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  1. Where is the high pressure relief valve located on a Hydro 84? Is it the one thats in the MCV valve? If not where is it and how do I get to it? Also should the trans oil level come up all the way in the dip stick tube when checking the oil level? It does this if I run the engine at 1600 rpm,s as the manual states to check it.
  2. Found oring in filter housing?

    Thanks for the reply, Yes its the filter on the left side but its near the MCV not really near the axle. I don't think its the filter cover oring.
  3. Been having lots of trouble with my 574 HYDRO that will quit moving when it gets warmed up.Have had several suggestions from members that is greatly appreciated.I was about to buy the gauge set from HESS but decided to check the trans filter today just to see if it might be dirty before I buy the gauges. The filter looked fine as its only about 2 months old but there was about two thirds of an oring laying in the bottom of the filter housing. It was ripped up and probably about as big as a dime in diameter. Any idea where this came from and what is it for? Could this be part of or all of my HYDRO issues? This is the filter thats near the MCV assembly. All of the hydraulics on the entire tractor seem weak. Slow loader,Westendorf Loader won't move unless engine is revved up a little, Steering erratic, Hitch is slow but always works, PTO seems fine. Is there a pump behind the filter? If so what does it provide fluid to? Does this pump feed fluid to the charge pump? Thanks...
  4. 574 HYDRO quits moving when warm

    I can probably get the service manual. Is this the only way to help identify the problem? Anybody else have this same issue ? What did you do to fix it? Thanks for the replys...
  5. 574 HYDRO quits moving when warm

    Ive had that cover off to fix some linkage and am familiar with the area. What test block are you referring to? Once located how do I make the proper tests. Im pretty mechanically inclined and can probably make the tests if I knew what to test. Thanks for the reply...
  6. After around 25 minutes of bush hogging the trans light starts to flash and the tractor starts to slow down until it eventually won't move. All I use is low range as its worse in high range. It works ok till it warms up. The hitch and loader and brakes all work pretty good maybe a little slow and the steering comes and goes and feels weak. Even when tractor is hot and not moving everything else still works.Does not matter if I overfill the trans or not and both filters are new. Ive heard bad charge pump and weak hydraulic pump can cause this. Is there a way to check out what is actually wrong before I randomly start changing parts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
  7. 574 steering issue

    Sorry for the delayed response, been too busy to mess with the tractor. As soon as I have time i am going to try the suggestions that wee posted earlier. I will get back with an update for sure....
  8. 574 steering issue

    Well I tried swaping out the check valve for a fitting with out one and it did not make any difference. I will grind the groove in the flow divider next i guess. I have discovered that if I loosen the steel line that goes to the check valve and let a little fluid run out then reconnect it, I will have steering again. It might last 5 minutes or a couple hours and sometimes it will work at about half strength. Sometimes I can have steering and shut down the tractor over night and the next day as soon as I start it up again my steering has quit again. I also have a question about what other people have said about turning on the aux. hookup without hooking anything to it and "shocking" the system to try to free up the flow divider that might be stuck. People say to make the relief valve squeal or buzz. When I do this I dont hear any squeal or buzzing at all. It does load down the engine quite a bit. Is this correct or could my relief valve be causing my steering issues? When I turn on the aux. valve and load the engine down it seems like my loader has more power and raises faster. Is this normal?
  9. 574 steering issue

    That has worked for me a few times but it is not consistent. Shutting the engine off and restarting gets mine going sometimes also. Although Yesterday i did some loader work for about 3 hours with no power steering. It would not return with the restarting technique. I shut the engine down at one point to do some shoveling by hand around 30 minutes and then started it back up to return back to my house and I had steering all the way home.Very frustrating....
  10. 574 steering issue

    Thanks for the help. I didn't swap out the elbow as you mentioned as the ball bearing that was in there appeared to function correctly, but I will try that. I will give some more attention to the flow divider as you all have mentioned. I have a hydraulics schematic of my tractor and the steering system looks pretty simple and very few thing could cause this problem. Something has to be stopping or greatly reducing the flow.