hauling more then dad gets. O well, beats a day at work.
  9. Programmer for c15

    I'm hauling grain with it today, night and day difference.
  10. Best spot to get Magnum cab relay

    I don't think that would work for me as dad will leave the key on for the 806 or bump the light switch on the MTA and leave them on.
  11. Best spot to get Magnum cab relay

    That looks like the one I put in if I remember correctly. When it's -3 and 20 mph wind you don't want to mess around, it's supposed to be 46 on Friday, I think that will be a much better day to investigate things.
  12. What's your favorite snack

    Doritos and a big glass of milk. Other then that anything sweet related.
  13. Best spot to get Magnum cab relay

    I just tired the fuel shutoff back to load a pallet and I'll order one from hy capacity tomorrow. That really chaps my but as I'm paying good money from case ih, I want one to last not get me by.
  14. I'm guessing I've got a bad cab relay again, no fan, had to tie fuel shutoff open and the pallet forks are in that tractor and it's a push button removal so I can't even take that off. I just replaced this 2 years ago with a new style one from case ih. Is there a better one out there?
  15. Programmer for c15

    The grain trailer goes from 80,000 gross to 86,500 on one trip. With the d7 on there it's 98,000 gross.