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  1. Was wondering what you guys think a running engine out of a 1952 TD9 would be worth? I have one that someone is trying to buy from me so was not sure what I should tell him I want for it. Was thinking somewhere around $750.
  2. Last one.
  3. Reads 6600 hours and the gauge is working so I believe that to be original hours.
  4. Finally got a chance to put some pics up. Had it running yesterday and it ran great.
  5. A friend of mine will do them but he can't get new parts for them or test them but he will take them apart and clean them if wanted. If the injectors from a plain TD9 would work I have a good used set if it comes to that.
  6. Got the 706 home today had it delivered by a friend looks really good will be posting pics later today or tomorrow.
  7. Dad says that from what he can remember that at one time those mixers had a high and low gear and could be switched at the gear box on the mixer that would be some thing to look at.
  8. In my experience pouring down the spark plug holes on a gas start diesel does not work it all runs back out but I can't remember if I had it in gas of diesel mode when I tried.
  9. We got lots of wind and about 6" of snow that blow into every tree and fence line and left most fields bear took us better then 5 hours to dug out of our drive way. Took the sled out for a bit was really rough going in the open the drifts were ok going.
  10. I had the one on my TD9 recovered and it is about 4" thick with no springs in it have not used it yet so not sure how good it works.
  11. Went to bring it home yesterday and broke the beaver tail off my truck so will be figuring a new way to get it home. Thanks for all the talk about the clutches and where to get them will look in to it all when I get the tractor home.
  12. Ok thanks will remember that. Will be making new stands for it as this will not be the last tractor that I split. Will have to see if there is a shop close to me that can do the flywheel.
  13. Ok thanks will look there first will be picking it up on Saturday.